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The Timeless Ones (A Timless Story, #1) ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Timeless Ones (A Timless Story, #1) By Susan Catalano ➩ – A legend awakenedA race against historyA bond that is timelessMerry Chalmers accused witch has a secret so hidden that she's nearly forgotten what she really is All she desires is for the witch hunts A legend awakenedA race against historyA bond that is timelessMerry Chalmers accused witch The Timeless PDF or has a secret so hidden that she's nearly forgotten what she really is All she desires is for the witch hunts to end and to marry her secret love William Darling But hysteria has taken hold in Salem Village and the Tall Man spawned by tales of his existence is born to fulfill his dark purposeSoon Merry and William find their lives taking unthinkable paths For when Merry leaps from the th century into modern day Salem she must accept that unlike others who were accused and hanged for being a witch she truly is one.

  • Paperback
  • 442 pages
  • The Timeless Ones (A Timless Story, #1)
  • Susan Catalano
  • English
  • 15 December 2016
  • 9781499750577

About the Author: Susan Catalano

Susan Catalano spent most of her youth in a one traffic light town The Timeless PDF or in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York Her first act of writing consisted of scrawling a murderous confession on a crumpled piece of paper She then told her rd grade friends that she'd found it in the wall of the spookiest room on the scary vacant floor of the Victorian Hotel her family owned Eventually Susan ended up.

10 thoughts on “The Timeless Ones (A Timless Story, #1)

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I received my copy of The Timeless Ones by Susan Catalano from the author through the Lovers of Paranormal group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest reviewThe hardest part of writing this review is trying to keep it spoiler free I loved this book from the first chapter I was captivated not only by the story line but by the writing itself Set in Salem Massachusetts during both the 1692 witch trials as well as modern day 2010 The Timeless Ones is not just a time travel romance nor is it just a story about witches My take on the story is that is about good and evil learning who you are what you are capable of and the decisions that you make to call upon darkness or light There is a love story at the heart of the novel that endearing connection between William and Merry These are two young innocent characters trying to forge their relationship in a society that is determined to keep them apart Despite being promised to another Merry is truly in love with her dear childhood friend William Accustomed to keeping their burgeoning relationship uiet Merry and William continue to meet secretly in the meadow Although her fiancé Jonathan Parrish has forsaken her Merry and William are still not free because accusations of witchcraft have tarnished Merry’s reputation William is followed to their secret meeting spot by the townsmen determined to arrest Merry and see her hanged Merry runs for her life at William’s warning straight off the edge of a cliff where she should have plunge to her death but instead travels through an “angel’s” rainbow and lands in modern day Salem Luck would have it that Merry is rescued in 2010 by a young woman named Liz whose cousin Sidney just so happens to belong to the evil coven of witches responsible for Merry’s journey through time What follows is a fantastic tale of time travel witchcraft a little history friendship love beings of light and of darkness bigotry and evil The characters grow during the course of the novel realizing that they are than mere humans but understanding that their actions have a chain reaction positive and negative effects Their supernatural abilities can be used for the greater good and sometimes sacrificing oneself is a noble act as in Sidney’s case As I mentioned it was not only the story line itself that impressed me it was the writing Descriptions were vivid enough to paint an incredible picture in my mind of the landscape the people old and new Salem without being excessively wordy or taking away from the story I was most impressed with the depictions of magical acts the arrival of The Tall Man and the terrible darkness crawling with groping hands that must be Hell itself These descriptions were so powerful that I had goosebumps reading about The Tall Man and haven’t looked at a bird uite the same since Ms Catalano is able to transition between past and present with such smoothness and ease that I literally found myself swaying as I read the back and forthpast and present scenes between William and Merry The connections between individuals in the past and present the foreshadowing use of objects in the present that were important in the past and Sophie’s crystal ball were exciting I constantly found myself speculating who was who what role they might have played in the past who had time travelled and why I am still scratching my head at the missing men in the story and what their story will hold; William Merry Sidney and Liz all have fathers who are mentioned but are not explained I am desperate to know how and why certain people ended up in the past and who their “trade” sent to the future was It is my presumption that these uestions will be answered in the second book While this book seemed focused on the witches of old and modern Salem it would seem that the second book will be about the greater sources of darkness and light and the battle within an individual this is me trying so hard not to offer up spoilers

