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Hellboy in Hell Vol 1 The Descent ❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Hellboy in Hell Vol 1 The Descent By Mike Mignola ➡ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk After saving the world in The Storm and the Fury but sacrificing himself and Great Britain Hellboy is dead cast into Hell where he finds many familiar faces and a throne that awaits himMike Mignola re After saving Hell Vol Epub â the world in The Storm and the Fury but sacrificing himself and Great Britain Hellboy is dead cast into Hell where he finds many familiar faces and a throne that awaits himMike Mignola returns to draw Hellboy’s ongoing story for the first time since Conueror Worm It’s a story only Mignola could tell as of Hellboy’s secrets are at last revealed Hellboy in Kindle - in the most bizarre depiction of Hell you’ve ever seen Collects issues –.

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  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    I'm a big fan of Mignola's work and Hellboy in particular As such I've been looking forward to this new series for a while That said this first book in the continuation of the series didn't really flip my switch If I had to point at one reason why I'd probably have to say that I felt like Hellboy was too passive Things happened around him and to him but he himself didn't seem to be doing much well protaging If he's the protagonist he should protag There was one section that was a nice call back to Hellboy's mythic folktale roots in this first trade but generally this book felt like it was mostly setting the stage for things to come Am I a bit of hypocrite for criticizing someone for excessive stage setting? Yeah Maybe That would be a fair thing to say Will I keep reading it? Yeah Of course Mignola has some credit to burn with me I trust him to tell me a good story in the long run One ualifier 1 I read this book directly after reading Scott McCloud's newest opus That book hit me like a bomb It's possible that I was suffering from a bit of a book hangover when I was reading this and my dissatisfaction was partly due to that

  2. Anne Anne says:

    35 starsI've read very little about Hellboy in the past maybe 1 or 2 volumes? so I'm not exactly an expert on Mignola's creation In fact the majority of what I think I know about Hellboy comes from the movies So you can basically take my review with a grain of saltThe hardest thing for me to overcome was the artworkBUTEver since I read Hawkeye My Life as a Weapon I've been trying to become tolerant when it comes to graphic novels that don't have what I consider to be traditionally nice art See? I'm growing up Maturing if you willAnd I have to admit that Mignola's style grew on me a little by the end However there were several times that I simply couldn't figure out what the hell just happened Sorry but does the blob of red splashed across the black background mean that he just fell off a cliff? Did he hit someone? Did the Devil go down to Georgia? Or maybe Mignola accidentally spilled his ink and decided it looked cool?I just ehhhh?Acceptable answers1 I'm not very smart2 I'm not artsy fartsy enough to get what the author meant3 The art was weird and ambiguous at timesAs far as the story?Hellboy is in Hell due to I'm just spitballing here some major fight with a bad guy that most likely ended in his deathSo now he's just kinda wandering around Of course there seems to be no end to the demony things that want to kill him and he's forced to fight for his life Which is odd since he's um deadOnce he kills everyone he needs to kill there are also a few stories about some of the people he meets in Hell I wasn't riveted but this was ok Recommended for Hardcore Hellboy fans Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital arcAlso reviewed for Addicted2Heroines

  3. Dimitris Dimitris says:

    Hellboy in Hell is the proof that Mike Mignola’s imagination is inexhaustible After 20 years he still manages to amaze us

