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The Crocodiles Knobbly Skin Read The Crocodiles Knobbly Skin Author Andrea Florens Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Adapted From An African Folklore Tale, This Is A Delightful Story About A Crocodile And How His Skin Got So Lumpy And Bumpy This Paperback Book Comes Complete With Stickers For Interactive Storytelling Which Your Little One Can Get Involved In The Story Recommended For 3 6 Year Olds.

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    Was a gift from loved ones that came back from a trip, to our son Its about a crocodile that is yellow, being popular with other animals then he turns into green color and they all laugh at him like two pages long laughing at him and he then has hidden himself in the water since that Like yeah I get it could be a funny explanation about why crocodiles lives in water but I cant get my around the fact it could also be a racist situation people laughi...

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