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    Alicia Perry is a great storyteller but this book reads like a soap opera It s hard keeping up with all of the drama from a wide assortment of characters who come and go on the campaign trail of Blake Hill for President The writing is engaging and crisp at the start, but a third of the way in, it seems the editor fell down on the job The author uses many adverbs which don t give us a true picture of what is happening How does one smile softly , peer comfortably or smile effortlessly And there is the smile with a gentle charm that suited his eyes I found myself thinking, what does that mean too many times I started seeing these smiles and waves of the hand as filler, when I wanted to get on with the story The author wants us to see the expressions on the faces of the characters, but the descriptions fall flat WIth small molds laced into his eyebrows or Blake s face was snarled or Dr Turner s eyes were hard stones, parading dark blue crescents under them Some episodes in the seventy one chapters bring in action from out of the blue The KKK scene was predictable given that the candidate is a black man, but the quick in and out involvement of the daughter, was like a scene from SCANDAL.The same thing with Carol developing schizophrenia Sure, she had a lot of problems of sexual abuse, but her ange...

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The Color of a Leader Reading The Color Of A Leader Author Alicia Perry Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk What Do You Do When Your Dreams Of Becoming The President Of The United States Are Threatened By Lies And Conspiracy When A Former Mistress Demands You Leave Your Wife For Her Those Are Just A Couple Of Problems Faced By Blake Lamont Hill, The Central Character Of The Color Of A Leader, Alicia Perry S Page Turning Saga About A Black Politician And His Family Blake Lamont Hill Is A Charismatic 35 Year Old, Who Despite His Meager Background, Has Broken Down Barriers By Becoming His State S First African American Governor In His Quest For Recognition, He Decides To Run For President Of The United States While On The Campaign Trail He Realizes He Is Under The Radar By A Vast Majority Who Wants To See Him Either Give Up Or Be Defeated Blake Is Caught In A Web Of Blackmail, Adultery, And Corruption To Name A Few And The He Fights To Clear His Name And To Win The Presidential Election, The Tightly He S Trapped Still, He Is Determined To Win Over Voters, But Will His Efforts Be In Vain