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  1. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    Some interesting facts learned like tea bags were invented by a tea trader who sent out tea samples in little silk bags His customers loved the idea but said the water couldn't seep well in silk so another bloke used paper bags instead and this worked In WWII the soldiers got paper tea bags in their kits and once the war was over everyone had access to the bagsThen the Cat flap was invented by Sir Issac Newton because his little puss loved being with him but kept pushing open the door to his laboratory where he was conducting light experiments so ruining the outcome Newton cut a hole at the bottom of the door and covered it with strips of black felt little puss could come in and out as she pleased without letting the light inSome of the other everyday items whose origins were explained that stood out for me are Asprin Ring pulls condomszippers and bras All in all over 100 items explained

  2. Bindi Bindi says:

    Great information source heaps of triva

  3. Lucy Lucy says:

    If you want the facts go to Wikipedia If you want bad comic takes on stuff go to a tabloid newspaper Don't read this if you like your literature proof read or competently edited The penny farthing was so called according to this apology for an author because the penny was the smallest English coin and the farthing the largest Er no Mr Oliver

  4. Nicole Nicole says:

    So many inventions that are now part of modern life were actually conceived much longer ago than I would've expected Three stars for the content but the author's use of fairly lame humour detracts a bit from the reading experience

  5. Philia Philia says:

    Interesting and informativeMy favorite is the Cat Flap that Issac Newton made do for his darling cat to go in and out of his labCome to think of it mom may like to make one for her Bedroom door for CatKat and screen off the air condition

  6. Xanthi Xanthi says:

    Fun and interesting Some of these origin stories I have read elsewhere before whilst others were new to me which was good I read this one during my breaks at work as it was easy to put down and pick up again later

  7. Laura Laura says:

    While not all entries are fun to read there are some fascinating details about the origins of objects we use every day

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Cat Flaps and Mouse Traps ❰Read❯ ➵ Cat Flaps and Mouse Traps Author Harry Oliver – Why did Isaac Newton invent the cat flap How did the first mousetrap come about Why did it take nearly 20 years to make sliced bread From the moment the alarm clock wakes us up in the morning until th Why did Isaac and Mouse PDF/EPUB Ã Newton invent the cat flap How did the Cat Flaps Epub / first mousetrap come about Why did it take nearly years to Flaps and Mouse PDF Ë make sliced bread From the moment the alarm clock wakes us up in the morning until the time we switch the light off at night we are surrounded by things without which our lives would be impossible microwaves televisions cars cell phones and credit cards—the list is endless Yet how often do we consider how such miniature wonders of our lives came about who invented them and why The answers are often incredibly interesting In this delightful volume Harry Oliver reveals the most diverting and amusing stories that lie behind the objects and inventions we take for granted from household items to the technology that fills our world Everything around us was born from an idea and as you read the pages in this book the ordinary will soon appear rather extraordinary than it did before.