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    love the cartoons definitely got a kick out of the different illustrations a good read.

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    Like most American children, I was first introduced to engineer Rube Goldberg s wacky machines through Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and other vehicles of modern culture However, unlike most American children, I was also introduced to Goldberg s British counterpart, W Heath Robinson 1872 1944 My parents had a book of his illustrations, and I spent way too many hours during my formative childhood trying to make sense of it rather than struggling through my McGuffey Readers So when I recently received a reprint of Railway Ribaldy, Being 96 Pages of Railway Humour Old House, 2014 , sweet nostalgia was in the air.In 1935, the Great Western Railway GWR , which linked London to west England and Wales, celebrated its one hundredth anniversary Well known World War I illustrator Robinson produced Railway Ribaldy to commemorate the occasion His cartoons are political and cultural commentaries on the railroads in general and the GWR in particular, suggesting in a highly imaginative way how they evolved into efficient and comfortable means of transportation That is, with fantastic contraptions that defy physics and the adaption of some of strangest social practices t...

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    First published in 1935 this classic has new been republished in it s original form Filled with cartoons and vignettes poking fun at Britain s famous great western railway Fun, funny, irreverent and easy to read, this book w...

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    If you like Heath Robinson you ll like this Its interesting especially due to its background published to celebrate 100 years of GWR and sold and probably read mainly on trains on the GWR in 1935 However, there are other, better comprehensive Heath Robinson books available.

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    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway Delightfully quirky cartoons This book is a reprint of a book from 1935 Would make a great gift for any railroad buffs, which is exactly what I m doing with my copy.

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    I received this book for free through a Goodreads giveaway.Railway Ribaldry was a funny look at images centring around the rail road in the early 1900 s The images were smart, simple and drew in may different facets of life back in those times.

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    The title alone is worth picking this one up.

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    Whimsical view of early days of railroads in the UK, by a master of madcap devices.

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Railway Ribaldry EPUB Railway Ribaldry Author W Heath Robinson Ls17.eu First Published For The Centenary Of The Great Western Railway In 1935, Railway Ribaldry Is An Affectionate And Humorous Look At Life On Board The Company S Famous Trains, Incorporating Some Of William Heath Robinson S Own Trademark Madcap Contraptions Featuring Almost 100 Cartoons Including Amusing Takes On The Varied Duties Of Railway Police, The First Ladies Only Carriage And Countless Ingenious Plans And Inventions It Is The Perfect Gift For Any Railway Enthusiast.