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Trish Just Trish This Cant Be Happening #2 ➣ [Epub] ➝ Trish Just Trish This Cant Be Happening #2 By Lynda LeeAnne ➭ – Patricia Grace Kincaid is haunted by her past and no matter what she does the ghosts won’t stay away A childhood incident nearly ruined her life A mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to s Patricia Grace Kincaid Trish This Epub µ is haunted by her past and no matter what she Trish Just MOBI :º does the ghosts won’t stay away A childhood incident nearly ruined her life A Just Trish This PDF/EPUB é mistake that she made two years ago ripped her to shreds She isn’t the Just Trish This Cant Be eBook ↠ same feisty fearless bitch she used to be or is sheWhat will happen when the person she screwed over storms back into her life She freaks Is it for the reason she’s always hoped for that Tony Lopez the breathtakingly sexy Latino love of her life has finally decided to forgive her Hell no Will he demand her complete submission Yes Will he make her life hell Double yes Will she in return torture him Hell to the yes Will her past come back to haunt her AbsolutelyAuthor’s warning Including but not limited to a deep dark childhood lots and lots of cussing as in Just Trish This Cant Be eBook ↠ A LOT a ton of fighting maybe hair pulling a bitch with a vulnerable side and last but not least über possessive over obsessive crazy hot alpha males on the verge of needing therapy and maybe a tear or two.

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  1. Alexis *Reality Bites* Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

    UICK SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised3 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary Romance 'No it was than love It was an out of control soul stealing life changing world rocking universe tilting feeling that dug itself so deep into my heart I was terrified I’d never manage to shovel it back out I was still in love with him but I couldn’t have him' TrishTrish took a chance at payback and succeeded Unfortunately her heart was broken in the crossfire 2 years later and still brokenhearted Trish finds her self back with Tony Only this is not how she pictured it happening Her life is in danger And Tony refuses to let anyone take her in He believes Trish's safety is his responsibility and his aloneTony was a complete alpha male and I love alpha males The problem I had was how uickly he would turn on Trish And although the sexual tension was thick between themwhenever he opened his mouth it seemed to dissipate into thin air Example “You’re a fuckin’ bitch you know that? One minute you act like you want it the next you won’t even let me touch you I haven’t the slightest idea why I wasted my fuckin’ time with you” Yeah the guy was a real prickMy ThoughtsSadly for me this book did not live up to the first book in the series For some reason I did not connect with Tony instead of being the jerk of my dreams he was just an ASSHOLE The things he said I would not have recovered from so easilyWill I continue with this series? Heck yeah I am looking forward to Mia and Adam's story I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Shane and Shannon's story those two would probably burn up the pagesLynda LeeAnne has a style of writing I definitely enjoy she blends sexy and comedy well And even though this book didn't do it for me I have faith the next one willOh and I LOVED the teaser with hazel eyes What was that all about? Could a new series be in the works?? ;Dear readersjust because this book did not hit the sweet spot for me does not mean it won't hit yours Everyone has different taste budsMy RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style GoodPlotStoryline FairSteam Factor MediumModerately steamyOverall I thought it was okay If you are invested in the series like me read itNow go forth and read Then come tell us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to

  2. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    ”Trish just Trish I love itthank you” I said in a tiny voice” I love Trish Just Trish the character Trish has a heartbreaking backstory so we get some insight into the horrific event that has shaped this strong protective feisty and loyal friendTrish has been a shadow of her former self since the picture incident She sought revenge on behalf of her best friend Lexi against her boyfriend Tony’s sister Destiny by staging an incriminating photograph This story picks up where Lexi Baby ended Tony is at Lexi's and Landyn’s door to see Trish after two years He is hell bent on protecting her from a criminalhorse owner that Trish had removed from the horse racing circuit due to animal abuse You see Trish is a vet and her specialty is horses Tony has inherited his father’s horse farm and business and has come to protect her from Zacharias due to his threats to kill Trish There were other people including Adam that I wished she would have went with but she loves Tony and he is determined to keep her safe Although he hasn’t forgiven her for the picture incident and is downright vile at times Trish goes with Tony and falls in love with his property along with a beautiful horse named Starla Speaking of Tony I didn’t care for him at all He maybe gorgeous but his words were so cruel and hurtful I don’t care if they were said out of anger and that he loves her He was like a dog marking his territory while letting her know he doesn’t trust her or believe her about the picture incidentNot until Lexi spills the beans out of anger does he change his tune For me it was just too late I wouldn’t have forgiven him I think I would have loved if she actually left one of the several times she said she was going to and went to Adam’s house This is not my story and maybe other readers will love Tony I on the other hand will wait and see if Tony can be the man Trish deserves ”I’m going to make this up to you I’m going to fix us” A reader does get a hea and the third book will be Adam and Mia’s story I'm looking forward to the third book in this series

  3. Monica Monica says:

    I'M PISSED LIKE A BITCHWhat the fuck was that???I hated Tony What an asshole He just made me want to jump inside that book and beat him senseless He made Trish MISERABLE Why he got her back is just beyond me And Trish Gosh Trish was NOTHING like I expected her to be On the first book of the This Can't Be Happening series LexiBaby she was a super badass who didn't let anyone disrespect her But in this book I hated her She was weak and just put up even if she fighted with Tony with anything that was thrown her way ARGH The plot is ok and even has some interesting moments but besides that the book was kind of dullAnd that whole thing about cheating was super tiring

