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Ragionamenti (Sei giornate) ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Ragionamenti (Sei giornate) Author Pietro Aretino – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Bawdy and thoroughly risueacute; this 16th–century masterpiece is the work of Pietro Aretino widely regarded as the originator of European pornographic writing With a Foreword by Paul Bailey Determi Bawdy and thoroughly risueacute; this th–century masterpiece is the work of Pietro Aretino widely regarded as the originator of European pornographic writing With a Foreword by Paul Bailey Determined that her daughter should not be ignorant of the ways of men and love Nanna seeks to “educate” the naïve Pippa She tells of women—whores housewives and nuns all being essentially the same; and of how to win men—discreetly and with good manners But mostly she reveals to Pippa the secrets of her art as a courtesan The ensuing dialogue laden with satiric twists and naughty puns offers a fresh and lively example of the harlot’s world displaying a frankness that confides in today’s reader as shrewdly as it was intended in th–century Rome Italian satirist and poet Pietro Aretino – was one of the most versatile writers of the th century; the author of plays poetry and letters he is now principally remembered as the originator of European pornography.

  • Ragionamenti (Sei giornate)
  • Pietro Aretino
  • 06 August 2014
  • 9780850950304

About the Author: Pietro Aretino

Pietro Aretino was an Italian author playwright poet and satirist who wielded immense influence on contemporary art and politics and invented modern literate pornography.

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  1. Ria Ria says:

    “In her pussy she has rubies” Στόχος είναι τα λεφτάάάά έτσι μου 'πε η μαμάάάάShock value porno a true masterpieceFor a weird reason I enjoyed it Obviously it's not shocking any It’s 2019 We have eroticas and weird porn Yeah ok I’ve seen tentacle porn and scat porn meaning that at this point I’m dead inside but you have to be an extreme prude to get shocked Omg sex is so shocking I don't like reading about people fucking So logically I bought a book called The School Of WhoredomA mom is teaching her daughter Pippa how to be an excellent hooker I mean with that name she was destined to become a prostitute ΠίπαPippa in Greek means tobacco pipe or blowjob You are welcomePeople say that this is mocking satirizing Plato's dialogue I can see what they are talking about I had to read Plato for class Omfg she is so cultured “Talk as little as you can” Well that's it I can never be a whoreI just realized that since I came back from my vacation and I’ve been handing out 4 star reviews

  2. Zadignose Zadignose says:

    A thoroughly excellent novel in dialog or rather six dialogs that is vulgar to an extreme cynical scornful vicious witty and inventive In analyzing a life of whoredom Aretino exposes the hypocrisies vanities and brutish idiocy of the supposedly better parts of society including but not limited to the clergy nobles merchants royals and poets He scandalizes simply everyone and along the way while at first it appeared that he set out only to jest and jeer Aretino seems half persuaded through his own rhetoric to genuinely respect the art of the whore and her ability to give back to society some share of the hell they've given her Aretino's writing moves uickly but it is packed with substance a kind of dense dynamic economical form that is somehow maximalist without superfluity Does that make sense? Fuck if I know Its a style that says Why give one example when you can give thirteen? Why give two common metaphors when you can supplement them with three unheard of metaphors? Why be hyperbolic when you can be super hyperbolic? But when a story's finished it's finished let's move on no time to beat around the bush there are three times thirty one stories waiting impatiently in line and they're ready to bust down the doorThe dialogs were published in two volumes with about nine years in between I won't look it up to confirm I read them with a hiatus between the two volumes I was a little worried when I returned to take up dialog four or 21? fearing that it might be good but might also just be of the same I needn't have feared The first three dealt with the three professions of women nun wife and whore reaching the reasonable conclusion that whore is the most respectable rewarding and dignified The fourth takes up the topic again as Nanna is now teaching the tricks of the trade to her daughter to prepare her for whoredom to make her a pastmistress of the art and to supply her with the necessary cautions to minimize the chances of her being utterly ruined But as I noted above here is where I find Aretino becoming notably persuasive ie facetious as ever but also seemingly semi sincere in elevating the status of the whore and admiring her resourcefulness considering her no less dignified than all the other denizens of that stinking human cesspool known as Rome Or perhaps not perhaps he only wants to sully us allDialog five gives greater justification for women to exploit plunder ruin and why stop short of murder? that frightful species known as men For this is the chapter which treats the abuses of women and whores of all stations by all the legions of deceitful male devils And without changing the tone or style of presentation this dialog confronts us with some shocking abuses that we only thought the first four dialogues had made us too jaded to be moved by Then in the final dialog there is a shift to one perspective that of the bawds which serves as an elucidation as well as a warning to both the men and whores who can be trapped and tricked by these ultra trickster middle women And thus our survey is concludedWhat perspective should you take on all this? I can't tell you but I will suggest it's likely that you will find many occasions to laugh and a few to wince in psychic agony and it will be up to you to figure out who you are laughing with or at and who you're feeling sorry for In any case it's a literary gauntlet tossed down at your feet Don't be emasculatedefeminated by declining the challenge Unless you have something better to doExcerpts may come later folks but right now I'm burnt out Cheers