  4. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    The short version of why Hellboy’s in hell is that at the end of the last Hellboy book The Storm and The Fury he slew the dragon and saved England but died when he was caught off guard and the ghost of the witch Nimue plucked out his heart This is what happened nextHellboy in Hell isn’t just the title of the book but a pretty accurate summary of what happens in the book There isn’t a plot it’s just Hellboy wandering around hell looking at stuff with a variety of different Virgils explaining what he’s looking at This is weirdly the book’s strength and weakness because this is the first Hellboy book Mike Mignola’s both written and drawn in years and his art has only improved with age So while Hellboy meanders the creatures and backgrounds he comes across are visually incredible Here hell isn’t the fire and brimstone Christian stereotype but in Mignola’s hands becomes an ethereal perpetually twilit land of eerie shadows against Victorian buildings The effect is uietly chilling as wonderfully ancient structures give an old world atmosphere and provides a gorgeous backdrop to the flying demons and Lovecraftian monsters that float around Pandemonium sits in the midst of the muted yet ominous Lake of Fire a looming collection of ancient Roman esue architectural buildings surrounded by creepy talking statues housing the seat of hell’s power the Citadel of the Fly and the Devil himself If nothing else Hellboy in Hell is worth picking up for Mignola’s first rate art But when it comes to story things get a bit messy Ideas like Hellboy going to the place where he’s been banishing monsters for decades like a cop sent to prison and meeting all the criminals he’s put away is touched on for a spell before being shuffled away and forgotten Literary allusions pepper the script from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol being parodied to lines from Shakespeare and Milton being uoted all of which give the impression of a deep complex read when it really isn’t Hellboy doesn’t want the throne of hell so Mignola throws in a line or two from Macbeth which says something similar – kinda obvious The successful elements of the narrative are things that have been explored in previous Hellboy books – Hellboy’s purpose for existing and his right hand of doom which mark him out to be the heir to the throne of hell Mignola re treads some of this material but adds detail behind Hellboy’s birth mother and introduces his demonic half brothers who want Hellboy’s power even if he doesn’t What happens when Hellboy encounters Satan himself is the most interesting part of the book as it makes the reader wonder what happens to hell afterwards but Mignola doesn’t take that thread any further maybe to explore in later issues? I appreciate Mignola’s ambitious vision where he’s literally creating his own idea of hell utilising numerous artistic sources throughout human history while making it distinctly his and Hellboy’s own but I kept waiting for Hellboy to try to figure out a way to come back to Earth He seemed than happy to simply be just in hell – is this it? Is Hellboy going to be in hell walking about while remaining nonplussed forever? The final story in the book is a standalone piece where Hellboy’s having a smoke when a lost spirit asks him for help and they go on a little adventure It seems indicative of Mignola’s approach to Hellboy’s new situation – that he’s content to keep Hellboy in hell for the time being and be in no particular hurry to return him to Earth or point him in any narrative direction at all The Descent isn’t the best Hellboy book if you’re looking for a driven narrative but it’s fine for what it does which is establish and explore the fascinating new setting for Hellboy – though I’m assuming this is done because Hellboy’s staying in hell for a while; if not then this is a lot of pretty filler I would like to feel that there was a point to all of this but the ambling way Mignola writes these days shows that urgency isn’t something he’s overly concerned with and that he prefers to show interesting things rather than tell interesting stories – a uality that doesn’t make for amazing comics The art really is gorgeous though and it isn’t hard to see why the book looks amazing when the art team is Mignola Dave Stewart on colours and Clem Robins lettering and parts of the book are entertaining to read but the overall impression of Hellboy in Hell Vol 1 is of a fragmentary and unsatisfactory story Which is a shame because after Batman and Superman Hellboy’s my favourite superhero and I really wanted Hellboy in Hell to be the masterpiece I hoped it would be but it turned out to be an underwhelming next chapter in the Hellboy saga

  5. Artemy Artemy says:

    Ah Hellboy in Hell It's my third time reading this particular volume and I still can't decide if I like it or not On the one hand it's pretty faithful to the story that came before and it has a very uniue atmosphere of uiet sadness and emptiness that is fitting for well Hellboy being in hell It's also a joy to see Mike Mignola drawing a Hellboy comic again On the other hand It's not a particularly gripping read because most of this volume is just Hellboy confronting various characters and repeating stuff we already know He does get to fight some demons though and the final issue in particular feels like a good old Hellboy story that we know and love Still The Descent is probably my least favourite volume of the series which is a shame because its uniue setting combined with such a rich history of the character could have made for a much better book than this First read November 2 2015Rating ★★★★・ Second read June 3 2016Rating ★★★・・ Third read October 18 2017Rating ★★★・・

