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  • Im With You Until The End
  • tearsandholdme
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  • 06 June 2016

6 thoughts on “Im With You Until The End

  1. Dalia Dalia says:

    Stiles gets pregnant with his fuck buddy who's a douchebag and a psycho when they're drunk Stiles decides to uit college and come back to Beacon Hills to sort himself outDerek is curious why Stiles is back and what's going on with him But Stiles doesn't want to tell him the reason After Derek finally gets the answer he wants to help Stiles at least financially Even though he's not the sperm donor he still can take the role as a father If Stiles will let himIt takes a long time for Stiles and Derek to become a couple and have sexy times “We've done the jobs hand jobs blow jobs rim jobs all the jobs But the sex? No he gets worried that his dick with thrust into the baby's face or he'll get too rough and hurt him” he muttered “We're waiting till he's born and we're comfortable” There's lots of arguing and screaming I was fine with it for about first 25% then I just wanted them to shut up SeriouslyThere's also nice fluff really overprotective Derek and some angst Truly the angst wasn't impressive I kinda didn't feel it at all But shh Don't listen to meI expected it to be much better pouts

  2. Adrianamae Adrianamae says:

    Styles finally gets rids of his virginity Both times The one with the dude though left him pregnant The guy is a douchebag who makes his life impossible so he goes home to Papa and Beacon Hill Styles is in a bad mood to say the least He's constantly fighting with everyone especially Derek who wants to be there for him Styles insults Derek Styles fights with Derek Styles insults Derek again I have never seen Derek so patientStyles fights with Derek or he's complaining about the pregnancy He's bloated He's fat Pregnancy Pregnancy All about the pregnancy More pregnancy On and on and onbut through this there are moments of fluff cuddling and tenderness not only from Styles but from the most loyal and sweetest pack of all Naturally we have a happily ever after which ends withcan you guess???? Yep another pregnancy banging head in keyboard

  3. Dena Dena says:

    I DNF'd this one Stiles was too much of a jerk to Derek for no reason and there were too many mistakes

  4. Hrtnsoul28 Hrtnsoul28 says:

    Good Re read and still like it

  5. Maya Maya says:

    25 stars

  6. Gwendolyn Gwendolyn says:

    Stiles was a big ol jerk

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Im With You Until The End[Download] ➼ Im With You Until The End Author tearsandholdme – Sterek AUStiles has a secret and a choice Derek is the one to step in and become the salvation he never knew he neededWords106587 complete Sterek AUStiles has a secret and a You Until Kindle Ð choice Derek is the one to step in and become the salvation he never knew he neededWords complete.