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Deadly Reigns II Includes Excerpt Of Angel By Teri Woods

10 thoughts on “Deadly Reigns II

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    Awesome series good storytelling and also its well written by the authorhighly recommended paperback

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    This book was so banging how someone so intelligent can be so ruthless Damian was so smart that he was able to get an FBI agent to fall in love with him, to me you have to have some kind of charm I would recommend this book to someone I m not going to give away the end but it is very intense.

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    Amazing ReadAmazing read So many twists and turns The ending had me shook This should really be a movie one day.

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    This book was way better than the first Teri Woods is one of the best writers.I knew that girl was being dumb She went and got pregnant by Damien, and now she has to look over her shoulder everyday of her life, to protect the life of her son and herself I really don t think it wa sa good idea to hand her son over to Damien Sure he has power, and he probably wouldn t let harm come to his son But now he is being raisd by a drug lord A family of drug lords That can t be good.

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    Truly Amazing

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    This wasn t as good as first but it was ok.

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    I m ready for the next part Damain, Dante and Princess Reigns OMG

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    My guilty pleasure when I am looking to switch up from the horror genre I loved this book It was well written and you wanted to read it all in one session

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    i thought this book was not as good as the first one but i have yet to read the third.

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    Teri Woods has done a fantastic job with the Reign family I can t seem to get enough of them Now looking for the book 3.