  3. Alex Alex says:

    What the hell guys? I've been around for 41 years and no one told me about whatever this is? I expect better from all of you

  4. sologdin sologdin says:

    16th century manual for the professional courtesan certainly satirical in part presented as a dialogue between an experienced mentor and her protégé targeting the ancient Socratic dialogue; Plato implicitly authorizes the satire by suggesting that rhetoricians are mercenary and then presenting inadvertently his preferred interlocutors as indistinguishable from his villains when it comes to the alleged defects of rhetoric cf the Gorgias the Protagoras and any locus wherein Socrates makes dumb argumentsThe problem as identified by the mentor is that “there are so many whores out there that those who don’t work miracles for a living won’t make ends meet” 3 The student accordingly demands that she “hurry up and make me a lady” id a sort of burlesued PygmalionGalatea—and she is promised “I see you ascending to heaven” 4 Contrary to this promise the student is informed nevertheless that “it would be a bed of roses if it weren’t for that infamous infamy whose stench reaches down into the abyss and up into Heaven itself NB; we are pushed and shoved in every way by day and by night; and any whore who doesn’t consent to every obscene act imaginable will die of hunger” 39 Indeed the text advises strongly against the intention to “become a whore to satisfy her lust and not her hunger” 60The pair recognizes some urgency for the education insofar as “they use eleven and twelve year olds all over the world” 4 older than this construed as “pretty worthless” The student is actually 20 though her mentor puts her out as 16 even though she looks merely 14 id—yeah I’m wtfing tooA certain cynicism appears as in Clerks regarding the clientele “people who suander money reputation in fact their very lives running after whores are always moaning about the empty headedness of one or another of them as if the whore’s stupidity was the thing that’s ruining them” 4 This is intentional of course Listen carefully and fix my sermons and my gospels in your head – they’ll make everything clear to you in two words if a doctor a philosopher a merchant a soldier a monk a priest a hermit a gentleman a monsignor or a King Solomon is made to look a fool by the most hare brained of whores how do you think a courtesan with an ounce of common sense would deal with those simpletons? 5 Sex work is accordingly “no career for fools” idActual love and passion and whatnot as sausurrean referents are not reuired; rather “sighing and blushing together are a sign of love – they betray the first stirrings of passion” 7 a theatre of emotion to be read in a semiotics of face a science of corporeal signification by the credulous clientele The theatre is universal applicable to all conduct such as at dinner “don’t raise your voice gaping like a whore and letting them see what’s in your mouth” 8 By contrast “talk as little as you can” 9 Audible eructation is to be avoided id no doubt a simulation of etiuette Bakhtin’s classical body is to be presented an idealist’s theatre against grotesue realism so that one must “take care than with fire not to be seen or heard peeing or easing your bowels or even carrying a handkerchief” 10 In all things “you appear well mannered” id The student complains that “You warn me to be decent then you teach me shameless indecency” 14 which contradiction is dialectically synthesized as “I want you to be as much a whore in bed as you are a lady elsewhere” id all part of the theatre “make a show of loving him bowing to every word he utters” 20 The ultimate theatre “I’ll teach you how you can fake virginity” 75There’s no need to feel bad about the ongoing mendacity insofar as “men want to be duped” 27—“the cornerstone of a whore’s art is knowing how to feed gammon to the gullible” id The uestion becomes whether this is similar to the audience for professional wrestling as presented in Barthes’ Mythologies wherein everyone is in on the deception which nullifies it ab initio or if there is a genuine desire to be deceived to fall in for the simulation Relevant then that the goal of the successful courtesan is inducing the opposite of ataraxia a derridean solicitation “the man will have no peace of mind left” 32 The object here “he’ll become your slave” 69 metaphorically There’s a bizarre moment when the teacher is cautioning the student about how a client may want to take her roughly from behind perhaps anal intercourse is meant? and that she must instead insist upon “the front” “the right way” 11 “What if he forces me? No one gets forced silly girl” id I’m not sure what to make of that because in context the teacher implores the student to use the moment of being taken roughly from behind as an opportunity to “feel around to see if he has a bracelet on his arm or rings on his fingers” and thereby effect a clandestine asportation with intention to permanently deprive thereby id If the client promises extravagant gifts “don’t leave their side until the gift is ordered” at which point “let him do it forwards backwards sideways” 19The goal either way with a prefiguring of Taylorization in industry is “the caresses that make these jousters come uickly” id And it must be uick because the clientele Clerks recall—the job would be great if it weren’t for the customers are nasty; even so “the sweet smell of money prevents the rotten stench of their breath and the foul smell of their feet from reaching your nose” 14As we see in Ray Chandler there’s plenty of exorbitant metaphors here “cunning whores are best compared to a haberdashery shop” and “in her pussy she has rubies” 12 all commercial NB Phallic metaphors “cucumber” 12 “key” 14 “earthworms folding into themselves and pushing out again” 17 “spit the slug” 18 and so on The mentor has advice on dealing with geriatric clients with the aristocracy “flattery and deceit are the darlings of great men” 26 as above with simultaneous suitors and with the differentials involved with various purported ethnicities 39 et se which reminds one of the ethnology in Maurice’s Strategikon perhaps there is an art of war here considering the adversarial relation Thus the text overall concerns the techne of client management similar to the business sections of Kama Sutra with relatively little attention to the ars amatoria Eg “be aware that if your favors are not eually distributed the fellow who gets least will have his nose put out of joint”—“every punter deserves a go and while the one who gives most should also receive most you should be gracious about it” 70And we must recall that “the Good Lord God does not count the perjury of lovers who can’t be held to account while they rave in the heat of passion” 37—NB the accountancy metaphors Some undecidability throughout between ‘courtesan’ and ‘whore’ as though the latter is a term only sometimes for a role to be avoidedRecommended for those who would cast Orlando in the shade jackasses peacocks and readers who nevertheless feel happier holding a beautiful woman in their arms than the works of Dante himself

