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    Great collection of papers that cover the breadth of American archaeological history The self reflexive mode of this volume produces fascinating methodologies to analyze the aesthetics of information and synthesize it into a theory of archeo history.

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Past Presented: Archaeological Illustration and the Ancient Americas Illustrations Remain One Of The Fundamental Tools Of Archaeology, A Means By Which We Share Information And Build Ideas Often Treated As If They Were Neutral Representations, Archaeological Illustrations Are The Convergence Of Science And The Imagination This Volume, A Collection Of Fourteen Essays Addressing The Visual Presentation Of The Pre Columbian Past From The Fifteenth Century To The Present Day, Explores And Contextualizes The Visual Culture Of Archaeological Illustration, Addressing The Intellectual History Of The Field And The Relationship Of Archaeological Illustration To Other Scientific Disciplines And The Fine Arts One Of The Principal Questions Raised By This Volume Is How Do Archaeological Illustrations, Which Organize Complex Sets Of Information, Shape The Construction Of Knowledge These Visual And Conceptual Constructions Warrant Closer Scrutiny They Matter, They Shape Our Thinking Archaeological Illustrations Are A Mediation Of Vision And Ideas, And The Chapters In This Volume Consider How Visual Languages Are Created And How They Become Institutionalized Past Presented Archaeological Illustration And The Ancient Americas Is About The Ways In Which Representations Illuminate The Concerns And Possibilities Of A Specific Time And Place And How These Representations, In Turn, Shaped The Field Of Archaeology.