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Saving Grace (Mad World, #2) [Reading] ➬ Saving Grace (Mad World, #2) ➳ Christine Zolendz – After spending over , years being a lost soul looking for the angel I was forbidden to fall in love with, I finally found him Lucky for me he has taken up residence inside the hot body of NYC’s loca After spending over , years being a lost soul looking for the angel I was forbidden to fall in love with, I finally found him Lucky for me he has taken up residence inside the hot body of NYC’s local bad boy, tattooed rock star, Shane Maxton Turns out, not only is he absolutely perfect, so is the whole Grace Taylor life that I’m stuck in The only problem is Gabriel An archangel who wants me all to himself so he kind of kidnaps me Now I have to find my way back and hope everything works out….

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  1. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    Spoiler-free review!

    “I promise you, I will pick up every broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life, I will put you back together… I’ll make you whole again.“

    This book was a bumpy ride that had me screaming “WTF!!” in frustration at my kindle on more than one occasion but had me swooning so freaking hard over Shane that I just couldn’t put it down!!

    I read it in one sitting. I was exhausted but it kept me glued to my Kindle until 3am just flipping the pages!

    This sequel to Fall From Grace picks up right where that insane cliffhanger from book 1 ended and because of all the twists in this story, I’m actually not going to say a single word about the plot and I’d highly suggest you not look up anything about it. If the premise of book 1 intrigues you then this one won’t disappoint.

    I did really like that after the paranormal intensity of the ending of book 1, this book took a bit of a step back and allowed the character development to take over for while before building back up to the heavier paranormal part.

    This isn’t quite the kind of book I normally go for because there was a lot of back and forth between Shane and Grace- a lot of “are they” or “aren’t they” and “will they” or “won’t they”, and at the start of this one, I honestly wasn’t sure where the story was really going but because the intense sexual tension was just off the freaking charts and oh-so-swoony, and I was laughing, enjoying myself, and occasionally clutching at my heart, I basically let go and just went with it.

    It did however lead me ask about a million questions – Who was… ? How did…? But if [important event] happened like this, then doesn’t it mean that….? Is he still…? WHY WOULD HE….? When did she….? What was he thinking when he….? and it went on and on and on…

    There were a few situations that pushed me to the very brinks of my frustration limits (to. the. brink) - seriously there were times when I questioned if they were going to make it relationship-wise, but holy SWOON, once I got to the end, I was in heaven. (no pun, honestly, I swear)

    ”…just stay with me. I need you like I fucking need to breathe.”

    Shane Shane freaking Shane Maxton… the tattooed man-whore rock god. Oh the swoon, the heart ache, then more swoon, and more heartache… and then even more epic freaking swoon!!! I totally LOVED him, I wanted to throttle him, I wanted to hug him, I wanted to geld him, and I totally wanted to do other things to him that I won’t go into right now *winks*

    “Dear God, there is just something about this man that makes you want to stick your panties in his pockets and tell him you’re half way there…” <— *nods* yeah, pretty much.

    Everything about Shane and Grace is just so intense! For most of the book, they were either fighting or kissing. There isn’t a whole ton of actual sex in this book until the end but with all the music playing ( “Come on, girl, play with me.” *swooooon*), serious UST and eye fucking going on, you really don’t miss it!!

    “I think I could have had an orgasm from the mind fuck he was giving me right there.”

    I do wish they could have communicated more because I feel like that would have solved like 90% of their issues but at the same time, I enjoyed the bumpy ride of this story so much that even though that’s normally really important to me in stories, I really just kind of accepted it here as character quirks.

    And that the ending was gorgeously swoony and I was so glad to finally see them get their HEA!! At the end, when he… hmm, I won’t say what he did, but when he did that thing (and get your minds out of the gutters now, it has nothing to do with that ... yeesh), I totally teared up and got chills. It was AMAZING and romantic and heart melting!!!

