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Long Summer Day Long Summer Day PDF Epub Author R.F Delderfield Thomashillier.co.uk Paul Craddock Is Still Young When He Is Invalided Out Of The Army After The Boer War And He Discovers The Neglected Estate Of Shallowford In A Secluded Corner Of Devon It Seems Remote From The March Of Progress But As Storm Clouds Gather Over Europe, Paul Learns That No Part Of England, However Remote, Can Escape The Challenge Of The Times.

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    Oooh I really loved this hugs book close It s going on my favorites shelf for sure Simply put, a young man, Paul Craddock, is invalided out of the Boer war, inherits some money and purchases a large estate in Devonshire, playing squire to the laboring families in the valley If you think that sounds dry, it s not Once the characters are all introduced which takes some time so consider yourself forewarned the story gallops along without a lull Aside from very absorbing family melodrama, there is madness, a grisly murder with a hay knife, a shipwreck, poaching gone wrong, suffragist action and romances aplenty Time covered is roughly twenty years and the characters are varied and three dimentional I feel like I know them so personally that if I was to travel to Shallowford now, a hundred years later, there would be no empty chairs at empty tables but the fields would be alive, ringing with scythes and familiar laughter,...

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    1966 A Horseman Riding By published in the USA as two novels, Long Summer Day and Post of Honor Description Paul Craddock is still young when he is invalided out of the army after the Boer War and he discovers the neglected estate of Shallowford in a secluded corner of Devon It seems remote from the march of progress But as storm clouds gather over Europe, Paul learns that no part of England, however remote, can escape the challenge of the times.Opening He left the carriage, ascended the short flight of steps and walked briskly past the dozing porter sitting in the deep shade of the portico a small neat man, in dark, well cut city clothes and glossy topper.It s mid summer, hailstones ricocheting around, so what better time to crack this openTotal reboot summer 2015 and am pleased to say it was worth the effort of getting through the front loaded introductions This turned into an enjoyable sweeping s...

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    Reading this novel is like stepping into the setting s thirteen hundred acre estate in a neglected and antiquated corner of England in the early 1900s The time is that following the death of Queen Victoria, when cars were beginning to rule the roads and radical women were fighting for the right to vote Young Lieutenant Paul Craddock had been injured in the Boer War and instead of continuing with civilian life in London, he idealizes a gentler time during Victorian England His love for two women and the people of Shallowford stretch and change him The story is rich with a large cast of characters and lush descriptions of their lives This novel was originally published around 1966 The author, R F Delderfield...

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    This is one that truly turned around for me It started so slowly as I was not well connected with any of the many characters and the descriptions of the English countryside, although beautifully written, interrupted the flow of the book for me However, as I read deeply into the story, all of those feelings fell away I was transported back to the turn of the century English countryside where a unlikely candidate to buy a vast country holding with many tenants did so and the new squire becomes solidly entrenched in his new position taking to the land as if he has grown up as heir and successor Those who come into and out of his life and his work there add so much and together they make the story seem so real as England struggles with modernization, new technologies, the...

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    A very long but very interesting historical novel, set around a small Devonshire valley with its squire and farms in the beginning of the 20th century The political situation of the era is described in detail too, with all its...

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    From the Boar War to the coronation of George V one man s tale of recovery and rich life touching many Quite a bit of sentimentality here but I didn t mind it The Suffragette thread interested me the most On to POST OF HONOR, book two in A Horseman Riding By.

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    A very interesting historical novel, with several themes I really liked the suffragettes theme Some long descriptive passages kept me from giving it 5 stars An excellent read.

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    A lovely gentle read about Edwardian country life, just before WW1 It takes a while to get to know so many characters, but well worth persisting It s useful to have the Family Tress at the start of the book There...

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    I ve read a few Delderfield works at this point in life To Serve Them All My Days, the God is an Englishman trilogy, Napoleon s Marshalls But it has been a few years.I don t remember if those works had two annoying things I found in this work that I wish to mention and then move on Long Paragraphs, sometimes 3 pages long This is hard on the eyes And something the writer can t address any longer The other was that a paragraph would start with dialogue from one speaker and end with dialogue from another Please, break up the dialogue with paragraphs Perhaps if ever released again an editor would do their job and edit the work Now to the meat of it The story is good The character development is good though sometimes a little to pat We need a character as a plot device and so we have that trait emerge We see the world of Pre Great War England and the skirmishing of Tory Conservative and Unionist Labour We see the treatment of Suffragettes The change of Motor and Phone beginning just as we saw Trains in God is an Englishman Sometimes we spend u...

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    My ARC courtesy of NetGalley and Open Road Media much thanks

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