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White Ebook White Author Rosie Thomas Bandcamptomp3.co.uk One Love One Chance Once Sacrifice.For Sam McGrath A Brief Encounter With A Young Woman, On A Turbulent Flight, Changes His Life On Impulse, Crazily Attracted To Her, Her Vows To Follow Her All The Way To Nepal.Finch Buchanan Is Flying Out As Doctor To An Expedition But When She Reaches The Himalayas She Will Be Reunited With A Man She Has Never Been Able To Forget.Al Hood Has Made A Promise To His Daughter Once He Has Conquered This Last Peak, He Will Leave The Mountains Behind Forever.Everest Towers Over The Group, Silent And Beautiful And The Passionate Relationship Between Finch, Al And Sam Two Men Driven By Their Own Demons, And A Woman With A Dream Of Her Own Begins To Play Itself Out, With Tragic Consequences

  • Paperback
  • White
  • Rosie Thomas
  • English
  • 05 August 2018
  • 9780099464839

About the Author: Rosie Thomas

Janey King, n e Morris was born on 1947 in Denbigh, Wales, and also grew up in North Wales She read English at Oxford, and after a spell in journalism and publishing began writing fiction after the birth of her first child Published since 1982 as Rosie Thomas, she has written fourteen best selling novels, deal with the common themes of love and loss She is one of only a few authors to have won

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    Fiquei rendida.Foi uma agrad vel surpresa Tendo lido ris Ruby da mesma autora, n o estava, confesso, particularmente motivada a ler este A verdade que me entusiasmou desde logo Gostei muito das personagens no seu geral, gostei do cruzamento das suas vidas, do peso do passado no presente Das paisagens t o nicas do Evereste, das suas agruras, desvendando um pouco sobre o povo que vive nas imedia es e que sobrevive custa deste fasc nio global Da loucura mais ou menos consciente de quem o quer enfrentar e o porqu O trabalho feito na pesquisa de toda a tem tica mais do que suficiente para aprendermos e apreendermos a grandiosidade de todo o projecto, da magnitude da maior montanha do mundo da inclem ncia do clima, da altitude, ao perigo de avalanche, da exposi o A hist ria prende nos, pelo suspense da concretiza o de tal aventura irreverente, assim como das paix es que v o assomando, subtilmente, sem diminuir tudo o resto O que se espera depois de ultrapassar tal fa anha O que fica O ...

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    Rosie Thomas s novel White is powerful It s a gripping and beautifully descriptive read The author brings you to Everest with the climbers During her careful character development, you begin to recognize these climbers While feeling...

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    I have been reading and enjoying the novels of Rosie Thomas for many years now although it is a few years since I last read one I must rectify this as I have at least four of her most recent novels waiting to be read It is the usual excuse, so many books so little time, but listening to White has revived my interest I had read this previously but decided to listen to the tapes before making them available on Bookmooch Rosie Thomas is not only an author but a keen traveller and mountaineer which comes over in her writing, especially so in White as it is about an expedition to climb Everest.Her obvious knowledge of climbing adds to the reality of the story which set against the mountain backdrop, makes this novel much than a complicated love story between the three protagonists Sam McGrath whose chance encounter on a plane means he ends up in Nepal Al Hood an experienced climber who has promised his daughter that this climb will be his last and Sam Finch who has signed up as an expedition doctor Demons and dreams are played out against the dramatic backdrop of Everest.I actually read this back in October 2007 before I started this blog, but I was already posting reviews on , my review was entitled Passion and Drama.This is what I ...

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    After a rather slow start, this book becomes quite gripping In places it is almost too graphic The descriptions become vivid, traumatic and very real as the party make their attempt on Everest Al, professional mountaineer, leads the group Finch,the doctor, is the only woman in the expedition, but she has already tackled other mountains Sam, after an earlier encounter with Finch follows her out to the Himalayas in the h...

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    As usual a good readI will never understand why someone would want to climb Everest but this book does attempt to explain it from various viewpoints At times a rather uncomfortable read the latter stages of the climb in particular but definitely a page turner once the story has...

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    Yeah this so not my cup of tea , the pace was too slow and even though i wasn t bored per say, wasn t excited, maybe mildly interested about what was going on and how things would unfold.For sure didnt identify with the female protagonist someone who thinks or right out come out and admits that there can be too much ease I have had it easy in the world, but climbing mountains scrapes away all the layers of expectation and assumption Its a challenge separate from the rest of my life Leaves me staggering to comprehend this kind of outlook on life, where u r not only born with a silver spoon in ur mouth u spit on it and go looking for dangerous ways to take aways the taste Sorry not sorry dont get it Not to mention her relationship with her family or her attitude towards her mother Spoilt Rotten is something that comes to mind not a trait i m looking for in my female lead.Had another problem with the so called love story between Finch and Al, like really who was buying that and guessing form all the rave reviews here there were many that did Again mind boggling Al just lost his childhood friend and because of his lifestyle and Spider s death he knows that he has also lost his wife, so he s lost figuratively and literally and he finds compassion from a female stranger and male that he is he needs to celebrate living with sex what a shocker And PLZ tell me ...

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    I relish starting a new Rosie Thomas novel There is nothing predicable about her books but you know that whatever the subject, it will be well researched and beautifully written White certainly wasn t a disappointment I was with the team for every one of their steps on Everest, thanks to Thomas s brilliant descriptions The love story in this book wasn t straight forward nor was it too sentimental White , is essentially about the motivation that each character has for tackling the climb up Everest the fears that they overcome and the physical and emotional battles that they fight to get to the summit The book doesn t end with the final ascent but goes on to follow the after stories of some of the team This made it a very complete novel that left me wan...

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    I love this author, she gets real emotion into her stories, the Kashmir Shawl was also a goodie This book combined Ned two of my lives, a great family drama and Mount Everest So well written, I found myself re reading paragraphs beca...

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    After a rather slow start this book became a real powerhouse of looking into Everest and why people want to climb it.what drove them and feeling like you are right with them cheering them all the way

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