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  1. Agnieszka Agnieszka says:

    With every volume that cycle grows on me And what’s I just caught myself that I’m reading it not as much for the plot and intrigue as for its protagonists But I hasten to assure you that the plot is very much okay too These mysteries can be easily read as standalones but knowing previous tomes you have the opportunity to get to know protagonists and their private affairs better Jean Baptiste Adamsberg as a head of a new murder suad moves with his co workers who apart from Danglard and Retancourt are rather blurred and completely unidentifiable to him to new residence Readers of Vargas are perfectly aware that Adamsberg has rather unothodox methods as usual is constantly distracted and to follow his train of thought just needs to walk leaving desk work to others Thus he spends a lot of time in the company of gulls on the embankment of the Seine To differentiate his subordinates he keeps written notes with somewhat enigmatic entries ears toughguy means Noël or hooter brows birds relates to Favre Sometimes it even helps In his private life he rather makes catastrophic mistake allowing again the love of his life Camille to slip away But let Danglard explicate that phenomenon You know Camille the day when God made Adamsberg He’d not slept at all well the night before” Not only had He had a bad night He’d run out of stuff So like an idiot He popped down to ask the Other Guy if he could borrow some gear”“You mean the Guy down below?” “Himself So the Other Guy seized a golden opportunity and lent Him loads of gear “And what then? What did God give Jean Baptiste?” “He gave him intuition gentleness beauty and ease”And what did the Devil give him?” “Indifference gentleness beauty and ease” In view of the author’s interest and profession Fred Vargas is a historian and archeologist she deftly laces criminal plot with historic events In this case we got abbreviated history lesson on Black Death with many uotes from ancient sources we were told about plague mongers on whom people could shift the resposibility for spreading the disease we got to know the significance of the backward 4 that put on the door had to protect the inhabitants or that to ward off the danger one need to say cito longe fugeas et tarde redeas view spoilerWhat translates as go away fast and for a long time and come back slowly Note to myself check out if these words could apply in other situations too hide spoiler

  2. Jim Coughenour Jim Coughenour says:

    Fred Vargas is the nom de plume of French historian archeologist and writer Frédériue Audouin Rouzeau author of my favorite policiers Only four of her books have been translated into English so far; it's nice to know I have something to live forI have a passion for intricate existentially eviscerated crime fiction especially of the Scandinavian variety so it's with the fanaticism of the connoisseur that I acclaim Vargas as the best of the very best These books I've starred all of them are brilliant mixing a deep knowledge of the most improbable arcana into delicious plots of labyrinthine complexity

  3. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    ''Have Mercy on Us All' by Fred Vargus number three in the Chief Inspector Jean Baptiste Adamsberg mysteries has Adamsberg newly promoted yet again because of his previous successes in solving murders This novel is another character study of uirky fictional characters living in Paris while the story entertains readers with a murder mystery This book is about revenge wrongfully being convicted as guilty of crimes one did not commit and the possible resurrection of the Black Death virus by a madman In each of the three books a peculiar murder is done by an offbeat psycho serial killer each one so far reminding me of The Abominable Dr Phibes starring Vincent Price see YouTube trailer However the killer is never in the center ring of the three ring circus Vargus creates The early chapters introduce readers to a center ring of uirky people who meet cute in some dark slightly messed up fashion After their back stories are told in selective tidbits the spotlight moves to the smaller circus ring on the right where Adamsberg is beginning to puzzle over an odd article in the newspaper or a strange story brought to his attention by a concerned but wacky citizen Everyone else in the police dismisses the citizen as a nutjob but something resonates in the citizen's story attracting Adamsberg's attention Shortly after a body which has been peculiarly murdered shows up Meanwhile in the left circle the spotlight highlights a mysterious person or persons involved in crazy thoughts planning out the murdersUnlike circus rings though these circles overlap slightly on top of each other eventually joining and unraveling to become a spiral spinning downward exposing layers of mystery and motive than had been supposed These novels are fun The murders from book to book are not connected but Adamsberg has a continuing personal situation going on from book to book I recommend starting with The Chalk Circle Man the first in the series but it is not the best book 'Have Mercy on Us All' is the best mystery of the series in my opinion so far Except for the murders themselves at least sixes on a ten number ick scale these books are cozies if somewhat edgy