  6. Sesana Sesana says:

    I loved this book as I was reading it In some ways it reminds me of the best of Hellboy The dreamlike narrative the eerie and half glimpsed settings the use of supernatural elements and way Mignola weaves in folklore and literature all things that I'm always happy to see in Hellboy And the art is as good as I've ever seen Mignola's His style doesn't work for everything but it's perfect for something like Hellboy But after the fact I realized that I didn't really remember much of what happened here That might be because not much actually did happen Much of the book is Hellboy meandering through hell without being terrible concerned that he's you know in hell Maybe that's going to be the new status uo Hellboy's dead and wandering through hell deal with it I was just hoping for you know? Not that it'll stop me from reading the next volume when it comes out of course

  7. Chad Chad says:

    This is something of an epilogue for Hellboy He's saved the world yet again dying for it actually Now he's in hell wandering around wondering where everyone's at It seems hell's command structure has pretty much fell apart and most have died The series gets very somber and introspective and than a little odd from other depictions of hell The one excellent thing is Mignola returns on art for the first time in years

  8. Jordan West Jordan West says:

    35 really; I might re read and rate higher after I get a chance to experience the Hellboy series in full as this was the first work of Mignola's I've ever read and I enjoyed it but feel that a familiarity with the narrative in its entirety might be needed to fully appreciate it

  9. Stewart Tame Stewart Tame says:

    Good stuff I'm always happy to read Hellboy That said this book exemplifies some things about serial fiction that I'm going to rant about for a bit It's nothing against this book in particular so please don't take home the impression that I hate it because I don't So this book is actually something like the 6th or so in the series But the only way one can possibly know that is if one consults a list of available Hellboy books Heck there's even a 1 on the spine by which I take to mean that there will be at least one volume titled Hellboy In Hell just with a different subtitle Even Goodreads which is usually pretty good about listing things in series order thinks this is Volume 1 But as one reads it it uickly becomes apparent that there have been other books before which is something of a problem because there are characters who show up and events referred to that the reader is clearly expected to recognize but in my case didn't because I haven't read all of the previous volumes So the general impression of this story for me was pretty random And dammit Hellboy is better than that I can sympathize with not wanting to scare away potential buyers by putting Volume VI or whatever on the cover Better not buy that one until I buy and read the previous five they'll say and buy some other book instead But if previous books are necessary for full comprehension of the story then there must be some way of alerting people so that they know to you know READ them I like the idea of Hellboy and Mike Mignola is a fantastic artist but I have trouble reading them because as I said it's hard to know which one to read first If one has been following the comics and buying each graphic novel as it comes out that's great but what about us latecomers especially if we're browsing the shelves of a library that has a few random volumes of the series as opposed to a well stocked comics shop or bookstore that has the whole series? Some digging on the internet is clearly in order It's not an insurmountable problem sure but it really shouldn't be a problem at all It's not just Hellboy that does this but uite a number of series both graphic novels and prose If you're going to write a series especially one with strong continuity between the books it's only common courtesy to make the reader aware of that fact

  10. Ill D Ill D says:

    While I generally felt this to be an overall enjoyable read criticisms concerning a lack of coherency well spoken of by another reviewer are legit With Hellboy in his titular Hell a vast panorama of the hallucinatory and illusory spool forth all across this subterranean plane With something of a dark Beatrice to guide him along I’ll let that surprise you all depths of this HellScape are plumbed for dramatic effect Of course fists fly all sorts of the demonic and occultic show up and a real healthy application of the mind warping variety will crash against your cranium While ultimately enjoyable especially nice to see Mignola back in the illustrating seat it bears repeating that after the dust settles literally here I’m still not sure if anything made any sense And I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after you finish this first offering in the HellBoy in Hell series

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