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How to Find Your Spirit Animal Reading How To Find Your Spirit Animal Author David Carson Wgf2011.eu Early Humans Recognised A Profound And Spiritual Kinship With Other Species Hunters Gave Thanks And Even Apologies To Their Prey And When Shamans Made Their Inner Journeys Between Human And Spirit Realms To Bring Back Healing Wisdom They Applied On Behalf Of The Tribe, Animals Often Served As Their Guides And Their Companions In Recent Times The Idea Of The Animal Daemon Has Been Popularised By Philip Pullman In His Internationally Bestselling Trilogy Of Novels, His Dark Materials This Illuminating Book Explains How To Connect With And Channel The Unique Powers Of 50 Different Spirit Animals A Menagerie Of Creatures, From The Wise Owl And Crafty Fox To The Tranquil Turtle And Bold Lion Each Entry Provides A Detailed Description Of The Animal S Personality, Mythology And Innate Powers Helpful Text Provides Readers With Clues And Meditations For Discovering Their Own Spirit Animal, As Well As Information On How Other Animals Can Be Called On To Help With Specific Aims From Overcoming Fear To Finding Your True Destiny This Book Is The Perfect Primer For Those Seeking Access To The Wisdom Of The Animal Kingdom.

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    I guess, this book is going to be good or bad for you, depending what you are looking for If you are looking for a practical guide on how to connect with your own spirit animals, then you should look at the many other books out there, that do a lot better job at it If you are looking to learn about Spirit Animals from a historical, informational point of view than you will find this book very interesting Either way, there is not much fluff, which I liked, a...

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    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewNowadays it is hard to find a book about spirit animals that is not a divination style card system or only focuses on one culture s shamanic tradition This book has no cards and goes into the history or many culture s shamanic traditions and rituals I love it There are many different cultures that have the idea of spirit animals, it has always bothered me that so many books in this theme do not branch out of Native American shamanism I really liked that this book was not just about finding your spirit animal, but also about history The little bits of tribal art and meditation for specific animals also enad this book to me as well A...

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    Absolutely loved this book about animals as helpers in spirit and how to communicate with over 50 animals in spirit How you can learn through knowledge, how animals are honoured and how to perceive the web of l...

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    This book mainly deals with the history of spirit animals in different cultures, and then has a detailed description of the meaning of lots of the spirit animals In between, there is a short section on how to find your own I wished it was detailed and contributed to a larger portion of the book.

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    This book was interesting for sure However, I just couldn t get into each of the descriptions of the animals No fault to the author, just wasn t in the right mind set I did enjoy, and wish it was a bit in depth, on how to find your spirit animal Will definitely be trying the meditation pr...

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    Enjoyable book to read, with creative activities to get in touch with your spirit animal Worth a read through to develop a better appreciation for animals generally.

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