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The Living End ★ The Living End PDF / Epub ✈ Author Craig Schaefer – As the FBI closes in on the Las Vegas underworld Daniel Faust grifter thief and sorcerer isn't the only one feeling the heat Half demon racket boss Nicky Agnelli is fighting to hang onto his empire le As the FBI closes in on the Las Vegas underworld Daniel Faust grifter thief and sorcerer isn't the only one feeling the heat Half demon racket boss Nicky Agnelli is fighting to hang onto his empire leaving a trail of dead informants in his wake while Daniel's ex girlfriend Jennifer rallies her forces on the street and aims her sights at Nicky's crown Meanwhile homeless people are vanishing by the dozens Daniel has bigger problems to worry about but a plea from an old friend sends him on a search for answers What he finds is The Living eBook ↠ a conspiracy twenty years in the making involving a power hungry senator occult experiments murderous British mercenariesand Lauren Carmichael Daniel's nemesis From a gunfight in the Arizona badlands to unearthing buried secrets in a New York laboratory the hunt is on With Lauren's deadly plan revealed and time running out Daniel and his crew will stop at nothing to take her down She's got the law in her pocket and a hired army at her back He's got black magic bullets and the art of the con It's high noon in Vegas and when the dust settles only one side will be left standing May the best villain win.

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  1. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

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  2. carol. carol. says:

    If you like urban fantasy I highly recommend giving Craig Schaefer's Daniel Faust a try Apparently my first two reviews were complicated by a now repaired broken finger and uite possibly a little pain killing medication so I owe Faust a decent reviewLet me give you an idea how much I enjoy this seriesEnough that I've bought the first four books of the Daniel Faust series for my kindle at full price and I never pay than three dollars for a e bookEnough that I save them for riding the bike at the gym as a way of motivating myself to get there and exerciseEnough that they are my go to rec for action UF as they are fun clever reasonably well plotted and generally free of annoyances that plague certain other seriesAbout this book in particularSpeaking of which this 'Meadow Brand' person? As your attorney I recommend killing her Make it look like a drug overdose maybe a gang shooting something nice and unrelated you know?Daniel Faust and his friends are doing their very best to thwart the end of the world plans of Lauren and her henchperson Meadow but they have their hands full after FBI Agent Black has put Faust in her crosshairs Faust is a small time criminal and sorcerer who moves in some ethically dubious circles An interaction with a demon sums it up He let out a long slow chuckle and took another sip of whiskey 'I do so enjoy a man named Faust asking me about a deal Makes me feel at one with history Shame we can't talk business son but you're already damned But at least Faust isn't alone The magical and criminal underground in Vegas is closely knit and Faust has a number of friends he can count on including Bentley and Corman the couple who run Scrivener's Nook; Pixie computer whiz non magical and dedicated to helping the homeless; and Jennifer ex girlfriend who has her eye on a hostile takeover of Vegas' criminal activity; and even Nicky half demon and current head of said criminal activity Oh and Caitlin Hound of Hell and the love of Faust's lifeYes I get it the set up sounds a little silly And while it is a little silly in the classic premise of action stories crazy person wants to take over the worldbecome a deity I like to think it achieves something solid an ideal meld of action compassion and humor cooked together with solid writing Writing feels solid to me achieving a balance between humor atmosphere and action Listen to a demon play the blues This was the real blues down home raw and ragged drenched with sweat and sex and the bloodied edge of a switchblade Out on the dark and silent street his music still echoed in the back of my mind floating and fading like a dream that slips away on wakingI won't sum the plot except to say this book is the culmination of The Lauren Problem began in books one and two Stopping Lauren takes Faust and the team through a number of hurdles in such a way as to keep my attention without feeling like it's wasting time The plotting also nicely evades the escalating bigger badder villain plot trap which in turn sidesteps the need for Faust to become and magically endowed Magic tends to be used creatively but not necessarily powerfully in this world Faust's go to weapon is a deck of cards There's also a decent amount of humor occasionally situational a scene heavy on the sexual foreplay could have annoyed but instead had me laughing out loud at its cleverness For a urban fantasy I thought it had some surprisingly solid emotional moments whether it was Pixie expressing doubt at the new knowledge of the magical world Faust considering how far he will go to bring Lauren down or managing the delicate emotional state of a friend's daughter I enjoyed itI wasn't sure which way she'd lean in the end which of her parents she'd take after and I really didn't care What mattered to me was that she knew she had choices and she knew she was lovedFour and a half cards stars