  4. Rose Rose says:

    Doormat heroine unforgivable irredeemable hero Never reading this author Hero with OW while being with h 34 book He's verbally abusive I felt disgusted reading this book How could an author condone the actions done by the H ? I've stopped reading authors who condone the mistreatment of women by men 1 I hate cheaters 2 He wasn't redeemable I love redeemable assholes I loved captive in the dark underestimated etc This was disgusting 3 By the time he's good it's too long 4 Public humiliation is nasty and for those people to tell the h to just get on with it? That's not realistic What kind of friend or family tells you to let it go when they witness you being treated like a whore?5 The heroine is spineless He calls her a whore Slut sleeps with OW and she still has sex with him This isn't okay What is the author thinking? It baffles me that woman find this H or story romantic

  5. Jamie Jamie says:


  6. Christy Christy says:

    It hurts me to only give this one 35 stars because I loved Lexi Baby and I loved Trish and Tony in Lexi Baby I was so excited for this book and I did like it I just didn’t love it like I wanted to “I’m not breaking; I’m already broken” TRISH TONY It’s been two years Two years since Tony Lopez the love of Trish’s life left her Trish made a huge mistake and without being able to explain it broke them beyond repair But something has happened Something big and now Tony is back in her life But he is not the same Tony she fell in love with And Trish is not the same either Trying to deal with the memories of her childhood is hard Now that she is around Tony again her nightmares resurface No matter what Trish says or does Tony can’t forgive her for what he thinks she did those two years ago He notices a big change in Trish too “I’m thinkin’ I want the Trish back from an hour ago The one that fights back The one that jumped outta my truck because I pissed her off The one whose cute little nose flairs when she's trying hard not to lose it I don’t like the new Trish standing in front of me”
“She’s gone” I whispered Eventually they come to an understanding but Tony still has his moments of being an ass and treating Trish like crap Ugh Then something big happens I mean huge And it changes everything “I thought about you everyday Trish You weren’t the only one hurting” “Mi reina I knew from the moment you walked into my life you were going to be trouble but I couldn’t stay away I’m in love with you” “I’ll always love you I’ll live the rest of my life loving you” Tony I was so excited to read about Tony But what happened to my Tony? I know he still cares about Trish that much is obvious But he was a dick most of the book We all know I love my jerks but he was mean and disrespectful for a good part of the book and it really irked me There were times I would get really excited thinking he was coming around then he would do something shitty again By the end he was great but I still had trouble looking past how shitty he was for most of the book which sucked I wanted to love Tony Trish was just not herself either I love Trish the funny badass woman in Lexi baby This Trish was heartbroken and guarded I get that especially by looking into her past and seeing the way Tony was treating her But I wanted old Trish back I wanted to see her fun and feisty but most of the book she wasn’t I was happy on those snippets we saw of her old self I will forever be TEAM LANDYN Just throwing that out there It was good to see him and Lexi And even though this one wasn’t as good as Lexi Baby for me I will most definitely be reading the next one Love Adam

  7. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    25 StarsThe story was nice and everything but Tony just didn't work for me I mean he was all Hot Alpha Male and all but stillI would never be able to forgive or forget those hurtful words if they were spoken to me He was cruel I would never love such a man nd Trish was totally spineless I mean have some self respect girl I liked her better in book1

  8. ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★ ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★ says:

    I was so so disappointed in this book and not just the book but with the main character Trish In the first novel we met her as Lexi's Best Friend she was fun kick as don't task shit from anyone talked back as good as she got Now it's been two years since her and Tony broke it offThe reason they broke it off is because she had an opp to pay back slut Destiny by taking pictures with her drunk fiance so Trish got into her bra and panties crawled into a bed with him and took pictures that is all and allTony found out and dumped her Two years no words from not a beep but she heard all about his whoring around now he is back to rescue from some spanish crook who wants Trish back and Trish all happy and giddyLet me tell you what made me sick to my stomach Trish is 26 she has been holding on to her virginity like noone's business Tony has called her a whore numerous times to her face he called her a bitch wished he never met her Then he brought a female home made out with her in the front of Trish and not even two minutes later Trish is sticking down her tongue down his throat Where is your dignity girl? Then he takes her virginity? And he says I know it's been a while for you? WTF This bitch doesn't even speak up The man took something so precious from you and you don't make a sound??? Then he is still parading his women? And your still crawling into his bed? YOU GIVE WOMEN A BAD NAME Then to top it off he tells her she is a whore he wishes her dead so one less bitch on this earth and guess what ladies? This stupid twit takes him back Yes sirry she took him backI swear I thought I read it all after Anastasia Steele but no way This girl went from superwoman to the dumbest stupidest thing I have seen in 25 seconds over some asshole And she forgives him Like a damn dog running after a bone When is enough finally enough?

  9. Sil H Sil H says:

    What can I sayI love an alpha malebut I HATE a cheater It ruined the entire book for me He didn't stop cheating until almost 34 of the book He did it because he didn't know the truth BS Hated this book The h had no spine and was a doormat This is the only one star I've ever given and it was well deserved Awful Would not recommend

  10. Hope Hope says:

    THIS WAS TRISH IN LEXI BABY THIS IS TRISH IN PART 2 WTF HAPPENED? The disgusting fkd up words this man threw in her face and the fact that her friends and family kept telling Trish to just stay with him made me sick No way in hell would I let me friend or sister go off with this douchebag Also I am tired of these stories where there is a perceived threat which is thwarted or handled so uickly that you can clearly call BS on the author I mean did you really have to cook up such a convoluted excuse to get the two back together? because clearly this was Tony using this as an excuse to take advantage of in house vagina while still mentally abusing and manipulating her at the same timeAND HELLO CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS WHOLE VIRGIN THING TO ME? PLEASE? NO BLEEDING? NO STAINS? WEIRD I skimmed past the sex because I wanted the reason to make this abuse worthwhile but all I found was BS and I'm done reading for the next couple of days I'll save my 299 for a while at least

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