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The Impersonators [EPUB] ✸ The Impersonators By Jessica Anderson – Jack Cornock's illness and his obstinate silence provoke speculation about his will among the families of his two marriages When his daughter Sylvia returns to Australia after twenty years she is inev Jack Cornock's illness and his obstinate silence provoke speculation about his will among the families of his two marriages When his daughter Sylvia returns to Australia after twenty years she is inevitably caught up in the twisted skeins of their allegiances and estrangements Sensitively crafted The Impersonators is a modern novel portraying with humour and perception the fracturing of family relationships and the endurance of life in an increasingly materialistic age.

About the Author: Jessica Anderson

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name This is Jessica^Anderson where ^spaceAbout the AuthorJessica Margaret Anderson September – July was an Australian novelist and short story writerfrom Wikipedia.

5 thoughts on “The Impersonators

  1. Calzean Calzean says:

    Not as good as Tirra Lirra by the RiverSet in mid 1970s Sydney Sylvia returns from living in Europe to a family whose family members all have their secrets On the surface they are successful but one is going bankrupt and is a cad the father is dying but is being extremely mean to his wife a sister in law is a snob and wants to live above her meansThere are some real time pieces A Chinese freighter and Chinese sailors walking the streets of Sydney were objects of curiosity The prices of houses Letter writing The fortunate who own a phone in their homesBut the ending is abrupt at times who was who was confusing and the story lines became a little muddled

  2. Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes says:

    Four years ago I read an Australian novel about families of Greek immigrants in Melbourne The Slap This one is about established Australian families a generation earlier in Sydney In spite of the differences of time and style both books seemed intensely suburban My wife and I kept comparing them and we both thought that this one was rather better written than The slap Jack and Greta Cornock have no children of their own but each of them has 30 something children from previous marriages some single some married some divorced Jack's daughter Sylvia Foley divorced who has been overseas in Europe for 20 years returns for a brief visit to discover that her father has had a stroke and her step siblings are concerned about what he has left to their mother in his will Like The Slap it goes into great detail about the minutiae of suburban life and the concerns of middle class suburban people until one discovers that the older generation had a much harder time of it in their youth The book has a genealogical table in the front to help one to picture the complex relationship s between the main characters and I found myself wishing that it also had a map of Sydney so that one could picture the relationships between the places described sometimes in great detail In spite of this some details were rather fuzzy and blurred In The Slap one was not told the ages of several of the children so it was difficult to picture them in The only daughter the ages of the children are given but the makes and models of cars the characters drive around in are not Perhaps that's a difference between South African and Australian culture or perhaps it is a difference between small towns and suburbs But I recall discussing who was visiting whom because we could see their cars parked outside someone's house But the book does give a rather detailed picture of suburban life and concerns in the 1970s

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Jessica Anderson is an Australian novelist with a deep understanding of the complexity of human emotions She sees that a person can feel multiple things at once even if the things are in conflict love and loathing care and selfishness lust and distasteIn The Only Daughter she portrays this mass of conflict as we see a fractured family The father a tough man lies in bed after suffering a devastating stroke His second wife cares for him but there is an intensity of discord between them His step family hovers and his son from his first marriage is there too And from abroad comes his only daughter who was on her way home anyway and did know until she got there of his conditionThe step family starts speculating right away Who will get the old man's money? Who will care for their mother his current wife if she is left out of the fortune? And underlying it all are those conflicting emotionsthey are wondering about the money because they care about their mother andor they are also greedyThis is a very adult bookit deals with the messes we make of things and the inevitability of no one understanding our true motivations sometimes not even ourselvesAnderson's writing is detailed and her characters are not formulaic but people I may know She portrays none as heroes but none are villains eitherthey are just people trying to get by with their mass of conflict looking to make each day worth it and trying their damnedest to do the right thing

  4. Helen Helen says:

    A good read I enjoyed this book even though it seemed to end abruptly without settling anything Very well written the characters are all someone you can relate to Classic example of how a death in the family the aftermath of who gets the money affects everyone

  5. Dee Dee says:

    A decent story of family set in Australia

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