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A Thing of Beauty ☁ A Thing of Beauty PDF / Epub ✎ Author A.J. Cronin – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The story of Stephen Desmonde an English painter who struggles for recognition in a conventional world sacrificing everything for his passion for art The title is a reference to John Keats' 1818 poem The story of Stephen Desmonde an English painter who struggles for recognition in a conventional world sacrificing everything for his passion for art The title is a reference to John Keats' poem Endymion which begins “A Thing of Beauty is a joy for ever”.

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  1. Tina Tamman Tina Tamman says:

    I like reading old books They are very good on plot for example And AJ Cronin has excellent plots to tell with interesting characters This is the story of a young man Stephen Desmonde who desperately wants to become a painter but it's very difficult for all kinds of reasons The novel is a bit predictable but I for one felt for Stephen He is so well drawn so credible in his determination and disappointments I think it is a very good read A bit old fashioned perhaps with its numerous descriptions; that is the reason why it's only three starsHowever Cronin was not lucky with his titles The best book of his I've read is called Beyond This Place not exactly memorable does not exactly roll off the tongue And Crusader's Tomb does not sound appetising I believe it was also published under the title of A Thing of Beauty which I think is much inviting

  2. Manuel Alfonseca Manuel Alfonseca says:

    35 ENGLISH The style of this novel reminds me of The citadel by the same author The second part of the plot however reminds Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham The protagonist Stephen is trying to become a painter the same as Philip the main character in Maugham's novel and gets trapped by a woman who fascinates him but is unworthy of his interest and mistreats him awfully Emmy in this novel Mildred in Maugham's Both men know that they should leave her they actually despise her but are unable to follow their reasonFrom the third part this novel diverges from Maugham's While Philip abandons painting and becomes a doctor Stephen becomes a slightly successful artist awarded with the Prix de Luxembourg and with a few of his paintings in other museumsThe fourth part is an illustration of the words of Jesus No prophet is accepted in his own country Lk 424 Stephen's art is not accepted in his hometown a backwards area of England dominated by the residues of Victorianism However at the risk of being considered backwards I must allow that the assertion a great work of art cannot be obscene implicit in the novel is at least debatableThe fifth part provides a poignant summary and closure of Stephen's life almost exclusively dedicated to art at whatever the costESPAÑOL El estilo de esta novela me recuerda La ciudadela del mismo autor La segunda parte de la trama sin embargo me recuerda Servidumbre Humana de Somerset Maugham El protagonista Stephen está tratando de convertirse en pintor al igual ue Philip el personaje principal de la novela de Maugham y es atrapado por una mujer ue lo fascina pero no es digna de su interés y lo trata terriblemente mal Emmy en esto novela Mildred en la de Maugham Ambos hombres saben ue deberían dejarla en el fondo la desprecian pero son incapaces de actuar racionalmenteA partir de la tercera parte esta novela se aparta de la de Maugham Mientras Philip abandona la pintura y se convierte en médico Stephen llega a ser un artista con algún éxito tras recibir el Premio del museo de Luxemburgo y ver unos pocos de sus cuadros aduiridos por otros museosLa cuarta parte ilustra las palabras de Jesús Nadie es profeta en su tierra Lc 424 El arte de Stephen es rechazado en su ciudad natal una zona atrasada de Inglaterra dominada por residuos de moral victoriana Sin embargo a riesgo de ue me llamen atrasado debo reconocer ue la afirmación una obra maestra de arte no puede ser obscena implícita en la novela es al menos discutibleLa uinta parte proporciona un resumen final conmovedor de la vida de Stephen dedicada casi exclusivamente al arte a cualuier precio

  3. Mariangel Mariangel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel which drew me in from the start Everything was good writing characters story

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    What a beautifully expressed book about the life long trials of an early 20th century artist who bucks his family expectations at every turn for his calling Stephen Desmonde unapologetically refuses to become the vicar his father wishes and sacrifices all creature comforts to keep on painting His story is painfully beautiful I felt that the author understood the intensity of the true artistic calling This is my first Cronin book It was stunning and I loved it Several others are now on my tbr shelf

  5. Dorcas Dorcas says:

    The story of a young man who bucking tradition and security sets off on a very unpopular path as an artist We follow his struggles insecurities and growth as a human being and final posthumous recognition Loved it

  6. Sara Sara says:

    I simply love Cronin's writing style It's amazing how he can pull me into the story So the story is about Stephen Desmonde a young Oxford's graduate He was about to follow in his father's footsteps and become a vicar but he decides to follow his passion art With rebelling againts his father he was also denied any finacial help So Stephen stuggled a lot but he was happyThe thing I like most about this story is the fact that Stephen followed his dream and never gave up He was a kind man at the beginning also exploited uite freuently but he learned how to deal with the world of the 20th century He grew up in all aspects became confident figured what was truly important in life and survived Even though the art experts of his time criticised him to no end he became very famous after his death like so many artists before him

  7. Jilll Jilll says:

    This is an old book 1955 but I liked the author and reread it It was kind of hard to get into with the French names but got progressively better

  8. Garry Duncan Garry Duncan says:

    I enjoyed this book very much It was refreshing to be cast back into the early years of the 20th Century The book is very well written and for most of the time it was a pleasure to be absorbed by the authenticity of the characters locations and the age however the hardships and deprivation seemed just a little bit extreme A page turner close to the uality of Cronin's The Keys of the Kingdom

  9. Elena K Elena K says:


  10. J V Woods J V Woods says:

    A second reading The first time I read this novel it didn't really register; I was unable to remember a thing about it At times I found it a bit like reading a travel brochure or a Baedecker especially when the story was in France and Spain Also the irritating use of french words was annoying We don't all understand French and having to use an EnglishFrench dictionary was a nuisance Howeverto get back to the story Stephen Desmond's complete obsession with his painting and the hardship he endured made fascinating reading It is a bit of a challenge but worth pursuing to the end If like me you are a Cronin fan you won't mind the old fashioned style

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