  3. ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ says:

    Another winner in the Daniel Faust series It keeps getting better and better Faust is a fantastic anti hero He does want to save the world but he's the type that would rather see a bad guy dead than behind bars The heroes in this series break the law all the time and exist in a seedy Vegas underground They stick together and are fiercely loyal but aren't afraid to break the law if it suits them I love it This is a great urban fantasy one of the best This one has a total end of the world plot The Big Bads are ramped up for a big finale to an arc that has been evolving the past two books Lots of reveals and great story telling Daniel is an awesome male lead Harry Dresden eat your heart out Caitlin is an awesome demon girl crush continues The story behind Lauren Carmichael and her real motivation is pretty awesome okay I realize I am using that word a lot in this review but hey my reviews suck so what do you expect Love the supporting characters as usual We have cool magicsorcery and deliciously ambiguous demons well they are usually not ambiguous just flat out deviousAre we going to get paranormal creatures I wonder? So far it's just magicians and demons Heh well it works either way Buddy read with the Buddies Books and Baubles group if you want the link you'll have to go to my profile and look under the groups I belong to I am too lazy to link to it right now

  4. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    The Living End by Craig Schaefer and narrated by Adam Verner is a great addition to the series Half human demon mobsters someone using magic and chemicals to kidnap homeless people lab experiments and lots of other supernatural craziness happiness going on But Daniel is on it with his demon girl friend Great story and narration

  5. Choko Choko says:

    444 “A witch a sorcerer and a fucking demon from hell say I’m not trustworthy” “You’re a psychopath” I said She shrugged “I’ve been told that means that I know the difference between right and wrong I just don’t care Hey that description sound like anybody you know Faust?” I don't think I need to repeat myself in saying how good Craig Schaefer is at making books that explode in your brain filling it with action mystery pure Pulp brilliance and characters that have you rooting for them despite or because of all of their great failings I love the demon hound Cait who is at present dealing with her feelings since obviously this is very new and unexpected for her I love the always broke and on the hunt for a scam Faust whom you just can't help but fall for despite his dubious character and pension for magical rackets and I love the gang of misfits they have gathered around them loyal and forgiving as only true friends could be And Shaefer is really good at creating a character and giving their finer points to us with the minimal of descriptions and plenty of showing through their actions In short he is good “I realize you’re a politician so this is a new concept for you ‘Cooperating’ means actually doing what you’re supposed to not just saying you will and then weaseling out” So what I am trying to say is that if you have not read Daniel Faust or Harmony Black series you are missing out on a good paranormal pulp mysteries bursting with action and characters who pop right off the page I think he is one of the few authors who create an action movie in my brain as soon as I read the first page Everything is bigger then life but life like nonetheless and so absurd but so believable in its absurdity Faust is a conman and as such Shaefer relies on the con to make the stories work while with Harmony who is an FBI agent he does the police procedural thing but always with the paranormal and magic flair that exist in his world “Now bottle your hatred and store it in your heart’s pantry for a thirstier day” I hate the villain of the series so far Lauren Carmichael with passion She is a smart strong educated and influential woman and in regular circumstances like if she wasn't trying to destroy the world as we know it and make herself into its ruler goddess I would have had mad respect for her However the beeaaatttccchhh is cray cray Sad how the words mad genius have so much sturdy base to stand on So Lauren and several magical scientists never give up their crazy skims and are back in Las Vegas to finish the job once and for all However they are not counting on Faust's ability to always land on his feet no matter what you throw at him and once again they underestimate his and his friends ability to mess with forces much stronger than them Their gang plays recklessly with all or nothing odds but you can count on them to play with a card up their sleeve You have to read it in order to experience the adrenaline of living on the edge “Seems to me you’ve got two choices one you can get in a gunfight with the United States government—because that always ends well—or you can run downstairs get as many of your boys out through the emergency exits as you can and order the rest to surrender Your call but bail money’s a lot cheaper than a tombstone” I will recommend this author to all who love action good plots and the old Pulp feelingNow I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book

