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The Gentlemans Bride Search Glass Slipper Brides #5 [Reading] ➶ The Gentlemans Bride Search Glass Slipper Brides #5 Author Deborah Hale – Matchmaking with a Mission If Jasper Chase won't trouble himself to find a new governess Evangeline Fairfax must find her employer a wife That way his children will be well cared for once she leaves t Matchmaking with a Mission Bride Search Kindle Ð If Jasper Chase won't trouble himself to find a new governess Evangeline Fairfax must find her employer a wife That way his children will be well cared for once she leaves to The Gentlemans PDF/EPUB ² start a charity school Jasper reluctantly agrees to a matchmaking house party with one condition that Evangeline give him lessons in courtshipDevoted to improving conditions at his mill Jasper unwittingly ignored matters at home Only now as Gentlemans Bride Search ePUB ´ Evangeline teaches him how to win a wife does he realize what it means to be a true father and husband And if this independent young woman would just say yes her plan could have the perfect Gentlemans Bride Search Glass Slipper Epub / endingGlass Slipper Brides From governess to Cinderella bride.

10 thoughts on “The Gentlemans Bride Search Glass Slipper Brides #5

  1. HR-ML HR-ML says:

    Setting Vale of Eden northern England 1817 Had a spiritual component 5 girls met at a charity school for clergy daughters which provided insufficient heat meager food shaming teachers Think Jane Eyre All 5 eventually became governesses This was friend #5's story Evangeline wanted to open supervisea new improved charity school in a new locale Jasper widowed cotton mill owner lived in Vale of Eden whis 5 children spent weekdays in Manchester and camehome on weekends Why did wealthy Jasper resist hiring a mill overseer in Manchester? He took for granted governess of 6 yrs Evangeline Eve His MIL Eve planned a house party for him to meet eligible women Both leads demon strated their strong wills I liked that the Christian leads didn't act perfect or have all the answers This story had angst than bk #1 and didn't feel as emotionally satisfying Jasper narrowed downhis bride search to 1 woman before he realized his love for Eve Jasper should've let this woman down gently with diplomacy Also liked the old fashioned aspect of the story where the H refrained from kissing grabbing the h Until he admitted his love Jasper said too many times I reckon which seemed out of place All 5 friends reunited at the end all were happy felt blessed

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    Ok so here's the thing I really wanted to like it I really did It's a good standalone that's 5th in a series but really it doesn't have that hookview spoilerObviously we all know how it's going to end but when the back cover doesn't even hide anything? Also there's no real conflict no real flaws We just watch two flawless people dance around the obvious Additionally I think Evangeline was too familiar with Jasper and vis versa for employer and employee I would have liked to see that hurdle be in place if nothing else hide spoiler

  3. Janis Kay Janis Kay says:

    I loved the children They were so adorable This is a good wind down book since there really is no underlying plot that has you on the edge of your seat It's an enjoyable story about realizing what you truly want and not needing to sacrifice yourself to get it

  4. B. D. Mann B. D. Mann says:

    Today I finished the fifth story of “The Glass Slipper Brides” Although there are only four titles listed for this series the account of two separate governesses is included in the first book of the series – one novella and one novel I have written detailed reviews of each of the previous books in the series so there is not much to add here Suffice it to say that each book in the series kept me involved and interested from beginning to end I highly recommend Deborah Hale as an author to seek out if you enjoy Regency Romance

  5. Brittany Brittany says:

    This review is for books 1 4 in the series This is a clean romance series about a group of young women who after facing hard times in the past meet their matches and fall in love Their stories are heart warming and engaging I finished this series very uickly and enjoyed the reads I will have to look for from this author

  6. Melody Melody says:

    This was so good The whole series has been really I had to stop for a while because I knew there was going to be a rough spot close to the end and there was but I got through it and loved it5 stars

  7. Pat Babcock Pat Babcock says:

    The Gentleman's Bride SearchA very well written story with a plot and characters that keeps your interest The five friends forced to attend a school for orphans of clergy go on in life to have successful marriages

  8. Shana Shana says:

    Finding love for the second time aroundAlthough this is the last in the governess’ finding husbands I liked this story best about Jasper a man of business that realized you have to become vulnerable to find love again

  9. E. Morthland E. Morthland says:

    It's a whirlwind but has the perfect ending

  10. Linda Johns Linda Johns says:

    A very sweet seriesI enjoyed reading all four of the books in the series There was not a dull moment in any of her books

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