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Wifey (Wifey Series, #1) ➾ [Download] ➾ Wifey (Wifey Series, #1) By Kiki Swinson ➳ – Kira owns a profitable hair and nail salon She lives in a nice home in an exclusive community with her husband Ricky an infamous well known drug dealer from the rough streets of DC He is also known to Kira owns a profitable hair and nail salon She lives in a nice home in an exclusive community with her husband Ricky an infamous well known drug dealer from the rough streets of DC He is also known to be one of the most feared men in the SouthBecause of Ricky's drug empire Kira finds herself in the most dangerous situation ever Ricky forces Kira to believe that he's going to call on his reinforcements so everything will end in his favor However unknown to Ricky Kira felt the need to devise an escape plan on her own Will she choose loyalty or her lifeIn a world where everyone wants to be wifey the uestion is can you play your position and handle the drama the streets will throw your way.

10 thoughts on “Wifey (Wifey Series, #1)

  1. Camille Camille says:

    I am giving it two stars only because I liked the storylineOtherwise 1 star would have been honest Funny thing is 10 years ago when I bought this book I absolutely loved it I like to re read books after a while to see how my tastes in books have changed and this one definitely opened my eyes to my progressThe writing style was extremely elementary Every dialogue came across as a bad game of uestion and answer and none of the characters had any depth As for what happens in the end it was extremely rushed and unsatisfying There were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors I would like to read one of Swinson's books just to see if she too has grown in her writing style since this book was published She can tell a good story but needs work on the writing style

  2. K.augustine K.augustine says:

    Ghetto is probably an understatement I almost put this book down because of the author's spelling grammar and redundant use of the same phrases repeatedly It usually is not too bothersome when the character's dialogue is in Ebonics but it really gets under my skin when the naration is as well Once I decided to just deal with it and got into this novel I couldn't put it down I am actually uite pleased with this ghetto fabulous novel I am so very happy that I didn't stop reading it like I originally planned This book is super entertaining and fast paced I love how KiKi Swinson didn't drag out certain senarios just to keep us guessing for chapters and chapters For the main character Kira to seem so street smart she was very stupid I feel that this book was a bit unrealistic because I highly doubt any wife would willingly endure what Kira choose to On top of that she went against her better judgement and allowed herself to trust that fool Russ right off the bat Bad bad move Kira I thought you were so smart? Lol Anyway this book was hot and I say it was definitely worth the money I can't wait to jump into part two despite the reviews

  3. Ama Major Ama Major says:

    At times Kira was just too perfect and it was hard to believe I didn't like all the label names that kept being dropped especially because I couldn't imagine a millionaire wearing these normal brands Anyway the story line between her and Ricky was the basic hood novel storyline What kept my attention was the Nicky storyline I wanted to know how it would turn out Its an okay book If you catch it on sale pick it up if not don't waste your time PS I read the preview of the other following novels in the back of this book it seems to get and ridiculous and unbelievable lol

  4. Lena♥(Nothing Like Your Last,Im Your Present) Lakeisha Lena♥(Nothing Like Your Last,Im Your Present) Lakeisha says:

    Okay so I know I'm late in allI have read Im still wifey but never got the chance to read part oneWell now I finally found it in the store and is currently reading itThen next I'll go after the rest of the series because if you don't know by now Kiki Swinson is SHIT and is one of my favorite AuthorsAnywhothe book is so far good of course and is letting me know everything that lead to part two which I read Loving it KiKi Swinson never lets me down

  5. Lesa Divine Lesa Divine says:

    This was a ok book first time reading anything by Kiki Swinson Good story line that tells about Kira the wifey to a big time well known drug dealer name Ricky They been married for 7 years and Kira been dealing with him sleeping around having babies after babies with other women but Kira sticks around until she can't handle it no Her cousin gets locked up for helping Ricky with his dope runs Kira helps to give information about Ricky so he can get locked up Kira falls for one of Rickys guys name Russ that sets Kira up and takes all of Ricky's and Kira moneyThis book puts you in the mind of the wifey to a drug dealer take you to the other side instead of us always following the drug dealer But in away wishing it had action involved tell you the truth Also noticed a lot of misspelled words hoping it wasn't just my book give it a 3 because I think it was ok not bad but ok Hoping the other seuels is a little bit betterNow ready to read I'm Still Wifey

  6. Adrienna Adrienna says:

    This is a fast read and you want to ask yourself why does Kira tolerate Ricky who is a drug dealer in the DC area? Ricky moved his drug operation to the Virginia BeachNorfolk location Some women will settle for the high class luxury life with the finer things as they would call it but not focusing on the risks that take place When her cousin Nikki college girl gets busted and on lock down for Ricky's right hand man Brian who does not give a crap about her she realizes this game is deeper than she could imagine Kira also troubles me for settling for a man's adulterous affairs to have a little glitter on her wrists or neck Come onSo many street lit is focused on glitter bling bling and seeing tons of money through high risk criminal activity Is this all we look forward to in our AA communities since we read Scarface and saw the movie New Jack City Juice etc Maybe we are loving this type of literature it is real lifeto whomthere is an audience It fell off at the end for me Dang it 3 stars is being nice

  7. Kim Kim says:

    This book was just not good I know it was written a while ago and KiKi's writing has improved tremendously since then but this storyline was just so bland I love a good street book but this one just failed to deliver The foundation was there to go into detail about Ricky's drug business but it was just never done All we got was Ricky was going to take care of business over and over again and really no details of what he was doing The fights Kira kept starting with him about his cheating got old really uickly and just lead ti the demise of this book I have the next book but don't know if I'll read kn since this one was do dissapointing

  8. Marshae Marshae says:

    the whole wifey series hella good all Kiki Swinson books are good There is no book that I didnt like by her She is up there with Wahida Clark

  9. TiffanyB TiffanyB says:

    Well If you want to read about some weak chick sweatin some bum dude the whole book than you'll love this one The characters could have been set up stronger I could never buy into any of them and the book didn't pick up till like page 227 and it's only a 270 page bookOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and lets not even start on the mistakesNo one proof reads this stuff #SMHEveryone had me so pressed about this series so I bought all the books and I'm really disappointed I hope the others are exciting

  10. Steph Steph says:

    I gave this book 3 stars because it only had a few twist but it did keep my interest and I can't wait to read the next wifey book in the series but damn I couldn't believe that Kira did that to Ricky even though he was a dog but believe me she did receive some bad karma for that shit she pulled

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