[PDF / Epub] ✎ The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing ☂ Randall Wixen – Buyprobolan50.co.uk

The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing Book Publishing Is One Of The Most Complex And Lucrative Parts Of The Music Business Industry Expert Randall Wixen Covers Everything From Mechanical, Performing And Synch Rights To Sub Publishing, Foreign Rights, Copyright Basics, Types Of Publishing Deals, Advice On Representation And Get A View From The Top, In Plain English This Updated And Revised Edition Has Been Prepared In Light Of The Ever Changing Landscape Of Music Publishing, Taking Into Account Factors Like Illegal Downloading And Recent Announcements From The Copyright Royalty Board With An Added DIY Chapter, The Author Demonstrates Why The Playing Field Has Changed For The Traditional Copyright Adminstrators, And How Musicians Just Starting Out Can Protect Their Own Work Until They Hit The Big Time.

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