  5. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    Aretino was both famous and infamous for his writings which forced him to leave Rome in 1527 after he published a set of obscene sonnets to accompany some sexually explicit engravings the whole book later known as Aretino's Postures Rather ironically the book was placed on the Papal Index and burned publically which only led to it being re published in liberal Venice and made famous throughout EuropeThe Dialogues contained here are in the same tradition they are in two sets of three days each the first retell the conversations between Antonia and Nanna a pair of Italian prostitutes; and the second set the conversations between Nanna and her daughter Pippa who wants to become a prostituteDeliberately mocking the classical dialogue form of Plato these are written in the venacular and in street language Mocking bawdy witty and scurrilous they rip into the institutions of the Italian establishment particularly the church and papal court Using the voices of women who are deliberately excluded from social power this takes an outsider's stance and uses it to attack the attackersAretino has been called the father of 'pornography' which didn't exist arguably as a separate category in the C16th but if you're just looking for that then I suspect you'll be disappointed This does contain some great set pieces including the initial orgy in the monastery but sexual discourse here also has a serious political functionThis seems to be the only English translation of Aretino's dialogues and really needs to be available in a cheaper edition Day 4 is available alone as The School of Whoredom Hesperus Classics but it seems an odd choice to have taken that one dialogue out of context

  6. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    Pietro Aretino famous for his obscene sonnets accompanying the engravings of Raimondi which got him exiled from Rome in 1527 was a prolific writer Also called somewhat erroneously the father of pornography which didn't really exist as a separate category then he wrote a series of Dialogues set over six days of which this is one the fourth dayHere Nanna a seasoned prostitute reveals the secrets of the profession to her eager daughter Pippa And in doing so exposes the morals hypocrisies and habits of sixteenth century men from traders to members of the Papal courtThis is a funny and bawdy read which doesn't hold back at all Aretino deliberately satirises the classical dialogue form most usually associated with Plato and also uses erotic discourse to expose and reveal power and corruption at the highest levels of society following the satiric traditions of Juvenal Martial and arguably OvidThis is the only cheap and easily available edition of even part of Aretino but I can't help wondering why this part was selected out of context The translation is very modern which I didn't really like so that Nanna for example uses highly paid football players as an example which destroyed the atmosphere for meFor the rest of the Dialogues including the first three days you'll probably have to borrow the text from the library Aretino's Dialogues Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library and personally I far prefer Rosenthal's translation

  7. Casey Casey says:

    The first of Aretino's three books of Dialogues in which Nana a whore tries to help her daughter decide what to be a nun a whore or a wife This one deals with the life of the whore

  8. Greg Greg says:

    Pornographic Renaissance satire I can't say anything about it or I'll get embarrassed

  9. c.vance c.vance c.vance c.vance says:

    if you haven't read Greek derivative dialogues before that use the format for shock value then you may like the first 40 pages of this or again if you are someone who thinks that sex is the invention of the 20th century? you may get a giggle and a new perception to know that people have been fucking for a long while in a lot of ways you have yet to try out because you probably aren't willing to pay for itbut for everyone else? amateur shock value that is dated

  10. Νατάσσα Νατάσσα says:

    I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

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