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Attack of the Heroes: A Marvel Chapter Book Peter Parker Spends A Lot Of Time Juggling School, Friends, And Living The Life Of The Super Hero Called Spider Man He Fs Usually Pretty Good At Balancing It All, But When High School Quarterback Flash Thompson Starts Bullying Him, Peter Must Find A Way To Control His Powers To Make Matters Worse, Daredevil, Nova, The Thing, And Iron Man Start Acting Strange And Causing Mischief Throughout New York City, And It Fs Up To Spidey To Save The Day But When Flash Finds Himself Mixed Up With All The Super Heroes Gone Bad, Can Peter Save His Number One Enemy And Stop The Attack Of The Heroes Marvel Super Heroes Chapter Books Are The Perfect Next Steps For Readers Who Have Grown Up On Our World Of Reading Titles These Stories Are Character Driven Tales In Which Much Of The Action Packed Scenes Unfold In Colorful, Fully Illustrated Sequences, While The Character And Story Development Is Conveyed In The Clean, Simple Exposition That S Perfect For Young Readers

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    Are you a fan of Super Heroes Are you a fan of Spider man This book his all of it Peter Parker has been jugging a lot of problems in High School But the biggest problem is a problem that only Spider Man could fix This book was a good start to my school year, and I bet that anyone else how read it will enjoy it the same I did.

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    The writing isn t great, but the colorful illustrations are decent Kids will enjoy reading about some of their favorite super heroes The format isfitting to beginning chapter book readers, but the content is better for older readers The characters are in high school and there is some bullying happening A decent pick for reluctant readers, but nothing special.

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    My son William, age 7, said this book was inspiring and very encouraging of being a super hero and helping people I liked how some of the words were written in colors and different fonts Lots of action

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    This book was fine There was a lot of buildup and only a little bit of payoff As with most of these kids books, the resolution just splurts right out, real fast.

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