    But! I have to say that if I were to have one complaint about this book its that I found some of Shane’s behavior frustrating to the point of going a little too far. Sigh. My heart really, realllly hurt and I still don’t understand why he did some of the things he did especially knowing what I know about the ending. Grace and Shane always had a bit of an intense, totally-undeniably-drawn-to-each-other relationship and yet at the same time they were really dysfunctional – which I was able to look past for the most part because of the raging chemistry they had going on but I felt that there were two times when Shane took things just too far in ways that could have been easily avoidable and, because this book was only told from Grace’s POV, I found those times made me kinda of fall out of love with him a little – or at least, just so unable to understand his actions that it pushed me away from him… And there were a few questions that I found were still unanswered about the whole story as a whole in regards to him. BUT, I hear that the author is writing either the next book or a whole collection of scenes from his POV so I’m really hoping that after reading those, I’ll understand his actions more and come to terms with those scenes because I really, truly fell HARD for him. Seriously, he totally worked his way into my heart <3

    “Look Gray… A decent guy doesn’t just get born and grow up to be Mr. Perfect. They need to be created by a woman. They’re like a dumb blank lump of clay and you have to mold them into what you want them to be, while erasing everything their mothers ever taught them and all the horrible Internet porn they’ve watched growing up.”

    If you want a fun contemporary romance about soul-mates with a unique paranormal twist and a HEA, then you’ll probably really love these!

    And at $1.50 each from Amazon, you really should grab yourselves copies and meet the delicious HOTNESS that is Shane Maxton <3

    CASTING (above and below)

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  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:



    Blacky - a young woman in search of the book of her life
    Savingrace - uber-hot and famous book, separated from Blacky for months, a tortured soul disappointed in life
    Evildude - the bad guy, no explanation necessary

    *written from Blacky's POV*


    Once upon a time existed a book. Fall from Grace was the name.
    Legend says it had a really, really hot guy in it.
    His name was whispered in the shadows and passed through generations of horny teens as a sex symbol.
    The story and romance were rumored to be amazing, set in a paranormal world, with main characters as fallen angels.
    Wanna know how I know all this?
    I was one of the people who actually read that book.
    And I am here to tell you the story of how I found the sequel, and what that book put me through...


    I found myself trapped in a heavenly library by Evildude who is set on separating me from my one true book soul mate, Savingrace.

    You will never read that book, Blacky! I burn for you, we are meant to be together!!, roared Evildude with an evil glint in his evil eyes!

    I got in his face and screamed with all my fury at him, NEVER! My soul may be bleeding and my heart may be crushed and splintered into a billion little pieces but I am strong enough to defy you! I will save all my love for Savingrace, so back off, moron!

    Evildude turned his evil eyes at me. I could tell he was being in an evil mood because of his squinting.
    Damn. He is gonna talk some more.

    I have waited for you for ages Blacky. You don't understand my passion for you Blacky. Yes, I obviously have to repeat your name in every sentence because you are too stupid to figure out who I'm talking to, BLACKY. He turned away from me and I saw him shaking.
    Mwahahahahaha, he evil laughed at me.
    I will destroy your Savingrace and even you if I have to! If I can't have you, no book will!

    With that, Evildude turned around and left me staring at a wall, thinking of my Savingrace and feeling my heart splinter again into a billion little pieces and my poor soul bleed again until I was left completely emotionally ruined.


    I woke up sitting at a library, surrounded by thousands of books and with my mind full of confusion.
    Why did Evildude want me? I just couldn't understand it.
    I couldn't stop thinking of finding my Savingrace, but then, I couldn't stop feeling hurt by Savingrace either.
    After all this time searching for each other, Savingrace obviously didn't feel the same as I do. I felt betrayed. My heart broke because my love for Savingrace was not returned.
    I'd decided to hate Savingrace for not wanting to be read by me with the same force as I wanted to read it.

    After a couple of hours of thinking about the subject, I decided to move on and read other books. Why save myself for my one and only book, if that book doesn't feel the same about me?

    Off I went, looking through the covers and blurbs, trying to find something interesting.

    That was when it happened.

    I saw Savingrace tucked in the wrong shelf, surrounded by books of the wrong genre.
    It must have been torture.


    Even though I now had my Savingrace, I could not let go of my anger and betrayal enough to read it.
    My poor bleeding soul and broken heart just couldn't allow me to get past the fact that Savingrace did nothing to somehow get to me. It's not that I'm unreasonable but seriously, do I have to do everything????

    And so I went to my living room to look at my book, because even though I couldn't read it, I was happy to know it was there and it was AMAZING to look at. I mean FANTASIC!!

    Anyway, the first thing I saw was a friend of mine, holding Savingrace. And reading it!

