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Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 10-12 [EPUB] ✵ Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 10-12 By Werner Stejskal – Buyprobolan50.co.uk These illustrated cat stories are all about “Oliver and Jumpy” who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat who is full of himself As a matter These illustrated cat stories are Jumpy, Stories eBook ↠ all about “Oliver and Jumpy” who are best of friends and experience many adventures together Oliver is an elegant black tomcat who is full of himself As a matter of fact he says “I love myself” uite often Naughty isn’t he But his best friend Jumpy a kangaroo lady is aware that it is only a front Oliver has a soft heart and will always want to help others The great thing is Oliver and PDF \ Jumpy’s pouch which Oliver loves to ride in He calls her his kangaroo taxi These little bedtime stories with their lovely illustrations are great for small kids A parent can read the text and tell the child in his own words These animal stories have sufficient text to keep early readers happy and provide some educational value Depending on your device there is popup text at or audio available Several talented illustrators are essential to bring these children's stories and Jumpy, Stories eBook ↠ to you in uick succession Love you all Meow Check out the Free INTRODUCTION TO THE SERIES to see how beautiful the illustrations areStory Unhappy DogThe friends make a dog very happyStory Kite HighDo you like to fly high in the air Story Butterfly TroubleJumpy frees many butterflies.

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  1. Charles Charles says:

    This book contains three short stories about Oliver a cat that wears a top hat Jumpy an adult kangaroo and some of their animal friends In the first story “Unhappy Dog” Oliver is frustrated with a dog that barks at him whenever he walks by a fenced in yard Finally Oliver stops and asks the dog why he barks all the time The dog tells Oliver that he stays in the yard all day and he is bored and jealous of Oliver and his freedom Knowing this Oliver seeks the help of Jumpy to free the dog and they play and picnic together during the day This story contains a good lesson for children in that if someone is annoying you the best thing to do is to engage them It may be the case that once you understand you may be able to do something to solve their problems The topic of the second story “Kite High” involves Oliver Jumpy and Joey and they have built a wooden carriage with a sail on it At first it is fun when the wind comes up and they move along at a brisk clip However when the wind picks up they are picked up and suddenly flying high When Joey almost falls off they decide it is time to land but have no idea how to do that Fortunately a flock of pelicans is nearby so Oliver asks for help and enough of them land on the carriage to provide the necessary ballast to overcome the wind in their sails and they are able to land The lesson in this case is to ask for help when you get in a situation that you cannot deal with The third story is called “Butterfly Trouble” and begins when a beautiful blue butterfly lands on Oliver’s nose and wakes him up A boy with a net is capturing butterflies and putting them in a box and the rest of the butterflies are scared and the butterfly asks Oliver to help With Jumpy’s help they are able to scare the boy into releasing the captured butterflies The lesson here is a willingness to come to the aid of someone that is in trouble and needs assistance A set of three simple stories with strong messages for how to live your life this is a book that I would have read to my daughter This book was made available for free for review purposes and this review appears on

  2. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm says:

    My eldest son Kyle read this to his brothers before going to sleep last night They enjoyed Oliver's latest adventure high up in the sky with the birds and pelicans and meeting new friends Barky the Dog and Bluey the Butterfly Kyle simply liked the idea that cats and dogs can be friends That they could do things together and have fun outside instead of fighting and barking and meowing The kids chuckled too when Oliver and his friends rode and flew on a flying sail but got down when birds pelicans also boarded their carriage It must have been a really scary but exciting adventure my kids screamedThey also realized that Oliver will make a good pet because he could easily make friends to anybody And together with his friend Jumpy both knew how to help those in need like The butterflies I'll never chase butterflies again Mom is what my younger one said Honestly I like that my sons learn something when they read books like these ones written by Werner Stejskal They learn the value of friendship they become aware of their surroundings including animals and they learn the lesson of giving and sharing Thanks so much for this really interesting read

  3. Sheila Sheila says:

    The stories of Oliver cat and Jumpy kangaroo continue to be entertaining in this next collection The voice Oliver’s in two out of three tales shifts tenses and switches from formal to casual in a fairly convincing way evoking a senior child talking to younger siblings New friends include a bored dog eager to be freed from his yard visiting seagulls flying high and a nervous butterfly called BlueyIllustrations are bright and cheerful inviting children to point and share in the fun And a wonderful idea of ways to share is included in the back of the book Imaginative children can make up their own stories and send the ideas to the author to be written and illustrated later It’s a pleasing concept that should surely inspire some tiny authors to have a goDisclosure The book was free so I thought I’d give it a read

  4. Nancy Silk Nancy Silk says:

    More Charming Stories of Oliver and JumpyThis series written by Author Werner Stejskal is so well illustrated and written The stories are very entertaining to read to children There are three tales here the first being Unhappy Dog illustrated by Maycee Ann Reyes Oliver the cat loves to play golf but every time he passes a certain house a dog is always barking until Oliver is out of sight The dog looks mean but Oliver has to stop to find out the dog's problem The dog's name is Barky does that surprise you? He's just lonely as his family is always gone during the day So Oliver and Jumpy take him on an adventure The second story is Kite High illustrated by Marvin Alonso We know how Oliver and Jumpy always love adventures but sometimes things go wrong which they never expect Do you know how to fly a kite? Well the two have made a very colorful parachute and a small wooden cart so they can sit in it as they travel on the beach similar to horse and cart However the wind becomes stronger and stronger and before long they are flying through the sky like birds Can pelicans help them get down? But how? The third story is Butterfly Trouble illustrated by Maycee Ann Reyes Oliver is napping on a blanket in a meadow with many beautiful flowers Soon his nose tickles He opens his eyes and sees a beautiful large butterfly sitting on the tip of his nose Oliver sneezes blowing the butterfly off his nose The butterfly returns to him His name is Bluey and he and his friends need Oliver's help The problem is a boy with a net chasing and catching as many butterflies as he can What is he going to do with them? These are delightful exciting stories to read to youngsters The illustrations are perfection Colorful and full of expressive joy A series highly recommended for young children

