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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    I can see this novel being made into a film directed by Ridley Scott and in the mold of Alien and Blade Runner or Peter Hyams' 1981 film starring Sean Connery OutlandThe Prefect first published in 2007 by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds is a stand alone novel but a part of his larger Revelation Space universe of stories and novels It was a Locus Award nominee for Best SF novel in 2008 Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union won that year and was also a nominee for 2007 best novel by The British Science Fiction Association BSFA Ken MacLeod’s The Night Sessions won It is simply a very very good science fiction novelAs a part of the Revelation Space future history it is set in the Glitter Band a collection of semi autonomous habitats orbiting the distant planet of Yellowstone Describing the Glitter Band’s hundreds of millions of inhabitants and their ten thousand separate habitats provides Reynolds and opportunity literarily almost limitless to explore varying socio economic political institutions The Prefect includes a portrayal of a habitat where all of the citizens remain in a virtual reality stasis another world where the residents exist in an almost complete egalitarian anarchist society All of the worlds share in common a universal voting system that decides overall Glitter Band policies as well as local decisionsAkin to Poul Anderson’s Harvest of Stars series people in Reynolds’s Revelation Space universe have the ability to enjoy biological and neurological alterations This ability provides Reynolds with a fascinating abundance of character models and sci fi spectacle Also like Anderson’s earlier work a person’s intelligence and memory can be downloaded into another body or machineThe Prefect as a novel is a complex murder mystery that follows the exploits of Tom Dreyfus a member of a special investigations police force called the Panoply that is responsible for policing the Glitter Band Like his counterparts in Alien Blade Runner and Outland the reader follows Dreyfus through his investigations with Reynolds’s masterful science fiction universe as a backdrop Very good

  2. carol. carol. says:

    When I sat down to read The Prefect I thought I was reading a sci fi mystery along the lines perhaps of Leviathan Wakes Then I thought I was perhaps reading The Last Policeman set in space the dogged detective solving a crime no one cares about or needs solved Turns out it was a sprawling space opera and that just isn't what I expected at all So a certain recalibration was necessaryThough billed as a stand alone novel I couldn't help but feel like I was starting with Season Two of a series Tom Dreyfus is a prefect which is a sort of policeman for the democracies of The Glitter Band a loose organization of over ten thousand habitats that nominally support the idea of democracy Dreyfus is sent to investigate the destruction of a habitat and the murder of the nine hundred plus people who lived inside it It appears it may be the work of an Ultra ship that was visiting prior to the destruction which has enormous political implications but Dreyfus has the feeling there is to it than that As part of his fact finding he arranges a delicate diplomatic meeting with the Ultras He also interviews a couple of the recorded personalities of the habitat residents known as 'betas' Apparently the personhood of these holographic recorded personalities is somewhat uestionable particularly since a failed experiment with the trying to fully upload people into an 'Alpha' Still with me?Meanwhile back at the ranch Dreyfus' lieutenant Thalia needs to fix a computer bug that is affecting the servers that maintain the democracy of each habitat Oh and Dreyfus' other lieutenant is a 'hyperpig' which may be some sort of genetic thing or racial thing I couldn't tell but apparently there's a lot of prejudice thereThat's the rough premise so you can see where it reuires attention I can see it being one of those books that only appeal to genre readers unlike Leviathan Wakes which pulled in even non genre fans One mistake is that The Prefect follows a third person narrative switching points of view as needed including that of someone who has an oppositional agenda to Dreyfus' team There's a two fold result one it spoils the suspense of the mystery early on; instead of discovering along with the detective the reader is waiting for Dreyfus to catch up My book notes show that it was only mild spoiler view spoilera little over half way when this gestalts hide spoiler