    What are you doing?, I screamed while my heart was being torn from my chest and completely stepped upon until it was totally dead and not beating anymore but I somehow managed to magically survive the ordeal.

    How could you do this to me?, I whispered while cold tears went down my cheeks to show I was incredibly sad and heartbroken.
    I thought we had something special, and you are letting someone else read you!, I screamed at my book. Yes, I really love screaming at everything.

    I could see the book was trying to explain but I didn't want to hear it!

    I have the right to get angry at someone for not having any choice to control a situation, and I have every right to not listen to any explanations and stay completely angry at that person till the end of time!

    Savingrace was torn by my outburst, I could see it, but at that point I didn't really care. There are other books to read.


    Even though I decided I would never forgive Savingrace for letting anyone else read it, I still couldn't stop thinking about the damn book.
    Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the book really couldn't help it!
    I grabbed my backpack and ran home so I could talk to Savingrace ASAP!

    I was so excited that I didn't see my huge bookshelf when I was entering my living room, and I ran right into it.
    That left me covered with books, and with Savingrace standing on my desk, with a look full of rage and betrayal, and heartbreak and a whole rainbow of emotions that are very difficult to explain.

    I... No, it isn't what you think..., I uselessly tried to get out of the situation, but to no avail. Savingrace was uber-angry, I could feel it's rage across the room.

    It made my heart burst from my chest and shatter into another million pieces, and pain blossomed in my chest because it all felt SO BAD!!!

    Savingrace shut her pages and turned from me.
    It broke my heart all over again.


    And so, after another ten or so situations where either myself or Savingrace completely overreacted and screamed a bit at each other, and of course I forgot all the tension between us, the wanting-to-read-but-can't situation, we decided to try it out, and see how it goes.
    Only, our bliss was interrupted by Evildude!!!


    I will not tell you what happened.



    Well, I got my happy ever after with Savingrace, having finally read it, but then after being so irritated by the characters I simply could not love it like I thought I would.
    It was just not meant to be.

    But then, I have heard whispers...
    I feel it in the water...
    I feel it in the earth...
    I smell it in the air...

    Shane's book exists!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Seena Seena Seena Seena says:

    October 7th 2012


    Okay so I jump on GR and I see my GR friend Jade has advised this book is here......

    I thought they announced a release date......

    Then I saw it ACTUALLY had a release date of 5th October and I was like....


    Sooooo I jumped onto Amazon and IT WAS THERE TO PURCHASE FOR ONLY 1.50!!!

    Me =





    Still can not breath.....

    The worse thing though is I have to work tomorrow and it it's already 11pm. I will somehow, someway, go to sleep. I will go into work and somehow be able to concentrate on work (pfffft yeah right) I will come home and make dinner, do homework with the child, give the kids a bath and put the kids to bed (might put them to bed an hour earlier than usual) and then I will pick up my kindle, take a deep breath and start the book.

    October 9th 2012


    Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you. Every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my life I will put you back together..... I'll make you whole again.



    That for me was effin brilliant! BRILLIANT!

    Okay I need another moment....


    Let me remind you all what my Shane (YES MINE SO BACK OFF) looks like in my crazy crazy mind of mine


    You're beyond exquisite. You're Perfection.


    People you just do not understand. Shane has me hook, line and a 50kg sinker!

    I absolutely loved this installment and I am a sucker for a HEA for the couple who had it tough.

    There are no words I can use to fathom a review. My words in my head are jumbled and I cant quite hear them over the constant shrieking of a teenage girl in my head.

    Something that absolutely SHITTED ME TO TEARS was the number of times they were interrupted before they could get their sexy time on! OMG I lost count after one because DUDE how can you interrupt that sexy time scene!!!!

    I honestly wanted to rip my hair out!


    And at times I seriously wanted to bitch slap Grace into next week!


    Seriously woman! You have the perfection that is Shane right there and you are second guessing EVERYTHING!

    She poured out the liquid music of her voice to quench the thirst of his spirit.

    And when they FINALLY had their sexy time....


    You want to be my first, Shane?
    No baby, I'm going to be your last.

    Ohhhh Shane you will always be my last. hahahahahahahaha


    Ohhhhh and fellow GR poeple, it does not end here! A note from the author at the end of the book......