  2. Elena Elena says:

    This is a GREAT book that I could not put down from page 1 Honestly I read it in less than a week only because I had to go to work and I was bitter each time something called me away from it Nearly right from page 1 I was immediately invested in the characters and as each chapter ended I was compelled to start the next The writing and story were simply captivating and the facts about Salem and the witch trials made me want to plan a trip to downtown Salem to re visit history I really liked how facts were intertwined with the story and how past and present meshed The creativity in the story was wonderful and the story simply awesome I can't wait for the follow up book

  3. Larissa Brown Larissa Brown says:

    Since this is in the book blurb it’s not a spoiler to say that Susan Catalano made the interesting and very cool move of writing about the Salem Witch Trials as if two of the victims really were witches I didn’t know this when I started reading and when it dawned on me I was so pleased Catalano handled writing two characters who are sweet innocent and optimistic in the midst of an unthinkably horrible situation Meredith Chalmers is an upbeat girl who is head over heels in love with the charming and cute William Darling The first scene in this book after the prologue involves the two sneaking away together in a field so in love and it was one of the most lovely scenes It drew me immediately into caring about Merry and William They are a perfect couple and Catalano has thrown every kind of obstacle at them until at times you wonder if they will ever make it through In fact while this book does come to a satisfying conclusion you leave unsure whether they haveI had some hesitation about reading this book because I am always drawn to books about the witch trials and then end up mainly feeling sick at the torture these people endured Susan Catalano manages to write characters who are witches who live through the trials and who time travel to a lighthearted future while maintaining respect for those who died in the 1600s She does not make light of the past even though her characters are far from gloomy Merry and William enjoy the future even as they work to find a way out of the events of the pastI’ve read several books that include modern day witches and they’ve all treated modern witchcraft in a trite or stereotypical way While I did not connect with the symbolism of colors that is used throughout this book I was so happy that Catalano’s modern witches are not the pointy hat types My only wish was that I wanted the book to end in a different spot one specific exciting moment that occurs near the end and that I won’t spoil

  4. Angel Angel says:

    Received this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal Our lives have become a fairytale she whispered In the words of Adam Levine Oh My G This book was a perfect fit for me I have always had an interest in the Salem Witch Trials and I want to read books with Salem as a setting Susan Catalano has delightfully blended fiction and history to produce an engaging storyThere was not a dull moment to be found in The Timeless Ones I flew through this book Whether it was the time travel or the easy relationships or the glimpse into the seventeenth century it had me hooked The love story between Merry and William was enchanting They didn't see anyone else in that way and they couldn't survive without each other Merry risked everything by going back to 1692 so that she could be with William and he sacrificed his feelings to make sure that she was safe I read paranormal books all the time but this would be a great read for HalloweenThere is a cliffhanger but that just means that there is to come And I want to get my hands on itI recommend it to everyone but especially if you like witchesparanormal

  5. Susan Catalano Susan Catalano says:

    I wrote this book so I'm biased and am claiming all the stars I can I mean they're prettier when they're gold aren't they? And Goodreads lets me do this so I guess I should I'm attributing the stars as suchOne star for Merry's tenacity and ability to adapt One star for William's endurance self sacrifice and hotnessOne star for Liz's generosity and also I just love herOne star for Sophie and her endearing kookinessOne star for the victims of the Salem Witch Trials RIPHonorable mention goes to the Tall Man whose legend lives on

  6. Sharon Crowley Sharon Crowley says:

    Excellent book Love time travel and witchcraft mixed together The author is amazing The Timeless Ones

