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The Bird Key ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Bird Key Author Nicola Mar – Buyprobolan50.co.uk When Arnold sees a bird he can't believe his eyes Will he finally be able to go outside without being killed A 5000 word short story When Arnold sees a bird he can't believe his eyes Will he finally be able to go outside without being killed A word short story.

  • ebook
  • 18 pages
  • The Bird Key
  • Nicola Mar
  • English
  • 09 July 2016

2 thoughts on “The Bird Key

  1. Silver Screen Videos Silver Screen Videos says:

    Post apocalyptic science fiction tends to be about the gloomiest subgenre there is with most stories taking place in a desert wasteland where a handful of bedraggled survivors take on a host of zombies mutants monsters and biker gang rejects So it's a refreshing change to read Nicola Mar's well thought out short story The Bird Key in which life goes on or less normally and an overall optimistic spirit overcomes a bit of a flimsy story lineIn author Mar’s fictional world what is apparently Western civilization was pretty much wiped out some 70 years ago by a series of drone strikes The drones killed anything that moved which pretty much decimated the human and animal population except for some survivors who have rebuilt a civilization of sorts in a giant tower that extends over 100 stories below ground as well as dozens of stories aboveground The survivors work live and raise families while always remaining inside the building knowing that the few attempts to leave over the years have brought back the drones with deadly conseuences The protagonist of the story a 13 year old boy named Arnold is ready to accept this state of affairs until he has an up close and personal meeting with a live bird that flies into his apartment and then disappears without a trace Arnold soon figures out that there may be a good bit of life in the woods surrounding the building that’s the only home Arnold has ever knownObviously in a 20 page short story an author can’t completely describe a futuristic society but Mar does a very good job of sketching in enough of the particulars to give readers a pretty good idea of what Arnold’s life must be like She refers to the building in which Arnold and several hundred or thousand others live as a castle and is a bit vague about its overall structure but it appears to be a high rise uasi apartment building with a whole lot of sub basements In any event she captures the overall mood of Arnold and the others he encounters including a couple of considerably older people uite well Further she is uite skilled at weaving the background material about the history of the castle into the narrative avoiding the trap some new authors fall into of providing a huge expository information dump that grinds a story to a halt Instead she fills in enough of the pieces gradually over the course of the 20 pages to familiarize readers without boring themUnfortunately setting the stage for the fictional world of “The Bird Key” and Arnold’s place in that world of necessity takes up a good bit of verbiage so that by the time some rather momentous decisions come into play the story is just about over And it pretty much just ends at that point It’s not a cliffhanger ending but it’s not really dramatically satisfying either Instead “Bird Key” reads like a prologue to a longer book that Mar has written or intends to write And like a prologue of a novel the story would read better as an introduction than as a standalone workThose who expect a short story to tell a complete story may well be disappointed in “The Bird Key” as I was to a certain extent However Mar’s vivid descriptions bring an intriguing world to life and succeed at creating a mood in readers that is definitely worth reading for science fiction or speculative fiction fans The author clearly has put a lot of thought into setting up this 20 page story and the attention to detail shows Even with a somewhat incomplete ending “The Bird Key” manages to fly high most of the way

  2. Rachel Tetley Rachel Tetley says:

    I loved this book I was hooked from the first page The story telling was reminiscent of Neil Gaiman of whom I am a huge fan and I found myself tearing through the pages desperate to find out what was going on I don't want to give too much away but this is a fresh perspective on a subject that has been widely covered recently but always in the same way making this enchanting and uniue tale truly intriguing and satisfying The only problem now is that I need to know

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