    I hope I did justice to book 2! And YES, I am writing Shane's point of view and it should be published soon.



  4. Georgia ♥ Georgia ♥ says:

    4+ Fallen Angels, Endless Love, Alcohol and Bad Boy Rock - Stars


    In the beginning of time, before the world becomes old, God was merciful and vengeful, at the same time and angels were still pure. A small band of them was stationed on Earth to help the humans, but they were corrupted. They fell in love with the women and they gave birth to abominations. The giants, the Nephelim. There were no other choice. God punished them. They fell from grace and they were imprisoned in hell. And their human women were punished along them. But, there was a couple that was pure. Shamsiel and Selah. Their only crime? A single kiss, that doomed them for all eternity. Selah never got to die. She became a lost soul, cursed to live in the empty shells that people left behind, forced to look for a pair of warm blue eyes throughout eternity. And left Shamsiel falling from Grace only to find her all over again when they were both on the brink of giving up forever.

    “It is a pure soul who can hold true the innocence and timelessness of passion in another soul. Each unveiling the greatest pieces of the other, locked together at the heart for eternity.


    Grace realized what her heart has been screaming at her from the beginning. Shane is her angel, the one she spent eternity looking for. But she realized it after having both their hearts broken and she ended up in a coma with her soul held hostage by a vindictive angel, with his own agenda that spent the last 2000 years pretending to help her.

    She will find her way back but not to Shane’ arms. Eons of misconceptions, miscommunication, lack of trust and so much love that ultimately broke them, will keep them apart once again. Two hardheaded individuals who end up hurting each other with every word and gesture, but unable to deny their overwhelming feelings.

    “ I guess I didn’t know him like I thought I did and he destroyed my heart. But he didn’t just destroy a small piece of my heart, he desecrated the whole thing. I was the idiot who just handed it to him. Because for so long, I really, really believed...I had faith in him, but I was wrong.”


    Love can’t be denied for long and after lots of booze, shoes and bad boys with tattoos, just about when we are going to die from severe sexual tension and our frustration reaches new levels, HALLELUJAH! We are rewarded with the most anticipated sex scene ever after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s kiss in “Pride & Prejudice”. Seriously guys, I almost died waiting for you to consummate...

    ” Let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life I will put you back together...I’ll make you whole again.”





    AND THEN... FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Lacking the haunting atmosphere of the first but more hip, funny and suspenseful, this second book frustrates and hooks you and you are unable to tear your eyes off the Shane the Magnificent,

    “Perfection. He was utterly the most breathtaking, painfully beautiful man I had ever laid my eyes on.”


    Grace the Determined and their merry band of friends, desperately trying to find their way back to each other…

    ♪♫ I didn’t know I was lost
    Until you found me
    I never knew what love was
    Until you touched my hand
    I lost myself long ago In between your lips
    And now here you are
    You steal my breath away
    Until you I never really knew heaven
    Cause until you it was only ever hell
    I didn’t know I was so far gone
    Until you brought me home
    I promise you, girl I know you’re shattered
    I’ll pick up your pieces
    And make you whole again
    Cause until you girl I’ve been shattered too
    Since my very first kiss
    It’s only been you ♪♫


    And now for the most anticipated male POV… Shane, love, I am in for a wild ride!!!!!



  5. Lise *friends don& Lise *friends don& says:

    2.5 stars for me. I loved the first book, the whole bad boy in a band vibe was great. The mystery of Grace and her long lost love intrigued me the paranormal overtone and the chemistry between Shane and Grace was five star!. I shelved Fall From Grace in my top books of 2012! So… of course I was thrilled to see the sequel out so soon. I snatched that baby up and cancelled my Saturday plans and started reading. Maybe I am just a grumpy old lady that expected so much more out of the “rest of the story”- but what I got out of this book was a lot of frustration and a very repetitive storyline: getting drunk, misunderstanding of who slept with whom, Gabriel showing up, almost hook up, interrupted, more getting drunk, a few of these descriptionafter a good drinking binge, more misunderstanding, Gabriel popping in again, almost hook up, interrupted, almost hook up again…. and yep-interrupted again. Like major Coitus interruptus

    But, no worries we finally have full penetration at about … maybe 93% in the book and a HEA!