  3. Ian Ian says:

    This is not a book that’s necessarily going to wow you It’s not flashy It’s not full of glitz or pizzazz Basically this book ain’t got much bling But I’ll tell you what this book does have execution The Prefect is thoughtfully and creatively designed deceptively complex and just plain well executed Alastair Reynolds doesn’t use any tricks He just put together a solid game plan and executed it with precision and style The Prefect makes me think of Stanford football’s offense in the Andrew Luck era it’s Luck’s senior season as I write this review Stanford uses some misdirection and they love to shift and line up in unbalanced formations but there’s really nothing tricky or special going on; it’s just classic power football executed at a very high level Stanford simply lines up and out executes the opponent marching down the field in what seems like modest chunks then before the opponent realizes what’s happened Stanford is up by 20 pointsI would liken Iain Banks to LSU football under the “Mad Hatter” Les Miles athletic and tricky; Connie Willis with her frantic pace that leaves the reader out of breath looks like Oregon’s no huddle uick strike offense under Chip Kelly Alastair Reynolds may lack the flair of those writers but in The Prefect he lined up in the power I shifted the tight end pulled the guard and executed a perfect playI don’t mean to say The Prefect is simple Like any good power offense it has its subtleties and complexities Moreover The Prefect has some uniue angles on classic sci fi themes that I enjoyed immensely But The Prefect is anything but frustrating to follow; it weaves many threads and then brings those threads together at the end tying them up in a neat and satisfying conclusion that leaves no uestions unanswered This is an impressively well executed book gratifying from beginning to end And it was worth my time which ultimately is one of the best compliments I can payPS I suppose I should comment on the reading by John Lee since this was after all the audiobook version Mr Lee has not been my favorite narrator in the past though I’ve found him competent But in reading The Prefect he was much than competent Mr Lee’s gritty streetwise style was perfectly suited for this book and I can’t imagine it being better read by anyone else Well worth the Audible credit

  4. Milda Page Runner Milda Page Runner says:

    45 rounded up to 5 Whilst it’s not flawless – personally I really enjoyed it and had hard time putting the book down Given a chance I would have read it in few daysIntense and fast paced sci fi mystery thriller Main focus is on the investigation and events evolve uickly Worldbuilding and characterisation are kept light giving you just enough to get the feel for the world which is incredibly rich and interesting and enough to connect with the main characters Concise prose worked for me – not once did I feel like skimming boring descriptions of landscape or architectureThere is warmth in main character’s relationship with his deputies and Aumonier and humour in the dialogues that reminded me of Vorkosigan Saga esp Miles On the whole though it’s darker intense and has much interesting and imaginative world It also has some parallels with Takeshi Kovacs in darker aspects of the world Ultras cyborgs political dilemmas and uestions raised But Prefect is lighter upbeat and less philosophical in comparisonIt straddles the line between dark and light uite well in my opinionIt’s one of those books that drops you straight into action without any introductions or explanations; the worldbuilding is done on the go bit by bit It takes about 30 40% of the book to get the sense of the world and Panoply I enjoyed uncovering the puzzle and felt satisfied by the end to have a pretty clear pictureNow if you dislike blundering in the dark and want to understand the world from the start – there is an intro in the beginning of the second Prefect book Elysium Fire which explains Yellowstone Glitter Band Panoply democracy polling and what prefects do Skip the last 2 sentences as they vaguely mention events of the first book and it is perfectly usable at the startThe TakeawayThe Clockmaker – blew my mind One of the most interesting imaginative sci fi creatures With the razor sharp edges The Whiphound – awesome In case of zombie apocalypse I want one of those

  5. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewUrinating on the corpse of SF The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds“A starship built around a single massive engine designed to suck in interstellar hydrogen and use it for reaction mass Because it didn’t have to carry its own fuel around it could go almost as fast as it liked right up to the edge of light speed” In “The Prefect” by Alastair ReynoldsSo you're happy about a 900 year old alien driving a ship that looks like a police box that can travel through time and is larger on the inside than on the outside towing an entire planet across the universe but some people are annoyed because it didn't shake enough? Seriously I can never understand why SF readers get so picky over the stuff they are prepared to suspend their disbelief over Either you're going to reject the whole damn thing or you should accept it all I say If you're into SF read on