  4. Julie Julie says:

    What a great find Thanks to Hannah for first reviewing then recommending this book I wouldn't have come across this in a month of Sundays as Fred Vargas isn't as popular on this side of the pond as she seemingly is on t'other side What a shame I loved it from beginning to end and just gobbled it up in the last 24 hours There is an archaic resonance to it which is particularly pleasing not necessarily in the plotline but in the dialogue and the construction of it I can't uite put my finger on why I liked this certain awkwardness in the tale telling but some things you just can't explainIt is not a complex novel so there's nothing much to review just know that it's a great mystery that moves along at a good clip with nary a false step There is in fact a nice little jolt to the heart which I won't reveal and caught me completely off guard I was impressed My new find in favourite detectives Adamsberg and his trusty sidekick Danglard for where would a good detective story be without a good accomplice?

  5. Eustacia Tan Eustacia Tan says:

    After a happy time doing January in Japan on bookstagram I was pretty eager to continue with February in France Since I’m pretty unfamiliar with the genre I had a pretty fun time looking for books I ended up focusing on mysteries because that’s a genre I love and it felt accessible eventually borrowing Have Mercy on Us All by Fred VargasHave Mercy on Us All is the fourth book in the Commissaire Adamsberg series and it deals with a serial killer using The Plague We start off with a town crier who’s been receiving a series of bizarre messages They pay well so the messages are cried out and a curious resident soon figure out that they portend a return of The Plague At the same time Commissaire Principal Adamsberg has been receiving of strange backward “4”s been written on doors across Paris Soon black bodies bitten by fleas are foundAlthough I jumped into the series I had a lot of fun with it once I started getting into the flow of things The bodies don’t appear until everything has been set up and that takes uite a while which worked because it also took me two or three chapters to get into the narrative flow But once I got a grasp of the main characters and interested in the mystery of the announcements the bodies started turning up and I was hooked on the storyAs for characters we have Joss the town crier Decambrais someone who’s interested in the messages Adamsberg and his right hand man Danglard Joss Decambrais and Danglard made sense but Adamsberg was pretty uniue Adamsberg has a rather abstract way of thinking that for some reason reminded me of Peter Whimsy I suspect that me jumping into book four didn’t help matters because the personal life of Adamsberg made no sense to me – sure he was described as someone who’s intuitive than logical but he seemed like many eccentric detectives who star in novels and his eccentric personal life didn’t make as much sense to me Perhaps it will if I go back and read book oneSomething I thought interesting was the setting I will admit that I wasn’t sure that it was in Paris for a good part of the novel and I suspect it’s because I’ve got some idealised version of the city in my head I’ve never visited so all my notions of Paris comes from books movies and TV shows that show a fictionalised version of the place The Paris here is dark and rougher and I appreciated the book for showing me another aspect of the city It can be dangerous to build up one idea of a city that you’ve never visited inOverall I enjoyed this mystery It took some time for me to get used to the style of the book but I enjoyed it immensely once I did I’ll definitely be interested in reading of the Commissair Adamsberg series in the futureThis review was first posted at Eustea Reads

