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Hercufleas ➮ [Read] ➪ Hercufleas By Sam Gayton ➺ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Greta is a girl on a mission to venture to Avalon and bring back a hero who can save her home from destruction by the monstrous giant YukMany heroes have tried before now Many have failedWhat Greta ne Greta is a girl on a mission to venture to Avalon and bring back a hero who can save her home from destruction by the monstrous giant YukMany heroes have tried before now Many have failedWhat Greta needs is a hero whose courage and self belief are greater than himself She needs HercufleasThe only problem he is a flea no bigger than a raisin But the smallest person might just have the biggest effect.

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  1. Briar& Briar& says:

    Hercufleas is the cutest book I've read this year and it deserves so much recognition than it's gettingSam Gayton has created hit that Disney might want to steal in the future This off the beaten path Hercules re telling in a way is one of the best action novels I've ever read and enjoyed and it's a middle grade novel This book outdid so many adult action novels and it wasn't even aimed at my age group I can see so many adults reading this to their kids and getting a lot out of it as well There was a few silly adult jokes you can pick up on but they are harmless and adorableThe theme behind this book about how a hero comes in all sizes was also a beautiful tale to tell It seems so silly to write a book about a flea but the story worked and it was phenomenal Mix in all the flea jokes along the way and this book hits it out of the park The ending is a little bittersweet or sad but the ending worked well The story pays off and is woven perfectly for the target audience Sam mixing in enough adult humor or silly jokes also makes the book grow to a higher level of enjoymentI did find about 45ths through the novel I got a little bored and it winded down really slowly If it have kept the pace and excitement up it might be a five out of five for me Instead I give it four out of five because it was just fantastic I couldn't find any other problems with this novel while I was trying to pick it apart to find any cons for the readersOverall the hero and heroine learn lessons about themselves the theme is a tale as old as time and the story was uniue and fun What can you ask for in a middle grade novel? Four out of five starsI received a free copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads

  2. Robin Robin says:

    Hercufleas is a flea an unusually large talking flea but still a flea Nevertheless from the very day he hatches out of his egg he wants to be a hero He gets that chance in short order thanks to his fleamily's position as employfleas you see where this is going of a man who rents out heroes Along comes a girl named Greta from a town named Tumber whose citizens are being guzzled by an indestructible giant named Yuk They have tried hiring heroes before but none of them has managed to stop Yuk guzzling the Tumberfolk Nothing will do but a giant slayer Greta says At first Mr Stickle tries to refuse to risk his valuable heroes on this foolish venture but when Greta threatens to spread word of this he takes her money has the fleas type up the contract and then sets her up with a couple of villains who are meant to kill her Hercufleas stowing away in her clothes for a taste of adventure helps her escape and Greta decides he will be the hero to save her villageWhat with one thing and another they don't even make it back to Tumber before Greta has changed her mind about Hercufleas They end up having to go on a huge dangerous uest together before she believes her flea friend can save her town Along the way he has to discover a hero he never knew he had within him one brave enough and wise enough to refuse to fight evil with evil yet somehow strong enough to defeat a rampaging giant before he comes back to Tumber to guzzle the last survivorsThis is an amazingly entertaining story for an adventure featuring a bloodsucking parasite It unfolds in a strange and whimsical world where Czars leave doomsday weapons in Arctic fortresses guarded by mouseketeers; where the woodn't woods you wouldn't want to visit is full of deadly creatures such as grizzly suirrels and a cross between rattlesnakes and oak trees called ahem rattlesnoaks It has a flightless bird that can be ridden like a horse a pig that can shoot bullets out of its snout a musical instrument that enables its player to fly and various other magical and alchemical innovations It also depicts feelings of grief anger guilt and despair with touching honesty respectfully observing Greta's uest for healing in a world that can nevertheless never be the same for her It shines a light on the essence of heroism the ethics of fighting evil with evil and the links between faith friendship and bravery It carries a suprising amount of weight for something seemingly so lightweight and carries it over with flawless charm and graceSam Gayton is an English author and playwright whose other books include The Snow Merchant The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn His Royal Whiskers and Lilliput I already want to see of his work This book published in 2015 in the UK is scheduled for US release Oct 4 2016 This review is based on a pre publication proof made available through Netgalley dot com

