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  1. Alex Brown Alex Brown says:

    Ultron is one of my all time favorite comic characters and i didnt have much with him in it yet so i got this and it was worth it The story is awesome art is pretty good to and plenty of action In all the story arc consists of 4 issues starring iron man captain america scarlett witch vision wonderman ant man wasp black panther and of course ultron The first half is mostly setting up the story and events while the second half is mostly the conclusion and fight with ultron if your an ultron fan like myself i would highly recommend ultron unlimitedStory9Art7Action8Characters7out of ten

  2. RG RG says:

    Very interested in reading by Busiek

  3. Johnny Andrews Johnny Andrews says:

    Ultron is one foe that really needs everyone to step up and kick some metal and this really does show that however within all the harshness of the Avengers battling a seemingly losing battle it is written with such aplomb that you feel the mighty hearts forcing themselves to keep fighting but also the torment and anger aimed at himself you really feel the strain of Hank Pym as being the creator of Ultron originally he blames himself for everything

  4. Lia Lia says:

    Iam glad this book is over I am glad that I have increased my comics canon knowledge of Ultron and also I am glad that there's no of this story to read There's just so much of it to be telling so little It's so heavily melodramatically and literally narrated I wonder if Busiek even knew the final product would have pictures

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Ultron Unlimited finished 2017 06 17 three starsSims and Wilson you dirty glorifying the memories of youth yet again eh?For once in my comics reading career the recap issue is neither unwarranted nor grating Catching up on all of the nitty gritty 90's Avengers minutia works that way for someone who conveniently skipped over all of itScarlet Witch no longer married to Vision? Firestar journeyed from cartoons to floppies? Cap Thor and Iron Man were part of the team before Bendis and Ultimates made that a thing again?How's about Cap wields a Photonic energy shield that transforms into a lame stick when he needs another kind of weapon? It's like Cap already had a two handed sword and decided he needed to carry around a pike before he'd be considered for the tank row in my DD party That's just encumbrance without combat benefit Wait even better check out Scarlet Witch's Jennifer Beals cosplay this looks like the outfit you'll see marketed on Halloween as slutty gypsyMan if this isn't the most George Perez shot in the history of post Crisis Perez drawingsFollowed by this oneThe thing isI am beginning to wonder at the copious amount of catch up the reader itis that seems to have infected this book The 0 issue I can understand I'm guessing this was a big relaunch with a new superstar team but I'd guess that a fair uarter of the pages in the rest of the issues are just rehashing old plots not nearly succinctly enough to get away with it's there to deepen the story's meaning and impactFeels a whole lot like writer's looking for a uick way to fill pages without actually coming up with any interesting dialogue or plot points Y'know? It's pretty terrible I just don't give that much of a shit even twenty years later what must contemporary readers have thought? The funny books must have graduated from that Silver Age trope by then no?Funniest thing about this book? Someone honoured the Canadian subtextwho knew Ultron was raised in Ontario?Next best? A little Batman '66 throwbackTL;DR Don't trust someone else's memories of how great an old comics story is They're lying to you and themselves NOT the most amazing Ultron related comic book in existence

  6. Judah Radd Judah Radd says:

    It’s a short fun adventure The conseuences are pretty severe a whole country gets wiped out but for some reason it doesn’t seem to weigh on the characters as much as I’d have expected Busiek’s plot is interesting and well constructed and much of the dialogue is engaging and worthy of the players The art left something to be desired It seemed rushed jumbled and not as epic as a story of this magnitude should have been I think this is a good story and it’s definitely worth reading especially since it provides most of the source material for the movie Age of Ultron but it has too many nagging flaws to be great or even really good

  7. Gomezmr Gomezmr says:

    These comic is very amazing

  8. Sineala Sineala says:

    I'm not usually a fan of Ultron storylines Possibly this is because the first one I tried was the relatively recent Age of Ultron series which no But apparently I should have read this one because it really works for me The creepy interpersonal dynamics of Hank and Jan and Wanda and Vision and Ultron A lot of Jan actually Even though her outfit is awful Hank having a very very cathartic fight Thor's classic line Ultron we would have words with thee YesssSure there's a hell of a lot of narration but it's comparable to the rest of Busiek's Avengers run and I really like the way the fight escalated the stakes I was so happy when the team finally eked out a hard won victory over Ultron 16 And then Ultron 17 showed up And another one And another one Definitely good at getting some emotional investment is what I'm sayingMy personal favorite character moment Iron Man bemoaning Ultron because even if he didn't create him it always reminds him of having his armor taken and used against people At which point Firestar reassures him that it's not his fault because Tony Stark's the one who makes the armor Hahaha oh God Cry Tony

  9. Sud666 Sud666 says:

    I see this is very highly rated and am not sure why It is not bad but it somehow seems dated though it is from 1999 Ultron is a good villain and the story does have some interesting parts but the dialogue seems campy I agree with one reviewer who stated it has a silver age feel but I don't see that as a compliment The solution to the fight as well as some of the new Warrior Avengers are underwhelming The artwork is good but the UN team made up of RussiaIndia the US France and Israel was ummmm sigh do people who write comic boks even know how the real world works? Makes me wonder sometimes Again this is not a bad comic just not something that is mind blowingits just ok and thus deserving of only two stars

  10. Luiz Fernando Luiz Fernando says:

    This was a fun to read comic book with a silver age feel but the ratings stars are totally overrating this story arc The plot does have highlights and good ideas but it has to take too many liberties to work In the end there is no real moral or lesson the characters are not influenced by this events in any manner beside being physically hurt by a fight won with gimmicks pulled out of a magician's hat

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Avengers: Ultron Unlimited ➽ [Download] ✤ Avengers: Ultron Unlimited By Kurt Busiek ➲ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Ultron has always been one of the Avengers' deadliest foes and his evil deeds the heinous because this sentient robot was created by founding Avenger Dr Hank Pym a scientist who has been a hero under Ultron has always been one of the Avengers' deadliest foes and his evil deeds the heinous because this sentient robot was created by founding Avenger Dr Hank Pym a scientist who has been Avengers: Ultron PDF/EPUB or a hero under the various guises of Ant Man Giant Man and Yellowjacket Constantly evolving with each defeat every new incarnation of this seemingly indestructible enemy is worse than the last But never before has Ultron been this dangerous Seizing the attention of the world's media Ultron destroys an entire Eastern European nation And that was just to get the Avengers' attention The Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in for the fight of their lives and this time their adversary just may have evolved out their league altogether Collects Avengers vol .

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Avengers: Ultron Unlimited
  • Kurt Busiek
  • English
  • 28 November 2015
  • 9780785107743

About the Author: Kurt Busiek

Kurt Busiek is an American comic book writer notable for his work on the Marvels limited series his own title Astro City and his four year run on AvengersBusiek did not read comics Avengers: Ultron PDF/EPUB or as a youngster as his parents disapproved of them He began to read them regularly around the age of when he picked up a copy of Daredevil This was the first part of a continuity heavy four part story arc;.