  6. Roger Brunyate Roger Brunyate says:

    Overcomplex Mystery in a Magnificent TranslationFred Vargas is the pseudonym of the French historian archaeologist and writer Frédériue Audoin Rouzeau Think Umberto Eco only younger French and female But definitely an academic with a fascination for language and the ways in which distant history can impinge upon present day events In this case the historical legacy is the Plague aka the Black Death It appears that some madman is loose in Paris aiming to spread the disease by means of rat fleas and Chief Inspector Jean Baptiste Adamsberg must catch him before victims die In this he is aided by advice from a medieval historian living a uasi monastic life with two others calling themselves The Three Evangelists Both the trio and the detective have their own series in Vargas' considerable part time oeuvreAs a detective story I would rate it only three stars It takes a very long time to get going by means of a retired Breton trawler captain who has taken up the outmoded profession of town crier in the district around Gare Montparnasse in Paris Since he will eventually drop out of the story the fifty or so pages devoted to him seem too many The middle section of the book though is uite good with Adamsberg keeping a frustrating step or two behind the crimes while trying and failing to keep a handle on his own private life But the end uite falls apart I think relying too much on over complex back stories that were not so much as hinted at before and long confessions in lieu of patient detectionI was given this book originally to read in French under the title Pars vite et reviens tard Leave uickly and take your time coming back It is some of the most difficult French I have ever read given Vargas' verbosity unfamiliar vocabulary and abundant patois—and the fact that there is hardly a normal character in it for four of the first six chapters Then I checked part of this translation by David Bellos in ’s Look Inside feature and immediately realized that this was something very special So I ordered it and waited to finish the book in English with occasional checking of the French for comparisonBellos is a distinguished English translator and head of the translation program at Princeton But he does not write like an academic at all treating the text with remarkable freedom and much recourse to slang— British slang I should emphasize for instance the phrase bloody great howler for glaring error He goes further than I have ever seen a translator go in altering the structure images and even the literal meaning of its model Yet he comes up with a creative work in its own right a living being of a different nationality but with the spirit and bloodstream of the original flowing in its veins Here is a short example in three versions the original French my own literal translation and finally David Bellos La moindre faute de manipulation parce ue offrant à la chose une liberté soudaine si minime fût elle amorçait une série de calamités en chaîne pouvant parcourir toute une gamme du désagrément à la tragédie Vargas The least error in handling since it gives the thing an unexpected freedom however small sets off a chain of calamities that can run the gamut from annoyance to tragedy Brunyate The merest slip of the hand can give a supposedly inanimate object enough freedom of movement to set off a chain of catastrophes which may peak at any point on the Murphy Scale from Damn Nuisance to Bloody Tragedy BellosNow I can see that some authors or publishers might think this was going too far though Vargas has used Bellos twice But for me it created a uniue object a book I read virtually for the vigor of the translation alone And reveled in it from beginning to end

  7. J. J. says:

    Why the 18 percent?Because that's how many anxious gullible and superstitious people live among us The people who are afraid of an eclipse who panic at the end of a millennium who are scared by prophecies and believe that Doom is Nigh the killer will have the city to himself Medievalist and author Fred Vargas sets the stage for an incomprehensible event the mass panic and uncontrolled chaos of a release of The Black Death the Plague in our era In the Paris of the new millennium seemingly so distant from such monsters of antiuity As a pretext for suspense and high wire jeopardy as a backdrop for the adrenaline juiced counteraction of the metropolitan police a wide open map of storyline and possible outcome She should Fred is a she be on home ground as a scholar of the Middle Ages and literally a specialist on the bubonic plague this should be the police procedural written in a white hot onslaught of pace and drive But it is not For reasons unknown the reader is given a long leisurely lead in to the possibilities of a pandemic like this and yes given lots of fascinating background but is somehow never really lashed into the crash vehicle or duly abandoned at the center of the stormVargas writes what might be called Alt Procedurals The reader should be confident that by the end of the maze here there will be very adeuate closure that five or six bolts will be rammed home in a few pages as with any satisfying mystery But Vargas is most dedicated to the Alt part of the euation the bewilderingly illogical and iconoclast part of her policiers That anything should follow logically or sensibly is heresy to Vargas And that's the best part of her workA normal police procedural has its maze of clues and actions set up like a pinball machine Certain unpredictable events trigger certain very predictable conseuences which themselves feed into known pathways of narrative resolution The fallen body and the crimetape lead inexorably to the confrontation and confession Vargas says no Vargas has a thinly disguised Gallic Shrug for the diehards of the procedural Again though that's what is good about her novels Vargas sets up the story like a surrealist cabinet of wonders But It's important that the maze in a procedural have its integrity at least in theory An assurance to the reader perhaps that things will go in the direction of a logical outcome If you've read a few of Vargas' books you're not worried about that But here her maze section diverts into what sailors would call the Doldrums; when nothing makes too much sense or pings any real triggers for fifty or a hundred pages at a time the pace suffers It's hard to keep hold of the bearings or a sense of timing if you've been floating at the whim of the currents Still a good early mystery from Vargas and one that wraps up sharply in the final chapters Maybe a good starter Vargas an intro to the alt procedural

