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A Christmas Treasury [Reading] ➬ A Christmas Treasury ➳ Jack Newcombe – Buyprobolan50.co.uk It is filled with classics Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus 'Twas the Night Before Christmas as well as others you may never have heard of Primarily prose there are also poems by ee cummings and Ro It is filled with classics Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus 'Twas the Night Before Christmas as well as others you may never have heard of Primarily prose there are also poems by ee cummings and Robert Frost Selections are ordered alphabetically by author so you get a wonderful juxtaposition of material as you page through works by Arthur C Clarke Dylan Thomas and many many others.

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Treasury

  1. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    This book includes many tales of all aspects of the Christmas season I like choosing some of them to get in the spirit I always read Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory about a tradition of baking with a family member back in the good old days There are excerpt of holiday portions of longer books and stories as well as poems A reader could pick the size of the story heshe had time for While I have read all of them at least once there are certain ones I go back to again and again The read date below is approximate and this book has been enjoyed annually since then I also have the new version which contains many of the same stories with some additions Most people who celebrate this season or who are curious about it will enjoy some aspects of this book

  2. Ruth Ruth says:

    It was fun to read the different stories by different authors You got to see an insight into what people liked at different times of history

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    Just the ticket for the Christmas season Bits of Christmas literature across the centuries including what you'd expect A Christmas Carol Washington Irving Truman Capote Dylan Thomas and a lot of things you wouldn't John Cheever Thomas Hardy Ring Gardner Herman MelvilleBest of all it includes stories that weren't written for Christmas specifically They were chapters in a general larger work and used the holiday to serve appropriately the fictional narrative says editor Jack Newcombe There's very little sticky sentimentality here I'll return it to the Knoxville public libraries by Dec 18 so you can check it out

  4. Greg Kerestan Greg Kerestan says:

    A few years ago I did an overview of holiday related media as part of a research project This large generously stuffed and somewhat uirky collection was one of my greatest discoveries It contains a huge variety of Christmas winter and holiday themed literature from classic poetry to supernatural tales The weirder the better with this book one story tells of a rare tobacco which when smoked transports an Englishman back to ancient Bethlehem; another is a lengthy epic poem in the Lewis Carroll vein about a Christmas almost thwarted by sadistic rulers

  5. Autumn Autumn says:

    I've been reading this book for a few years during the Xmas season I finally finished it today It has some good stories and some are so old I can't understand them It's fun to read Xmas stories during the Xmas season I am enjoying the relatively new tradition that I've established over the last few years of reading Xmas stuff during December I'm looking forward to rereading some of my other Xmas books that I have during December 2009

  6. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThis treasury of beautiful illustrations and beautiful stories that we all grew up with is one to have and pass on to our children and their children It is one to go from generation to generation It has some of our favorites that we had read to us as children The best one? It Was The Night Before Christmas I highly recommend this book to all

  7. Nikki Nikki says:

    Ten years ago or so I began recording readings of Christmas stories as an Advent present for one of my children who was living far away Although even then I had a number of Christmas stories in my collection it appears from notations that this anthology provided a good many of the readings It contains many old favorites and some newer ones the book was published in 1982 exceptionally well chosen Also the book is physically appealing with large readable print attractive framing for each selection's title and occasional black and white illustrations It's hard for me to say This is the only one you need but if you are confining yourself to one Christmas anthology you could do a lot worse than to choose this one or perhaps A New Christmas Treasury a later revised edition

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