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Off the Rails ❴PDF❵ ✅ Off the Rails Author Chris Hatherly – It was one of those moments when you become so deeply involved with the experience that you begin to blend with the dirt This is the story of two twenty year old boys who travel on recumbent bicycles It was one of those moments when you become so deeply involved with the experience that you begin to blend with the dirt This is the story of two twenty year old boys who travel on Off the Kindle - recumbent bicycles from Russia across Siberia the Gobi Desert Mongolia to Beijing in China The journey takes fourteen months to complete across some of the world's most hard to access terrain.

10 thoughts on “Off the Rails

  1. ~*kath*~ ~*kath*~ says:

    One dude spent WAY too much time moping over his girlfriend and I couldn't continue reading it

  2. Chelsey Meighan Chelsey Meighan says:

    Not the best or the funniest but still a good read

  3. Wendy Wendy says:

    This is the true story of 2 Australian lads who decided to ride across Russia Siberia Mongolia and China to Beijing on recumbant bicycles I was particularly interested to read this as it mirrored uite closely a journey I took by train The chapters alternte between the two authors and whilst Tim's chapters were well written and interesting I found Chris's chapters a little lacking and all too full of how much he was missing his girlfriendA really good read I'd recommend it

  4. Gordon Wilson Gordon Wilson says:

    How we whinged our way across Russia and ChinaA disappointing tale written in alternative chapters where they complain about each otherCould have been so much better

  5. Tito Quiling, Jr. Tito Quiling, Jr. says:

    Off the Rails is probably one of my favorite travel books to date and although the narration can be uite confusing at times since it switches between the two authors every now and then the reader would probably figure out the differences in their characters as one goes through the book Written by Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly in 2003 the book is practically a journal of their 10000km journey from Moscow to Beijing on recumbent customized bicycles in a span of 14 months As with every destination they managed to achieve this feat but with numerous adventures along the way while they were still in their early 20sMore than the spirit of traveling deeply embedded in the book there are certain moments where you suddenly stop because the last lines you've read describe exactly what you feel about your life For Cope and Hatherly riding across Russia Siberia Mongolia and ending up in China meant meeting various locals along the way and experiencing their hospitality acuiring frostbites diarrhea and fighting weight loss camping in schizophrenic weathers and discovering a lot about your companion and yourselfTim Cope defined this perfectly in the following lines I knew what kind of experience I wanted I had learnt that it wasn't the spectacular moment that made journeys special for me they were always transient and rare It was finding enjoyment and a deep satisfaction from the ordinary and routine that was most important And the only way to do that I though was to get to know a place deeply

  6. Warren Gossett Warren Gossett says:

    A great story of adventure by two Australians in their early 20's about the same age as my surfing son now Tim Cope and Chris Hatherly travelled camping very roughly across Siberia to Beijing in the year 2000 Camping with mosuitos ticks rain and heat Meeting Russians though having only a rudimentary knowledge of Russian and none of Mongolian and Mandarin They had to cope with the with the winter cold excessive alcohol poor food and the rural poverty but friendliness of most but also the rudeness and criminality of a fewOf course I know I am different If I am on holiday from my middle class life in America and Australia I have always preferred even in my 20's soft beds 4 or 5 star hotels and vegan food I learned something reading about Tim and Chris's adventure but never would attempt anything like it myself I was happy to hear Tim Cope at the Perth Writers Festival 2017One of the funniest things to me in the book is this story on the road in SiberiaThe country escaped definition it wasn't Europe it wasn't Asia and it wasn't even a northern or southern cultureThat evening as I pedalled fiercely to reach a hilltop a petrol tanker stopped in front of me The driver stepped out motioning for me to stop 'C'mon have a couple of shots of vodka with me' he urged'Oh no I had better not I find it pretty difficult to ride after vodka' I repliedHe peered down at me in sheer anger and puzzlement'And you think it's easy to drive a petrol tanker after a couple of shots of vodka?' he yelled

  7. Megan Reardon Megan Reardon says:

    I absolutely loved Tim Cope's On The Trail of Genghis Khan so I had to read this too It's an awesome story and actually a great read but I marked it lower because I found the writing style to be not as good There was less cultural information in some sections and wayyy too much information about Tim and Chris's bickering and Chris moping over missing his fiancé Might have been a big deal to him but not productive from a literary standpoint

  8. Ria Roy Ria Roy says:

    A surreal undertaking of an adventureI have always liked Tim Cope's travelogue and Chris' was something I had to get used to But he was probably real with his insecurities and passions which at first was annoying but later morphed into mature understanding They are both true explorers 👍

  9. Nancy Dardarian Nancy Dardarian says:

    This book surprised me Two thoughtful young men traverse Russia and Mongolia to end up in China What a story And what an interesting look into the people and environment that I knew so little about Now I need to track down the documentary they made

  10. Shane Vontelin Van Breda Shane Vontelin Van Breda says:

    If you want to be inspired for your next adventure give this a try I first read this years ago I’m considering picking it up again

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