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Junior Willis BOOKS Junior Willis By Richard Natale Chardonneret.eu From The Moment He Leaves The Midwest In The Early 1950s, Tom Larson Is Forced To Confront His Sexual And Romantic Desires At Every Turn His Awakening Begins In Korea Where He Has An Affair With His Commanding Officer On A Trip To Pre Castro Havana With His Then Fianc E, He Embarks On A Star Crossed Romance With A Young Cuban Zealot In Los Angeles, During The Life Altering Summer Of 1969, Tom, Now A Successful Film TV Writer, Is Consumed By Shame By His Unrequited Love For Junior Willis, A Handsome Young Man Who Taunts Him With Vivid Tales Of Heterosexual Prowess Tom S Tortured Journey From Self Loathing To Self Acceptance And Happiness Mirrors The Slow But Steady Evolution Of Gay Consciousness From The Post War War II Years To Stonewall But When He Finally Stops Questioning His Nature And His Yearning For Affection, Love Finds Its Way To Tom S Doorstep.

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    In an interesting mix between fiction and what could easily be a biography that covers about twenty years of a gay man s life, Junior Willis is the story of Tom confronting his sexual identity in a time before Stonewall 1969 Homosexuality was somewhere between unacceptable and despised by any member of the moral majority , not to mention illegal, and Tom finds himself battling his nature for many years It is an honest account of what those times must have felt like to a man who had no role models, no hope for the intimacy and love he craves, and not even an inkling that marriage equality would one day be a topic discussed openly by the mass media.Different from a biography, this novella gave me a front row seat to Tom s emotions, fears, and hopes as he lives through his first relationship with a superior officer, then gets posted to Korea, and follows it by attempting a normal life by dating women, His slow evolution toward recognizing that will never lead anywhere for him leads to Tom resigning himself to furtive encounters and brief interludes with men whose expectations are like his no strings attached.When love finally finds Tom, in a completely unexpected way, he fights it tooth and nail After all, Junior Willis used to be the kid who mowed his lawn, so how come Tom suddenly feels way for him than he should The laid back, almost factual narrative of their slowly budding relationship ...

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    Natale, Richard Junior Willis , Bold Strokes Books, 2014.Confronting SelfAmos LassenLeaving the Midwest in the early 50s, Tom Larson knows that he is going to have to face up to his sexual and romantic desires He begins his awakening in Korea where he has a love affair with his commanding officer Then on a trip to Cuba before Castro with his fianc e, he begins a romance with a young Cuban But by 1969 that was all in his past and he is now a successful film TV writer However, he finds himself in love once again but this time with Junior Willis Willis teases Tom with his wild tales of heterosexual liaisons and Tom believes that this love will never come to fruition Yet his love for Willis consumes him and ahs he comes to accept himself as a gay man, American gay consciousness is beginning to take hold He is living in that period between the end of the second World War and Stonewall It just so happens when he finally stops questioning his nature and his desire for affection, love finds him.We first meet a young Tom on a military base in Korea when he begins to discover and play with his sexuality Keeping in mind when the story is set, we see that at that time, people did not come out publicly Natale introduces us to...

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    Romantic gay wish fulfillment fantasy of May September mid century love affair Highly entertaining, well written, at times erotic, funny and ultimately moving.

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