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  1. Кристина Лушникова Кристина Лушникова says:

    This cookbook was so fun and as a kid I actually read it for fun though I did read a dictionary for fun too but the pictures with all the monsters and everything it made it really fun Plus the recipes are super simple I was a super picky eater and I actually liked these And the apple pie recipe is the best that I've found

  2. Jenna Jenna says:

    The cheesy potato soup it the best

  3. Peggy Horton Peggy Horton says:

    I just enjoyed reading and making some of the recipes with a 9 year old Really easy but good recipesthe meatloaf is similar to the one my husband makes

  4. Sheila Read Sheila Read says:

    I could of use this when I was a kid but I loved using it when I was taking care of kids

  5. Dina Dina says:

    Betty Crocker’s Kids Cook Book how to bookThis children’s cookbook targeted age I would say is ages 5 10 and as with any cooking being done in the kitchen involving children it should be done with the help of adult supervision So even though the title says children’s cookbook it’s not being done with an easy bake oven and it’s not peanut but and jelly sandwiches but rather intricate tasty treats That’s why is called a Children’s cookbook because everything here is food that children would pick to be on their plates This children’s cookbook has very colorful and descriptive illustrations which will help the young cook understood the process The front cover is colorful and draws your attention to a cartoon character holding up hot cooked dishes of pizza and all kind of yummy stuff Inside the front cover there are images and names of many different tools used in the kitchen when preparing meals Then there’s and table of contents of the tasty selections after that is a list of children's safety tips while cooking in the kitchen then a glossary of terms used while cooking after this some detailed techniues entitled “Master Your Techniue” which shows the child student cooker some common cooking procedures like the step by step process as to how to correctly crack an egg Then we come to the recipes and there are several recipes for example pancakes with Alpha Beta letters on top and mega muffins with chocolate chips inside them Then there’s a recipe for some sort of berry jelly which may be used as a topping for those pancakes the little chef and just cooked up I think our little chef will find like this cookbook

  6. Becky Becky says:

    I enjoyed skimming through Betty Crocker Kids Cook I don't review cook books often but I do enjoy looking at ones specifically designed to appeal to children and teens This one is written with kids of all ages in mind It features recipes that kids can cook on their own with just a little guidance and some difficult recipes that may take cooperation with an adult The recipes fall into five categories breakfast lunch snack dinner and desserts The book includes simple instructions and guidelines for general cooking and baking The end papers illustrate the tools of the trade The Just the Basics section even includes the current nutritional guidelines MyPlate The recipes themselves seem straightforward and reader friendly As an adult I appreciate them listing the nutritional information for each recipe Serving size number of calories number of carbohydrates amount of fat amount of fiber etc It also includes the number of carbohydrate exchanges choices a serving is Most of the recipes though certainly not all are carbohydrate heavy I noticed Some recipes look delicious very delicious but are certainly not healthy enough to be eaten all that often in my opinion The recipes that looked most appealing to me includeSuper Tasty Sweet Potato Bacon Biscuits p 23Surprise Confetti Pasta Salad p 60Impossibly Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies p 98Cheese Stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti p 112Bottom of the Cereal Box Cookies p 140Do you have a favorite cookbook for children or teens?

  7. Critterbee❇ Critterbee❇ says:

    I remember way back when I was 7 I had a cookbook that I adored with looking back now incredibly simple recipes The recipes were easy enough for me to achieve challenging enough that I felt I was actually doing something grand and delicious enough that I wanted to eat the result That is a tricky balance to keep over an entire cookery book This book does a nice job of including the essentials and remaining appealing to young cooksThis current spiral bound edition of the Betty Crocker Kids Cook is bright colorful and perfect as a starter cookbook for children aged 7 11 In this book they can learn the basics about kitchen safety basic cooking techniues and nutrition information This is a great opportunity to introduce children to cooking and see if they have a great interest in continuing If they do they can easily be moved on to basic adult cookbooksFun recipes include Secret Forest Corn Muffins with a surprise broccoli 'tree' inside Snickerdoodly Mini Doughnuts Bottom of the Cereal Box Cookies and Spaghetti and Cheese Stuffed MeatballsHighly Recommended to introduce children to cooking

  8. Rants and Bants Rants and Bants says:

    I remember getting this as a present when I was a child and I just remember it had some good good GOOOOD looking recipes in it Just so tasty and delicious looking Made me hungry just looking through it

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    I recommend this book to anybody with an 8 10 year old on their gift list It explains in minute detail each step of the recipe without being condescending And the food is very tasty

  10. Barb Wiseberg Barb Wiseberg says:

    Not nearly as good as the classic one from the 60's but a great nostalgic read

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Betty Crocker's Kids Cook [Reading] ➿ Betty Crocker's Kids Cook By Betty Crocker – Hey Kids Let's Get CookingEasyOver 60 simple recipes show you how to fix every meal of the day plus snacks and dessertsTastyChow down on delicious food from Chicken Lickin' uesadillas to Indoor S'sFun Hey Kids Let's Get CookingEasyOver simple recipes show you how to fix every meal of the day plus snacks and dessertsTastyChow down on delicious food from Chicken Lickin' uesadillas to Indoor S'sFunCool illustrations and color pix of every recipe make cooking an adventureNote to Mom DadKids also get the lowdown on cooking terms basic techniues good nutrition and kitchen safety.

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Betty Crocker's Kids Cook
  • Betty Crocker
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  • 09 July 2015
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