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FLAWLESS Epub FLAWLESS Author Susan Howard Jwdfitness.co.uk FLAWLESS Is A Micro Book I.e A Snack Sized Read Even Before I Became The Owner Of A Chain Of Spas, Like So Many Women, I Spent Heaps Of Time And Money On How I Looked Millions Of Us Are Committed To Some Variation Of A Beauty Regime, With Current Trends Dictating That We Leave Very Little Of Our Bodies Untended Any Taking A Step Back, We Can Better See How Such A Trivial Thing As Beauty Has Disproportionately Hogged Our Resources Still, Despite The Bags Of Money, Time, And Energy We Invest In Our Appearance, Women Can Still Remain Competitive With Our Male Peers Imagine What We Could Do If The Playing Field Was Really Leveled Our Situation Is Caused By A Combination Of Cultural History, Social Pressure And Commerce And Yet, Change Is Not Only Possible, It S Inevitable FLAWLESS Takes A Look At What S Holding Us Back, And Sheds Light On A Healthier Way Forward.

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    Good concepts with some through research.I did feel like the authors tended to be hypocritical with some of her advice and opinions.I did enjoy the underlying message though.