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Captive ❴Reading❵ ➶ Captive Author Michael Robertson – Hope has spent the past several months in a dark and dank cell With her only comfort being a soiled and sodden mattress she's finally accepted that no one is coming to rescue her Without action she'll Hope has spent the past several months in a dark and dank cell With her only comfort being a soiled and sodden mattress she's finally accepted that no one is coming to rescue her Without action she'll be Lucien's pet for the rest of her life She'll continue her existence of servitude and submission The path to freedom is clear but it involves doing the one thing she thought she'd never do Even after everything she's endured during her stay Faced with a choice Hope must decide just how badly she wants out.

10 thoughts on “Captive

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    Hope a captured little girl must escape and save her family In a desperate bid to free herself she makes the ultimate sacrifice multiple timesIn less than 5000 words Michael Robertson manages to stab you in the heart and twist He shows Hope's triumph despair desperation and joyful contempt as she finally frees herself and her parents though not in the way that she had hopedCaptive works incredibly well as a standalone story I always love character back stories so I would like to read how the other little girl in the story came to be there but that is another story for another time

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    What is not to love with this story? A story about a girl who is being kept captive for a particular reason Don't wish to say much as it will give the story away Sorry Dark gritty and the way blood suckers should be I read it before sleep which was not a great idea as I was a bit creeped out but I love that in a good bedtime book That is just me I so wish this will come back a novel with the backstory Hint hint If you have never read Michael Robertson's books DO SO NOW If you like darker grittier scarier reading material then he is so for you LOVE LOVE this story

  3. Krisaundra Krisaundra says:

    Decent PlotThe basic concept of this story had potential but I don't feel that potential was used to it's fullest The story reuired depth in the characters the setting and the overall plot By extending the story just a bit to create greater depth in all areas I believe this story could've easily gone from a three or three and a half star to a four even a four and a half star The basic premise was really great it just unfortunately was never fully fleshed out to it's fullest possibilities

  4. Marianne Marianne says:

    Kept as Lucien's pet for months in a depraved brothel like establishment that caters to vampires Hope is desperate to save herself and her family To do so she must make the ultimate sacrifice and face the horror of what has been done to her them But in the end revenge comes in a different shape than she would've expectedToo short for any character development but it was still an ok read Fairly dark and depressive story with horror elements I give it 25 stars

  5. Theresa Filibeck Theresa Filibeck says:

    A short but none the less wonderful readYes it's short but it's very worthy of a read it's a take on vampires that hasn't been done I actually hope he's going to do in the way of a series with this being your initial view of it I hope you will be as excited as I to see if anything comes next and to read his other works

  6. Mercedes Yardley Mercedes Yardley says:

    A uick satisfying short story with teeth I'd recommend it to fans of horror

  7. Ninja Ninja says:

    Seriously this story was ridiculous Ten minutes of my life that I'll never have back

  8. Tina Tina says:

    I didn't care for this book It needs work and some character development

  9. Betty Betty says:

    Gripping intense short story about Hope who has been abducted and is searching for a way to save her family

  10. Mary Roya Mary Roya says:

    Is that it?I'm not sure I understand Is there ? Seems incomplete Very intriguing and would like to read Very short story

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