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    I am surprised this novel is not better known outside Spain Or may be I am not.Niebla, or Mist, was published in 1914 but it was written considerably earlier, in 1907 Consequently, it ranks amongst the earliest modernist novels, on a par with Pirandello s Il fu Mattia Pascal from 1904 and which I have not read yet and with Proust s Du c t de chez Swann published in 1913 but also written from 1909 onwards.Don Miguel de Unamuno 1864 1939 is associated to what is known as the 98 Generation Generaci n del 98 , or a group of writers and thinkers, who with a relatively international outlook, were marked by a pessimism that resulted from their realization of the serious decline of Spain The year of 1898, when Spain lost its last colonies, Cuba and the Philippines, became their identity mark They formed a group with shared friendships and allegiances and a general interest in new literary forms This mist of a novel is not so misty The language is crystal clear and reads as easily as a soft breeze blows through one s hair Its supposed modernist quality is, however, a bit obscure Or may be it is not The title, Niebla, is a play of words with the word Novela novel and a term that Unamuno coined for a new literary genre of his own cooking N vola ...

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    Vaya impresi n que me he llevado con la lectura de este lindo libro Me hab a encontrado positivas rese as de lectores y de amigos en goodreads que me alentaban a leerlo y efectivamente don Unamuno no me decepcion.Cabe destacar que esta novela, m s que experimental es innovadora S , esa es la palabra, porque es realmente asombroso la manera en que el autor culmina la novela y sobre todo el destino de su personajes principal, Augusto P rez.Es admirable que este libro publicado en 1914 utilice una t cnica de narraci n que trabaja sobre la ficci n y la realidad, especialmente a partir del cap tulo XXXI la novela posee treinta y tres cap tulos m s un ep logo.Ese punto de inflexi n es lo que le da el brillo m s destacado a una historia tal vez como tantas, pero que con la a adidura del efecto fant stico porque en cierta manera lo es , todo da un giro completo hacia otro lado.Augusto P rez, un muchacho despreocupado y de buena posici n no podemos precisar la edad ha vivido m s de treinta a os con su madre viuda, pero cuando esta fallece sale a conocer la vida y descubre algo que lo cambia profundamente el amor.Sucede en su vida f cil y acomodada en la que pocas veces pasa algo interesante que el mundo se le presenta tal como es con sus negros, blancos y gri...

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    1914 Politically unsettling times at the onset of The Great War Fragmentation in the world and a tendency to see through a glass darkly perhaps was the inspiration for Fog written by Miguel de Unamuno.Augusto, a pampered, wealthy intellectual, still reeling two years after his mother s death, was bored with life Bored, until the day he spotted a girl with beautiful eyes He followed her home and gleaned the necessary information She was single, orphaned, and lived with her aunt and uncle Left almost destitute by her father after a stock market crash, she gave piano lessons to pay off the heavily mortgaged house she had inherited Up until now, Augusto existed in a fog He now had wild dreams about the undying love of his own creation.Augusto, introverted and unsure of himself, confers with friend Victor Victor tells him that Eugenia s presence has awakened Augusto s senses to women collectively Feelings for a singular woman will help him to consider branching out and experiencing life and love Augusto s over the top fascination with Eugenia is problematic since Eugenia has a fiance, Mauricio Despite Mauricio s presence, Augusto is selfless He pays off Eugenia s mortgage and eliminates her debts.While Eugenia s aunt calls Augusto her favorite suitor, strong willed Eugenia is determined to marry lazy, unemployed Mauricio, a...

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    No es acaso la liturgia de todas las religiones un modo de brezar el sue o de Dios y que no despierte y deje de so arnos Is not the whole liturgy, of all religions, only a way perhaps of soothing God in His dreams, so that He shall not wake and cease to dream us Mind boggling concept, and yet it manages to still seem desolately average it s a miracle.It may just be that in this period words seem to not want to come at me they almost seem to refuse to be summoned, or maybe they want me me to seek them harder, and I can t So it may be me, it may be the words, but in this case I think it is the book I don t feel like there is much about it to be said.You should probably know, before my attempt at saying something, that I am a huge admirer of Luigi Pirandello s work To me, he is one of a kind, and he is unequalled My Spanish professor swears up and down that Unamuno and Pirandello never read each other s works, but their philosophies are disconcertingly similar, and, useless to say, Unamuno s appears to me ad the ...

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    A philosophical novel, recently republished, with a sufficient dose of the fun factor to make it a pleasure for me Unamuno was a leftist novelist, playwright, and essayist who served as a professor of Greek and Classics at the University of Salamanca Written in 1907 and published in 1914, Niebla translated as mist or fog purports through one of its characters to represent a new form of fiction, called the nivola , which is concerned with the personification of ideas than realism It plays on proto existentialist concepts such as the absurdity of the illusion of free will, the Shakespearean sense of our life as being like actors on a stage, and ancient notions of our existence being but a dream by our God The special and delightful twist comes when our main character, Augusto, recognizes Unamumo himself as the god author responsible for his torments in seeking love Thus, we get a foretaste of the over the top shenanigans I recently read in Pirandello s play Six Characters in Search of an Author published the same year as Ulysses, 1922 , which in turn presages the Theater of the...

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    I got my paws on an English translation of NIEBLA by Miguel de Unamuno It was written over 100 years ago it reeks of postmodern metafiction, you know, the type in which a character finds himself literally becoming invented or destroyed by his god, our author It is an important feat, a relevant historical artifact in how the writer tries to break ties with classic conventions of the novel We exist, we exist is the cry of these malcontents, these fictional persons But read now, in the middle of the MeToo movement, it could be a wee uns...

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    Poco despu s, cierta noche, Unamuno se hall en una estancia umbr a, sobre un manto opaco de diminutas estrellas Levant la vista del rutilante sendero que durante un buen rato le hab a estado distrayendo de su pensar y dio con los ojos en un joven que sosten a una daga entre las manos, frente a l Ten a dicho joven los labios fruncidos y los ojos tristes, como si su alma vagase lejos Al estudiarlo con cierto detenimiento, Unamuno se dio cuenta de que su rostro le resultaba familiar.No me asustas, Augusto, dijo.La lengua del otro se despeg del paladar emitiendo un sonoro chasquido.Iluso hasta el fin, cre que ahorrar as soberbia esta vez, respondi Y sin m s dilaci n emprendi tres pasos hacia l, alzando el arma.No, no Espera No puedes Qu Es tarde Anochece.Que no puedes hacerlo Ya lo hemos hablado.M rame, Miguel, dijo mientras apretaba la daga contra su cuello y trazaba una cruz de la cual comenzaron a brotar, t midamente, algunas gotas de sangre, de verdad te parece que no puedo Mira como sangra mi alma Sangro, sangro y no hay m s realidad.Olvidas que eres m o Que yo te cre No puedes morir cuando quieras, y menos matarme.El joven sonri.Si el autor interviene ser para matar al personaje, prosigui Unamuno Lo siento, pero ha sido siempre as , y as habr de seguir siendo Nunca un personaje matar al creador, pues su voluntad est castrada.Claro, Miguel, ...

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    Necesito m s tiempo para seguir d ndole vueltas a este libro rompe sesos El final me pareci WOW totalmente fuera de todo esquema, ficci n dentro de otra ficci nExcelente

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