  8. Halley Sutton Halley Sutton says:

    Big hmm

  9. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    Have Mercy On Us All is book number three in the delightful series by Fred Vargas Although this one has an interesting although somewhat farfetched mystery at its core it really stands out because of the crazy cast of eccentric characters that populate its pages One such character is Joss Le Guern whose current vocation is town crier in the suare at the intersection of Boulevard Edgar uinet and Rue Delambre in Paris For a mere 5 francs anyone can drop a message about anything they want to say in his box and have it read that day When read each message begins with a number for example FiveFor sale litter of white and ginger kittens three male two female Six Could the drum players making jungle noises all night long opposite number 36 please desist Some people have to get some sleep Seven All types of carpentry especially furniture restoration perfect finish will collect and deliverBut lately Joss has been reading out some rather odd messages which another resident of the suare named Hervé Decambrais has been following with interest Decambrais realizes that all of these very odd messages have been copied from different texts dealing with the outbreak of the bubonic plague of the 17th century Concerned about what he views as the ominous tone of these messages Decambrais and LeGuern contact the police and Adamsberg becomes involved in the case But at the same time Adamsberg has been investigating the strange occurrence of a number of apartment doors throughout Paris being painted with an odd symbol and the two lines of investigation converge when a corpse is discovered looking like a victim of the plague Many corpses soon follow and Adamsberg has to figure out what's happening before panic erupts in the streets of ParisThe mystery itself is intriguing and moves along at a good pace but the plot is definitely secondary to the people in this novel Vargas' forté definitely lies in the creation of her uirky characters as well as her ability to give the reader a sensory experience of the city especially at the Place Edgar uinet where LeGuern broadcasts the news She's captured a slice of life in this suare which sometimes the reader forgets exists in the 21st century it could have been with a few exceptions a portrait of life in an earlier time And if you've read her novel The Three Evangelists you'll recognize some old friends that make an appearance in this novel; the ongoing story of Adamsberg and the lovely Camille also continues I definitely recommend this novel and this series it's light and fun and at the same time Vargas' work as a medieval historian is most definitely transferred to these pages adding another dimension to the overall reading experience While I suppose you could read this book as a standalone it's better to start with her first work The Chalk Circle Man and follow the novels in publication order

  10. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    How to can you not like a detective who supervises 26 other homicide flics and needs to use mnemonics such as acne prognathous solicitude Marcel to associate names with faces and who indulges in self examination along the lines of You think you're a million miles away from the likes of Favre and when occasion arises there you are puddling about in the same pigsty I won't provide any hints as to the nature of Favre because you should read the book It's that goodChief Inspector Adamsberg and his assistant Danglard are a study in contrast Adamsberg uses intuition while Danglard never trusts it and relies on facts and evidence The two make a marvelous pair A modern town crier who collects little notes anonymously and then reads them from his soapbox in return for small change has been getting what appear to be nonsensical sentences A woman comes to the police station to complain that someone has painted black backwards 4's with a fat foot and two little notches at the end 24 of the doors on her street These are the beginnings of a nightmare for the inspector as the possibility of someone deliberately sprwading the plague begins to haunt himThis is a very crafty police procedural that intertwines fear revenge tragedy panic and faith in a complex story Fred Vargas a woman writes in French and their are moments when one wonders a little about the translation I have enormous respect for translators My French is so rusty I hesitate to uibble

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Pars vite et reviens tard ❮Epub❯ ➥ Pars vite et reviens tard ➤ Author Fred Vargas – Ce sont des signes étranges tracés à la peinture noire sur des portes d'appartements dans des immeubles situés d'un bout à l'autre de ParisUne sorte de grand 4 inversé muni de deux barres sur la Ce sont des signes étranges tracés à la et reviens PDF/EPUB å peinture noire sur des portes d'appartements dans des immeubles situés d'un bout à l'autre de ParisUne sorte de grand inversé muni de deux barres sur la branche basse En dessous trois lettres CTL A première vue on pourrait croire à l'œuvre d'un tagueur Le commissaire Adamsberg lui y décèle une menace sourde un relent maléfiue De son côté Joss Le Guern le Crieur de la place Edgar uinet se Pars vite MOBI :º demande ui glisse dans sa boîte à messages d'incompréhensibles annonces accompagnées d'un paiement bien au dessus du tarifUn plaisantin ou un cinglé Certains textes sont en latin d'autres semblent copiés dans des ouvrages vieux de plusieurs siècles Mais tous prédisent le retour d'un fléau venu du fond des âges.