    I was pretty much like this for most of the book waiting and waiting and waiting for.... something

    I did love the oneliners:

    That man was going to make me self cum-bust right in front of him one day

    All I Need are Shoes, Booze and Bad boys with Tattoos

    I could have had an orgasm from the mind fuck he was giving me right there

    Holy Crappocalypse! I was turning into one of THOSE GIRLS!

    I could lick that boy from head to toe like a big old lollipop


    And... I still love Shane and would lick him if I could!

  6. DW DW says:

    Shane and Grace just about drive me up the wall but I sure did love these idiots!!

  7. Dilek VT Dilek VT says:

    First I want to say that I loved some of C. Zolendz’s books more than I can explain but this paranormal series of hers hugely disappointed me, unfortunately.

    There was an interesting enough plot – but the execution of it was not good and it became a torture for me to finish reading these two books.

    If I need to compare, Book 1 is a bit better than Book 2, and honestly, I could have given it 3 stars if the second book were 4 or 5-star worthy, but alas, Book 2 killed it all!

    Now, the whole series is max 2 or 2,5 stars for me.

    The plot:

    Thousands of years ago, some of the angels sent to watch the humans for their safety fell in love with the beauty of the human women and those angels took them as wives and created the offsprings called the Nephilim but they turned out to be savage giants.

    That’s why, the angels sent to watch the humans were punished – they were fallen. One of the human women who only had a heavenly kiss but nothing more with one of these angels was punished to live the rest of her eternity as a lost soul in search of the fallen angel that she loves.

    And she is our heroine in this series. In this life and body she comes into, she is called Grace. And in this life, she is supposed to meet her soul mate angel. (The angel called Gabriel, who sometimes appears and guides her tells her that bit of information).

    Grace meets a man-whore rock star in this life. Shane is immediately attracted to Grace and she is to him.

    The whole of the two books in the series go as annoying as follows:

    Grace finds Shane hot and irresistible but he is a man-whore and when he is saying he loves her, he can’t mean that, can he?

    And Grace needs to find her soul mate angel and this man-whore can’t be him so she goes out with the wrong guys, assuming one of them is her fallen angel.

    Being jealous and angry, Shane kisses groupies in front of her, acting like a d*ckhead.

    All along the two books, there is this stupid “teen drama” between twenty-something-year old adults.

    She wants him but she doesn’t want to want him. Although everybody else sees he has feelings for her, she insists that after one- night stand, he will move on to the next girl, so there is this ongoing and frustrating pull and push between them.

    There is nothing more than a kiss or some hot and intense staring between the two of them until the last chapters of Book 2.

    And at a certain point, I just stopped caring if they would be together or not, I just wanted to be out of their story asap.

    They were like stupid 15-year old teens all the time. They just cannot communicate!!

    For example, when she sees a woman beside him, she immediately assumes that he has slept with her.

    He is not more mature than her, either. He assumes she slept with his friend when he sees her getting out of his bedroom. He doesn’t even ask properly why she was there and what they were doing.

    It is like watching “two spoiled teens” blaming each other all the time about being with other people. I was yelling all the time, saying Oh, please f*cking learn to communicate and please behave like adults! But of course, in vain!

    There are those rare moments when they get a little bit close and intimate, trusting each other's feelings a little bit more but every time, something happens so that they cannot go any further than kissing and touching. It is so frustrating, it is like the bad soap opera episodes where they stretch the happy end for months or years, all the while creating stupid drama.

    The fallen angels, the devil and the good angels sometimes appear and add some paranormal sh*t into the mix and not all of it makes sense. And the fist fight of angels was the most absurd of all!

    All in all, I can only appreciate the idea behind it, as the plot was interesting but the execution of it was more than annoying and boring.

    I am really sorry to give a “Christine Zolendz book” a low rating but it can’t be helped, unfortunately…

  8. AJ AJ says:

    So, after finishing book 1 Fall From Grace at 3am this morning, and absolutely loving it, I got 5 hours sleep and was then straight into this one. Was it worth it – HELL YEAH!!!

    It picks up immediately after the hideous cliffhanger of book 1 (thank God!) with Grace dealing with fallout from that big, dramatic climax. I’m not going to go into detail about the storyline because I don’t want to give any kind of spoiler. The story is amazing, but intense, and best experienced just to read and feel it all as you go – my emotions were all over the place! I will just say that there is a HEA, but there are many twists and turns along the way.