  6. Lo9man88 Lo9man88 says:

    I'm glad to say that this series is picking up it's getting better and better Daniel is evolving as character he's confident and devious than before and his deck of cards is starting to grow on me looking forward to the next book

  7. Gavin Gavin says:

    This third instalment in the Daniel Faust series was just as much fun to read as the first two books in the series were Craig Schaefer has done a fantastic job of seamlessly blending some hilarious dialogue and happenings into a very dark and gritty Vegas set UF noir The story was fast paced and filled with action drama and plenty of cool supernatural happenings Life is not proving easy for Daniel Faust ex gangster and sorcerer for hire as he has a whole host of problems to deal with His nemesis Lauren Carmichael and her crazed enforcer Meadow Brand continue to press on with their plans for world domination FBI agent Harmony Black still wants both Daniel and his ex boss the half demon gang kingpin of Las Vegas Nicky Agnelli behind bars Daniel's ex girlfriend Jennifer is feeling twitchy about the whole FBI situation and is mustering her own forces as she senses Nicky might be vulnerable Daniel's friend Pixie wants his help in tracking down a spate of missing homeless people and just for good measure the smoke faced men are back Daniel himself is a likeable and witty lead who is super easy to root for despite the fact that he is no angel All in all this was a very enjoyable read Rating 4 starsAudio Note Adam Verner gives another good performance with the audio

  8. Milda Page Runner Milda Page Runner says:

    Another fast'n'fun read in Daniel Faust series Recommended to all UF fans

  9. Mr. Matt Mr. Matt says:

    The events of the first two books come to a head in The Living End And what an end Daniel Faust's arch nemesis Lauren Carmichael is on the verge of remaking the world in her image Her twenty year plans have finally come to fruition Now all she needs is a mass human sacrifice that will allow her to channel the life energy needed to bridge the fabric of reality itself And all that stands between her and her brave new world is DanielDespite the fact that the Faust books fall into the urban fantasy trap where the world itself is constantly on the line I really like these books Although Daniel and his companions are involved in this existential struggle Faust doesn't come across as The One I think it is because he gets by not on sheer power and magical brawn Sure he is a bit of a sorcerer but I don't get the impression that he is particularly powerful He is constantly outmatched by other mages Instead Daniel gets by on his wits Faust is a con artist He out thinks out plays and out scams his enemies He gambles against a demon and wins He plays a con on a US Senator And the cons are clever There are no cheap plays on the part of the author to move along the story or reliance on stale formulaAnd then there are his companions Although Daniel is clearly the lead he is surrounded by a host of interesting uniue characters Front and center is Caitlin his Demon girl friend She manages to convey both menace and gentleness that meshes well with the way Demons are portrayed in Daniel's world But there are others too Pixie Jennifer Nicky etc All avoiding to feel like generic supporting characters They feel real The book also has a nice sense of humor I especially enjoyed the shout out to the Bechdel test when Caitlin tells Daniel Yes pet When two women have a conversation it's only natural to assume they're talking about you That made me chuckle especially when they started talking about him in excruciating detail to drive home the pointIV stars out of V My only real knock on the book is that it did get off to a slow start I suppose that may be the nature of a scam You don't go in guns blazing You have to set it up and let it roll All in all highly recommend these books if you are looking for something new in Urban Fantasy

  10. Emma Emma says:

    45 stars Best book in the series so far So much action right from the start Great storyline and cast of characters with a nice lead in to the next book Recommended

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