  5. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    Another adventure with Oliver and Jumpy Our friends are off to enjoy meeting new friends Story 10 Unhappy Dog Meet Barky He's left at home alone most of the time He never gets the chance to run and play Then he meets OliverStory 11 Kite High Oliver and Jumpy are flying their parachute with a wooden carriage They soon find they'll need help to land their parachute carriage A new friend might helpStory 12 Butterfly Trouble Oliver and Jumpy meet some Butterflies They end up letting too many go Their new friend will help them fix things Once again Mr Stejskal takes the children on a lovely adventure with his friends Oliver the cat and Jumpy the Kangaroo Oliver and Jumpy like to jump into fun and helping others I love that these books are short and sweet They also give children the chance to let their imaginations fly They can picture themselves with Oliver and Jumpy It's amazing how easy these are to introduce to your child's night time routine Perfect to send them off dreaming of wonderful adventure and new friends I have always had positive feedback from the children I share them with We usually read the stories four or five times before we're sure it's enough Your littles will love these stories I didn't find any issues I gave this book 5 cheers out of 5 because they make us giggle and let our minds wander Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review

  6. Gigi Sedlmayer Gigi Sedlmayer says:

    Another fantastic story about Oliver and JumpyThree new stories about Oliver the black cat with a hat and Jumpy the kangaroo and her Joey Young children will enjoy them and even will ask uestions about the deeds Oliver and Jumpy are doing what they shouldIn the first story “Unhappy Dog” a Dog is barking at Oliver and he’s annoyed of the dog So he asks him what is wrong The dog is bored and likes to play with Oliver Jumpy let him out and they have a great time together They promise to play one day againIn the second story “Kite High” Oliver and Jumpy build a wooden carriage with a sail on it They step on it and the wind as it picked up the carriage flew high up And then well you better read the story what happen next and how they got savedIn the third story “Butterfly Trouble” a butterfly lands on Oliver’s nose He wakes up and find out that a boy was chasing it to catch it and to put it into a jar The butterfly pleads Oliver to help himAll three stories are wonderfully written with fantastic drawings and moral lessons When annoyed by someone ask that person what is wrong and they solve it together; when in trouble ask for help; when another is in trouble willingly help

  7. Kristi Richardson Kristi Richardson says:

    “You better not sneeze or you’ll blow me right up to the sky”Story 10 Unhappy DogBarky is the unhappy dog who barks every time Oliver passes by to play golf Finally Oliver asks him why and decides to help Barky get some exercise beyond his small back yard The gang have a wonderful time playing ball and having a picnic before Barky’s owners get home Story 11 Kite HighOliver Jumpy and Joey take a ride on their kite cart when the wind gets out of hand They enjoy seeing the earth from above but realize they will need help to get down on the ground again They ask some Pelicans for help and soon everyone is working together to get them out of trouble I liked this story because I love birds It’s great to have birds be the heroes Story 12 Butterfly TroubleA butterfly named Bluey needs a clever cat’s help Oliver and Jumpy are soon chasing a naughty boy who is catching butterflies without thought to what might be their fate The friends save the insects and we are all reminded to respect others and let them thrive I like this story very much I received this book from the author for an honest review

  8. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewOliver and Jumpy Stories 10 12 by Werner Stejskal is another book of the adventures of the two best friends Oliver and Jumpy This time they have three new adventures The in the first one they make friends with Barky the dog In the second one they have an adventure on a hot air balloon The last adventure the save a family of butterflies These stories teach the value of friendship being aware of surrounding learning about giving and sharing The illustrations are bright and colorful The writing is very bold and easy to read I gave this book 5 stars but wish I could give The would make a good gift to give a child It would look good in your child's library or in any library's bookshelf I highly recommend this book to everyone It is a very good read along read to or read alone I look for from Wener Stejskal

  9. Rachel Horon Rachel Horon says:

    Wonderful talesWhen I told my daughter I found another Oliver and Jumpy story she was very excited for the next story at bedtime Oliver is always the well dressed cat who goes on amazing adventures or helps out friends and those who will soon be friends with him All of the stories are great springboards for discussion and conversation For example Unhappy Dog can be about bullying or helping someone who is just having a bad day Kite High takes a high flying adventure that ends with some smart problem solving Butterfly Trouble is a good reminder for young children trying to catch insects and creatures outside My daughter was not the biggest fan of how the butterfly's problem was resolved but it led to creative conversations such as Well how would you solve the problem She's still a big fan of the series and is ready for the next one

  10. Inderpreet Uppal Inderpreet Uppal says:

    The introduction of Oliver Jumpy is so cute that my son egged me on to pick stories and now we are fans of Oliver and Sillianda We love visiting this story land again and again This is the introduction to the series and sets the pace for all the fun aheadA glimpse into the future adventures and delightful illustrations on each page make for a fun easy to read book for children and parents alike Bright colorful pictures attract our attention and helps my 6 year old understand the story better Simple sentences give a hint about what is in store for Oliver and his friends We are looking forward to go with Oliver JumpyMy son and I have already read a few of the stories from the series and will keep you posted with our reviewsThis Cat has a smart personality and smarter attitudeI got a copy of the book in exchange of my unbiased review

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