  6. David Sven David Sven says:

    I loved it My favourite Revelation Space novel to date The only downside is it’s the last one and my Rev space journey has ended – but it has ended very satisfactorily And at least there are Alastair Reynolds novels to explore This is the second book in the series I have listened to on audio and I have to say John Lee does an excellent job at narration It’s hard to describe how he adds to the overall tone of the book but I think he just adds a touch of sophistication a touch of “dark” undertone and a whole lot of “cool” Unlike it’s predecessors in the series which start off slow in the first half the pace in this book was off and running from the get go as we are introduced to Prefect Tom Dreyfuss where he is effecting a lockdown of one of the ten thousand habitats orbiting planet Yellowstone Dreyfuss 007 Tom Dreyfuss licensed to euthanize which includes the inflicting of permanent and irreversible death Is there any other kind of death? Wellyes After all this is the 25th century and we are in the Glitter band where even decapitation is not necessarily fatal or where you can have an electronic copy of yourself uploaded as a machine intelligence there’s dying and then there’s dyingFor those already familiar with the Revelation Space Universe and I would recommend reading the first Revelation Space book and possibly Chasm City first before getting to this book our story is set in the Glitter Band 100 odd years before it gets hit by the Melding Plague and turns into the Rust Belt The Glitter Band is home to 100 million citizens living in orbit in tunnelled out asteroids and machine structures We are at the height of the Belle Epoch a time that is only referred to as a wistful memory in the dark ages that are the setting of the previous books The contrast is rather refreshing and really really cool I mean this place is insane It’s the Demarchist Era so the system of government is a Demarchy Democratic Anarchy That means each of the Ten Thousand Habitats in orbit is pretty much autonomous and self governing However all decisions that relate to the whole are voted for or against on the fly via the External Abstraction an advanced form of internet which most people are constantly connected to via implant or machine accessoriesWhat this means is that no two habitats are alike You can be assured to be spoiled for choice in deciding what sort of society you want to live in or what sort of lifestyle you want to lead If you would rather be walking around in a body that is not baseline human – there’s are habitats that can grow you animal parts – or parts that function as weapons so you can compete in gladiatorial games and possibly experience non fatal death Wha? Or if the real world is too much for you then you can opt to live purely in a virtual reality in the External Abstraction In which case you won’t need most of your body parts taking up room and consuming resources Head and shoulders will suffice Just park your brain on the shelf alongside the million or so other ones that are hooked into the machine But maybe even virtual reality is not to your liking Not a problem you can join the “Persistent Vegetative State” Or if you are bored with democracy and would like to experience what living in a dictatorship is like there are habitats that offer a “Voluntary Tyranny” So long as you are aware that checking into the Hotel California may be voluntary but as the song goesleaving might prove problematicHowever even a Democratic Anarchy needs some form of regulation Enter into the mix Panapoly The police force elected to ensure that the voting apparatus isn’t tampered with and illegally exploited and that the integrity of the machinery Polling Cores in each habitat remains intact Of all the crimes in the Glitter Band attempting to subvert the voting process is top of the list and will see you irreversibly killed and any digital copies of yourself erasedAnyway that’s the background our story gets cracking pretty early when a habitat is annihilated and one of Panoply’s top agents Prefect Tom Dreyfuss is sent in to investigate And the pace just keeps ramping up as the Prefect discovers that things are a lot serious than mere mass murder – oh yes they are I was hooked from start to finish never experiencing a moment when I didn’t want to keep going to find out what happens next Reynolds does an excellent job of maintaining the tension and upping the ante as things escalate There’s mystery there’s action there are villains psychopaths apart from some of the normal denizens of some of the habitats Cyborg Ultras Machine intelligences and some very cool space battles And it would be remise of me not to mention my favourite weapon in the book – the Panoply standard issue “Whiphound” – It looks like a whipexcept when it looks like a sword and it’s used like a police dog able to take instructions – I think you’ll get a kick out of “Enhanced Subject Compliance” torture modeI thought Chasm City would be hard to beat and I’m still a little torn on which is my true favourite of the series but either way both are on my favourites shelf and I’m giving this5 stars

