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10 thoughts on “A Deepening Knowledge (A Life of Magic, #2)

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    Awesome bookokay what makes up a good book romance, intrigue, magic, laughs this book has it all I have read both book I do not want to give anything away I can not wait till the next book though I want to see what happens next the only reason I gave it 4 stars was a t times it was a little slow mov...

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    QIt is an okay book even with the fact that the love interest is utterly predictable and at time the main character does and thinks stupid stuff or magically forgets he can do some thing to get out of bad situations

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    Great bookvery exciting and easy to follow love how the author continues his series can t wait for the next one in the series.

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A Deepening Knowledge (A Life of Magic, #2) The First Thing To Reach My Brain Was Noise A Muffled Sloshing, Like Blood In A Bowl Shallow Breaths Being Taken By Two Other People No Other Noise I Opened My Eyes And There Was No Change No Light Penetrated The Depth Of The Darkness I Could Now Feel That I Rested On A Squishy Surface That Slid And Heaved Under My Body Rejoin Ott On A Journey Full Of Humor, Talking Creatures, Magic, Romance, And An Enemy Who Is Laying Plans.