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Firefight [Reading] ➹ Firefight Author Ginger Adams Otis – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In 1919 when Wesley Williams became a New York City firefighter he stepped into a world that was 100% white and predominantly Irish As far as this city knew black men in the Fire Department of New Yor In when Wesley Williams became a New York City Firefighter he stepped into a world that was % white and predominantly Irish As far as this city knew black men in the Fire Department of New York FDNY tended horsesNearly a century later many things in the FDNY had changed—but not the scarcity of blacks New York had about black Firefighters—roughly percent of the New York Firefighters in a city of two million African Americans That made the FDNY a true aberration compared to all the other uniformed departments like the NYPD Decades earlier women and blacks had sued over its hiring practices and won But the FDNY never took permanent steps to eradicate the ineuities which led to a courtroom show down between New York City's billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg and a determined group of black activist Firefighters It was not until that the city settled the million lawsuitAt the center of this book are stories of courage—about Firefighters risking their lives in the line of duty but also risking their livelihood by battling an unjust system Among them FDNY Captain Paul Washington a second generation black Firefighter who spent his multi decade career fighting to get minorities on the job He faced an insular culture made up of relatives who never saw their own inclusion as favoritismBased on author Ginger Adams Otis' years of on the ground reporting Firefight is an exciting blend of the high octane energy of Firefighting and critical Civil Rights history.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    I read a good review of this book so I took it out of the library when I saw it on the new books shelf I must admit I thought of the book as something I probably SHOULD read but that it would probably be dry and boring It is not that at allThe author shifts between the stories of one of the first black firefighters in NYC in the early 20th century and the story of a modern day firefighter Most of the modern day story is contemporary as in right now the 21st century That was what was most eye opening about this book Extreme and overt discrimination iswas occurring in left leaning diverse 21st century New York City Really boosts the argument that affirmative action may be needed after allThe other thing that was interesting and frustrating for tax payers is that the federal discrimination lawsuit against NYFD didn't come out of the blue The department the mayor and had been warned for years that things were not good and they needed to straighten things out The administration just blew off the lawyers and the federal government and did whatever they wanted They had plenty of chances to not only improve things following guidance and suggestions from various people but to save the city money if they had addressed this sooner I also liked the big picture approach of this book even while the author focused on two men's stories Different practices of the department which may look innocuous on their own such as the way they reached recruits on the waiting list ended up discriminating against people without relatives in the department which naturally discriminated against people of color The policies may not have been set up to discriminate but that was the unintended result It reminds all of us who run organizations to look at how our policies and procedures may inadvertently discriminateThere was obviously another side to Washington's the modern day firefighter story The book hinted that he was volatile and had made a number of enemies I would have liked a little explanation of this and wondered when his approach helped and when it hurt his cause

  2. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    Goodreads win Will read and review once receivedThis is really a normal book that I usually read But I will say I really enjoyed myself It was a well written book It was paced nicely to where I never found myself getting too bored or wanting it to be over with The author did a great job of writing this book I felt the author made the book interesting and easy to understand what was going on This is a book i would recommend to just about anyone A nice changed of pace from what I usually read

  3. Candice Candice says:

    I really enjoyed what i felt was a fair look at trying to Integrate the firefighters of New York This definetly isnt the kind of book that i would normally read but i still loved it It really felt like the author wanted you to experience and understand what had happened This book really pulled no punches in making you feel the depth of these firefighters courageI won this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review

  4. Lee Sandberg Lee Sandberg says:

    I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about the history of the FDNY Such a history would be incomplete without recognizing the heroic efforts of the city's first African American firefighters and those who continue to battle against the lasting effects of discrimination Yet this is than just an historical account; the author's in depth research transports the reader to the segregated bunk rooms of the early 20th century and recent court battles seeking to address under representation of minorities in New York City's fire service As a volunteer firefighter I found the level of detail in this book to be fascinating It also reminds me that in serving the community the role of firefighters extends far beyond just fighting fires

  5. Mara Mara says:

    Interesting read if not uite what I expected I thought it would be of a straight forward chronological march through the century in the title but the book's primary focus is definitely on the last 20 years or so There are some chapters set in 1919 but they don't fit into the overall flow of the book very well though they are fascinating The story of the Vulcans' battle for fairer hiring standards in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is definitely interesting in and of itself though and I don't regret having picked this up

  6. B. B. says:

    A fresh and revealing account of the practical struggles to address discrimination at the FDNY issues that go back to the founding of the organization and run clear through to the Bloomberg administration The story is interesting because it recounts a history I didn't know but wasn't surprised to learn about It is ultimately heartening because of the many people who made the cause their own and stepped up to make the bravest better and fairer Bloomberg comes off bad The CCR contribution was great to discover

  7. Harriet Brown Harriet Brown says:

    Firefight by Ginger Adams OtisFirefight The Century Long Battle to integrate the FDNY is a really fascinating book about the history of New York City and the civil rights struggle in the entire country

  8. Teri Rainey Teri Rainey says:

    Great story Super interesting piece of history that if not for this book would have gone untold

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