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10 thoughts on “Look for Ladybugs

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    An excellent book to read with a toddler to introduce them to prepositions and counting You look for ladybugs on each page and you will find them , but the text instructs you to look under, down, up, etc Also a good kindergarten level reader.

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    Kutey 4 15 2013

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    This book has the cutest illustrations

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    I like it because when ever he was looking for a ladybug it was already in front or behind him.

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Look for Ladybugs Fits National Reading Standards By Linking Images To The Text To Provide Picture Clues And Introducing Ageappropriate Vocabulary This Series Meets The Reading First Initiative The Repetitive Language, Structure, And Rhyming Patterns Help Children Decipher Words Word Lists At The Back Of Each Book Help Build Reading VocabulariesCurriculum Standards Grades K Social Studies StandardsCulture I Describe Ways In Which Language, Stories, Folktales, Music, And Artistic Creations Serve As Expressions Of Culture And Influence Behavior Of People Living In A Particular CultureIndividual Development And Identity IV Work Independently And Cooperatively To Accomplish Goals Explore Factors That Contribute To One S Personal Identity Such As Interests, Capabilities, And Perceptions Describe The Unique Features Of One S Nuclear And Extended Families Identify And Describe Ways Family, Groups, And Community Influence The Individual S Daily Life And Personal Choices