  3. Pop Bop Pop Bop says:

    After A Slow Start This Tale Builds NicelyThis book opens with the birth hatching of Hercufleas We meet his family and visit the hat in which he lives We are showered with flea puns and flea words we meet Hercufleas' fleamily and so on After a few pages of that this looked like it would just be a little engine that could tale with flea jokes But boy that's just a piece of the storyI sympathize with authors who have to set up an arch slim and maybe cutesy premise before they can really take off and tell their story Well Gayton gets that dirty work out of the way fairly efficiently and then we get to the good stuff The village of Tumber is demolished each month by a terrible huge giant It needs a hero savior When Greta who has been tasked with hiring a hero ends up being swindled and almost killed by a crooked hero renter Hercufleas hitches a ride on her shoulder and heads off with her to be the hero Tumber needs Greta's attempts to hire a hero are amusing The way she is cheated is dramatic Her escape from the crooked villain is gripping Moreover by this point the characters have become interesting the action is unpredictable the dialogue is snappy and the flea ness of the humor has been put on the back burner The world around Tumber is fascinating and the odd characters grizzly suirrels rival those from any other fantasy adventure This becomes a real uest adventure a coming of age tale and a very clever and imaginative name check and homage to fairy tales of all stripes Wow you think to yourself this has transformed from a cutesy kiddy cartoon into a story with some weightAnd Gayton pulls it off right up to the end We actually get some gross humor some flea jokes a uest some moral and ethical dilemmas gripping action lots of jokes wordplay and appealing characters in a mix that somehow never drifts into the childish or indulgent Rather it's a friendship tale an exploration of family and loss and a consideration of what it is that makes a hero There's an ending that's upbeat and bitter sweet at the same time and a sense that we've been off on something with a little gravity than just a funsy lark That's uite a payoff for a book that starts off as a bunch of flea punsPlease note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book without a review reuirement or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book

  4. University of Chester teacher readers University of Chester teacher readers says:

    Begins with a prologue setting the scene for the need of a giant slayer I didn’t find the prologue very enticing and the characters in that didn’t inspire me to carry on reading However the introduction of the fleamily in chapter 1 changed that and the story started to unfold It is a story of how self belief and all working together can triumph over evil The choice to do the right thing and not resort to the use of lethal weapons the black death to overcome evil To believe even though hercufleas didn’t know how they were going to win rather thanIllustrations dark and used sparingly I didn’t particularly like their style but others might do Language – uses made up descriptive words reminiscent of Roald Dahl rattlesnoak woodn’tWhen the fleamily were first introduced I felt that the book was starting to develop well but after their initial characterisation and the beginning of the adventure it felt that the story was slow developing It could have been concise and fast moving Longlisted for the UKLA Book Award 2016 7 11

  5. Edie Edie says:

    A hero's journey story centering around a flea with big dreams and an embittered girl who has lost all she loves but wishes to save her town from a dreadful monster There are many lovely moments in this book some centering on when Hercufleas drinks a drop of Greta's blood and senses the sweetness when she is hopeful and the bitterness when she is not He longs for his family while she has lost hers and the two finally come to an understanding of each other around this shared experience Hercufleas has several heroic moments like going into the icy river to be bait for a much needed fish dinner Greta doesn't get the happy ever after ending we think she deserves but that's lifeand makes the book all the stronger for that reality An original story about a journey friendship faith and trust and a lovely read

  6. Rachael Rachael says:

    I loved it I think I enjoyed this book than The Snow Merchant The amount of thought that went into this book is mind blowing From the Flea Hat House to the giant world around Hercufleas There's so much attention to detail and amazing imagination that went into this book I really want to read it again because I'm sure I'll pick up on thingsI will definitely be recommending this book to children in the library You won't forget this raisin sized hero that just wants to go on a uest He faces world changing decisions and life threatening adventures which will make you gaspDefinitely worth a read

  7. Andrew Andrew says:

    Hercufleas by Sam GaytonAn evil giant by the name of Yuk needs to defeat and many heros have failed before him The next hero to combat this evil creature is Hercufleas a tiny flea who is no bigger than a raison This tiny character is small by nature but mighty by heart which is demonstrated many times through the story Throughout the story the flea comes across obstacles and decisions which will have incredible awful outcomes if he does not succeed The story looks at friendship and the thrive for hope and unity I think this story is aimed at KS2 pupils and would be perfect for pleasure and home reading

  8. Kien Le Trung Kien Le Trung says:

    Wow this book is so incredible fun great plot and teach reader a wonderful things everyone needs to know That “ small” things can be important that a flea can be a hero Hercufleas That is his name Hercules flea The Hercules of Flea He will have to save an village from a monstrous giant who already won so many heroes who is “bigger” “stronger” than him And why do he win? I recommend you to read out this epic book and find out yourself Whatever the size of his enemies the winner’s always Hercufleas

  9. Holly Anderson Holly Anderson says:

    A great read It incorporated myths and legends with cool twists Extremely innovative and fantastical characters The author is amazingly talented at word play in both a meaningful and amusing way The morals of the story are easy to see yet told in such an entertaining way that it in no way feels like you are being lectured but in fact the reader feels involved in the evolution of the character development

  10. Terry Maguire Terry Maguire says:

    What a fantastic riff on the hero's journey that middle grade readers will love The action humor and unlikely hero of this novel will appeal to many students the central idea believe something and it is halfway to being real is a great takeaway Young people will love Greta Hercufleas and will be delightfully grossed out by the descriptions of The Yuk who's been guzzling people from Greta's hometown of Tumber

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