  7. Barb Snedeker-schultz Barb Snedeker-schultz says:

    I loved this book It was very hard to put it down I was so caught up in Merry's life Only problem with the whole book is I have to wait for Susan to finish number two

  8. Artemis Crow Artemis Crow says:

    I wish I could give this book 45 stars It's a delightful read with history and magic building I've never seen before The characters and story drew me in right away and I'm looking forward to reading A Necessary Darkness Well done

  9. Marie Williams Marie Williams says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review through the Lovers of Paranormal groupI love books set among the witch hunts in America and Europe but I have a special preference for Salem The Salem Witch Trials are a hook which will draw me in like few others but barring non fiction it so often falls flat of expectation barely skimming the surface This book definitely will not disappoint From the beginning we are introduced to William and Merry and to the warm genuine bond between them Though there are a few sweet moments of their earlier story shown through the characters reflection we are allowed to see the love they have for one another grow stronger during the time they have together the compassion for one another and the sacrifices they are each willing to make The author manages to wrap their story seamlessly into the details of history making it feel possible they could have truly existed without deviating too far from reality Figures and details of their trials and imprisonment even direct uotations all woven naturally through the author's creation The writing is great flows naturally and easily keeps the reader's attention and has some lovely moments of prose The dialogue is realistic in the modern setting but shifts beautifully to the seventeenth century with speech that suits not only time but each character such as the way a judge would speak differently from a farmer With all the wonderful things about this book the true standout is the setting Salem becomes a character in itself Anyone familiar with Salem and its surrounding areas can see the author's knowledge of the city through the close attention to detail both in Old Salem Village and the present day From the wharf up through the commons and Salem Suare even in the directions down the old cobblestone streets and the turn to the old cemetary and the line of memorial stones down the cemetary wall that is the Witch Trials memorial The familiar landmarks like the Witch House or the Peabody Essex Museum or the plethora of tiny witch's shops that line Salem's streets and the signs bearing the silhouette of the witch riding her broom Several years since my last visit and it was as if walking through the city myselfThis book will appeal to so many people whether searching for historical fiction or fantasy or time travel and the paranormal There is a scene toward the end that would have been such a beautiful place to end it for a single book But with the knowledge that a second part is coming the last chapter is becomes necessary and natural I'm looking forward to that second book

  10. Rossana Rossana says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in an exchange for an honest review First I'd really like to add that I would rate this book 35 stars but since we are not allowed to I'll justify my position This great book has it's plot shared in two parts so when this book ends you have no idea on the destiny of the characters and that is something I really hate But this is a matter related to my personal tastes I can't use it to downrate such a great storyAnd that's what you get when you start reading THE TIMELESS ONE The author Susan Catalano gifts her readers with a paranormal romance fulfilled of secrets magic love and History If you never had American History classes this is your chance to dive in one of the most famous Witch Hunts ever and understand why Salem Witch Trials have set an example of the Church Inuisition failures The book title refers to the fact that it's possible to travel through time if someone can join all the reuirements to work the magic and is brave enough to face the dangers of an unknown society In this story we go back in time to the last decades of the 16th Century when Meredith Chalmers is accused of being a witch by other young women in the small Puritan community of Salem Village and and in an attempt of running away of a death sentence by hanging jumps from a cliff to scape her chasers and lends in the nowadays Salem What she didn't expected though is the fact that the very reason of her running away living behind her aunt Rose and her beloved William Darling is the basis for the city prosperity and fame Scared and confused Merry is rescued from the bottom of the cliff by Liz and her cousin Sidney a girl who believes to be a real wicca witch and belongs to a powerful Coven Lost not only about her whereabouts but even worse lost in time with no knowledge or manners to mingle at the present society Merry finds herself is an technically impossible situation with no idea of how or why she was sent to the future And as soon as she can prove herself and her new friends she is not hallucinating or dreaming she will need to discover ways not only to revert the magic and go back in time to William but also how to scape her own likely death

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