    I love these characters! Grace is amazing, even more so than she was in the first book, Lea is hilarious, with some absolutely brilliant dialogue, and the guys from the band are all back in their rude, crude yet affectionate glory. The way they all come together like a family and have each other’s backs is gorgeous. And of course there’s Shane *dreamy sigh*. I had a mad case of insta-love with Shane in book 1, but I fell deeper for him in this one. There’s nothing quite like a reformed, man-whorish bad boy who has fallen hard for his girl, but it’s all a bit deeper and more intense now, and oh my God is he freaking SWOONY!!!

    I will admit that some of the to-and-fro stuff that happened between Grace and Shane in the middle of the book did get annoying, and I was wondering whether we'd ever get to see them happy together. I just wanted to smack their heads together and tell them to get on with it! But there was SOOOOO must sexual tension and enough beautiful moments between them (loved the use of music in this 'Come on, girl, play with me', he whispered) to keep us die-hard romantics happy amidst the confusion and the heart wrenching scenes as they almost tore each other apart:

    “Just pull the fucking trigger on me now, please.”

    *sob* But oh God, it was worth all of the heartache for the incredible, utterly epic, swoony resolution. And it wasn’t just one scene – it went on and on, and it was absolutely magic!

    “I wanted to tell you how I felt. Why I was always so mean to you, Shane. ”
    “Because you feel broken?”
    “Completely shattered,” I whispered softly.

    Bringing his hands to my face, he leaned over me, lightly stroking my cheeks with his fingertips. “Then let me in, because I promise you, I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life I will put you back together…I’ll make you whole again.”

    HOLY FREAKING SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! And some seriously steamy hotness too. Absolute perfection!

    The bad guy is evil and creepy, and the paranormal element is a unique one (well at least to me), and has enough of a mystery about it to keep you guessing what’s actually going on until the very end. But it’s the deep connection of soul mates and lovers that is the real focus of the series, and it’s done brilliantly!

    The perfect blend of romance, humour and angst, my heart was pounding through pretty much all of this book - both books actually, and I absolutely could not put either of them down. I'm flying high from the ending, and probably won't come down for days!

    I can't wait to get my hands on Shane’s story.

    5 epic stars!

  9. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:




    Yes I'm aware I just used a shitload of SHOUTY CAPITALS IN BOLD but that's how serious I am!

    Everything a PNR lover could want! The perfect amount of everything.
    OFF the freaking charts melt your panties while your wearing them sexual tension!
    Great characters, laughs, tears, love, writing.... It's not off the charts steamy explained to detailed sex but the story more than makes up for it!


  10. Jen Jen says:

    As busy as I was this weekend, I devoured this book quite quickly! Once again, I have thoroughly enjoyed the blossoming romance of Shane and Grace. This book had sizzle, the sexual tension was intense and at times heartwrenching and frustrating. I love every minute of it though, and when these two get together-they cause the earth to move. I kid you not, this book had some of the most erotic scenes in it that I have ever read. All, I will tell you about one scene in particular is that Grace screamed, Ah Pizza! ( You will have to read it yourself to find out what that is all about; but I guarantee you that it is origional!LOL)
    The other pleasant surprise in this story was the band members, and Grace's friend Lea..The humor in this story is just great, and seeing how all of these friends interact with each other is highly entertaining!

    I don't want to share a lot of details of the book, because I don't want to give things away. I will say that this has been a series where I didn't hold my expectations high, and I will gladly admit that I was so very wrong. This is up there with some of my favorite's for sure.
    Shane is a hero that took me awhile to melt my heart to; but he really pulls through, and his love for Grace is inspiring.

    I will pick up every little broken piece of you, every single fucking piece, Grace, and for the rest of my fucking life I will put you back together..I'll make you whole again.

    Don't cry, babe. Every damn tear I have seen that fell from those silver eyes broke my heart. This, right here with you is the closest that I'll ever come to heaven. That's all right by me, because you are my heaven, Grace.

    Christine Zolendz is an author I will be looking out for in the future. I love her style of writing, and her sense of humor shines through on the pages of her book. I can't wait to read the third book in this sexy series, as it is in Shane's POV. I have no doubt that it will be hot, and I will love it from start to finish!

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