  7. Mimi Mimi says:

    This is an excellent page turning murder mystery set in outer space and I say that as someone who rarely reads mysteries and space operas Urban fantasy is my speed and space things space ships space suits air locks etc make me claustrophobic and I did sort of feel it during the read but the mystery was too good to put downThere's a small uibble about the ending which I think needs an epilogue but since there's a seuel it's not that big a deal Well it's not a big deal now that there's a seuel but it would've been a big deal if I'd read it before the seuel came out More on this later once I return to civilization A big thanks to Carol and Milda for reading this with me Sorry I sped through it

  8. Jason Jason says:

    5 Stars The Prefect by Alastair Reynolds is a nearly perfect book to me I finally had to conclude my time in the Revelation Space universe by reading this one the 7th and final book of the epic space opera People nitpick Reynolds and complain about his writing They claim that his characters are too thin his prose too plain and his plots too complex Well let me tell you even if some of those points ring true at times there is no denying that Reynolds is a masterful storyteller and a giant among his peers He writes hard science fiction novels without being too text book He creates new and imaginative places that are easy to believe and are a gift for us to read His long stories are truly page turners that you will have trouble putting down The Prefect was impossible to put downI loved this book because it really worked I am normally not a fan of anything involving preuels but in this case it truly worked Having read 6 previous novels in the Revelation Space series I found myself in familiar territory Knowing how things will be in the future added a huge weight to the story along with a feeling of dread and doom I found myself wishing that our heroes could change the fate of the world as if things were not destined to beThe Prefect has many awesome characters starting with our main protagonist Tom Dreyfus He is surrounded by amazing people The action is epic in it's scale and takes place from one end of The Glitter Band to the other There are space fights and explorations There is very little down time in this story The Prefect has many awesome technologies and weapons to drool over There is just tons to loveThis will be one of my favorite reads of 2016I loved itI love Alastair Reynolds and consider him to be one of the very best science fiction writersAwesome

  9. Gary Gary says:

    Reynolds’ hybrid police proceduralspace opera is great fun if perhaps a little too frenzied in its plotting Set in the Revelation Space universe but about a century prior to the events of the main trilogy The Prefect is about a law enforcement agency called Panoply whose sole charge is to defend the democratic rights of citizens in the Glitter Band a collection of thousands of human habitats in space Senior Field Prefect Tom Dreyfus and his team investigate the shocking destruction of one of the Glitter Band’s habitats only to discover that the seemingly open and shut case is a cover for a conspiracy that threatens citizen rule of the entire Glitter BandIt is interesting to revisit Reynolds’ earlier work after reading some of his recent novels The biggest flaw in his writing was always his characters Not that he couldn’t write interesting or sympathetic ones but they tended to have a little bit of a black and white nature as if they only behaved in accordance with their function in the story The characters in his recent work seem to have complex inner lives and variable motives The Prefect is good old school Reynolds though and fed my nostalgia for the Rev Space universe nicely

  10. Claudia Claudia says:

    That’s me now at the end of The Prefect and Revelation Space series I tried to stretch it as much as I could but eventually it came to an endFrom the construction’s point of view if Revelation Space is the thunderstorm The Prefect is the rainbow after it Gripping from the very first pages it’s the most alert and colorful of the entire series The descriptions of the habitats and their denizens are stunning; the technological and medical details are so punctilious they appear as real as the person who’s reading them; the action is so captivating that you cannot put the book downSo for those of you who did not read AR yet this will be a good start you may not comprehend entirely the enormity of Revelation Space universe but most certainly it will open your appetite for the rest of the series For if it doesn’t then there is something wrong with you and have no idea what you’re missing P

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