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  1. JB JB says:

    I waited to start this book until it was released last week on Audible I finished it last night while driving around my neighborhood because I simply couldn't stop listeningThere are so many things that are right with this book that it is difficult to find a place to start Here are a few that really stood out for me I've read very few authors of fiction that can so accurately involve the readerlistener into the experience of war Not just describe the experience But truly bring you INTO the experience The emotions the thoughts the smell the taste of acid in your mouth the resolve to push forward in spite of fear understanding the real fear letting your teammates down and the war inside of a man of faith who is also a warrior In the same way the experience of battle is developed in such understandable detail the character development of the primary character in this novel is DEEP You really get to know this guy He is surrounded by a series of characters that are believable and interesting each in their own way I can put a name on each one of these people from someone I know in the Teams SOGSAD or CAG It reminds me of the best of Vince Flynn and John Gilstrap in how he captures the interactions within the warrior brotherhood I mentioned this previously but it deserves its own point The author's willingness to explore the internal conflict of someone who holds himself to the standard of being a man of God yet has a past and a talent that leads him back to the very dark world of men that hold themselves to a different standard of evil I kept trying to find a comparable author book or character to what I experienced while listening to this story and there simply isn't one It is that good It is kind of like The Last Jihad series by Joel Rosenberg in that it deals directly and fearlessly with the challenges a man faces if he is to lead a life in accordance with his faith At the same time it is not a book about biblical prophecy It is however a story of good versus evil and of men and women who are willing to step up to face down that evil up close and personally I join others in hoping this starts a long series around this character Chris Paladin and his cohorts Hannah and the irascible Sonny Great job Stephen Thanks for the great ride and for using your talent and experience to spin a tale that was unpredictable and that moved me at the heart level as I read it I highly recommend this book

  2. Eric Eric says:

    35 starsThis is a pretty entertaining book but nothing particularly special The characters are pretty good but didn't really click for me except for Sonny There is also a cannibalistic lunatic terroristThe story is in part about a preacher Navy Seal ? Oh yeah he has sworn a vow of chastity So he can swear kill and lie for the country He can only kiss a nice looking teammate with whom he loves She loves him too but Can this relationship ever work? You get the idea The backstory is pretty good about a terrorist who steals secret information so he can hack into the US Defense system computers to launch terrorist attacks against the US The dialog is loaded with cliches and sometimes are just plain dumb For example the fecal matter is about to hit the rotating bladed device meh There are many others though that had me laughing a few times The plot also has a few holes in it The whole religiousmorality parts of the story never really gained traction with me This is the second book I have read recently where there is a romantic tension that doesn't go anywhere It is just there as a teaser which I don't particularly like that kind of literary manipulationI listened to the audio book and the narrator does a pretty good job with the book I would probably recommend the audio book over a printed version of the bookIf you don't mind some of the plot is lacking this a fun thriller read

  3. J.T. Patten J.T. Patten says:

    Great fast paced novel drawing readers deeper into the flames of operational activity hell Attrition goes beyond body count Templin captures warriors' souls Hardware is real situational responses are real and the heat of the moment humor is real There are numerous great thriller writers in the marketplace but Stephen Templin brings great writing and authenticity to the story for an easy to follow thrill ride with a uniue characters and twists

  4. Chad Malone Chad Malone says:

    Templin got me uickly engaged with an incredibly deep and diverse main character Once engaged the book was hard to put down and the action fast paced Templin is really becoming Clancy's heir apparent in my book Great read Can't wait for the next installment

  5. Kate August Kate August says:

    What would happen if a terrorist attempted to steal the guidance system for a new predator drone? What happens to a hero torn between his service as a Navy SEAL and his service to God? Moreover what would happen if your hero’s closest friend were a CIA spook capable of pushing all the right buttons?Stephen Templin’s newest foray into the military–fiction genre “Trident's First Gleaming A Special Operations Group Thriller” screams onto the page with heart pounding action fast paced writing and an intense story line The book is cover to cover nonstop page turning cannot put the book down action sprinkled with flashes of brilliance thrown in for good measureThis is the author’s third military fiction novel and by far his best effort Templin definitely stepped up his writing game to a completely new level for this one “Trident's First Gleaming A Special Operations Group Thriller” should most definitely be in your “to read” pile of books Positively inspired entertainment

  6. Chris Chris says:

    Fast paced couldn't put it down at night a thrill a minute An ex SEAL turned minister who is asked by the government to go in find a crashed drone before it gets into the hands of a terrorist that he's dealt with before He's teamed with a beautiful woman and therein lies a problem trying to be faithful to his religious teachings I would love to see this as a continuing series If you're looking for a good thriller that will just blow you away this is the book for you I'd give it six stars if I could

  7. Gea Gea says:

    This was an entertaining read that I listened to on audiobook and had a hard time putting down I was especially drawn to the story because I was intrigued by the protagonist Navy Seal Chris Paladin who also happens to be a minister I was curious about the potential conflict or philosophical uestions that a highly trained killer and a man of God might run into And Chris Paladin was the best part of this book He was the most deeply drawn character I liked his voice and he always sounds human and vulnerable not like the fearless Super Hero Navy Seals are sometimes described as being But I wish Templin would have delved a little deeply into the internal tension Paladin feels between his life as a minster and as a Seal He really had no issues with being a minister and killing although he did struggle to control his hatred and potential impulse for cruelty I guess I wanted philosophy but this is an action novel so I'm probably expecting too muchHannah has major potential and was a really cool character She's a bit shifty and ambiguous which is fitting for a CIA agent and she is a total badass in a believable female way She's also an atheist and although Chris is very attracted to her this is obviously an issue I just wished we had learned about her Templin doesn't delve into her character much at all and even during downtime between action scenes when Chris is on a plane with her or sharing a hotel room with her we don't learn any about who she is I want HannahMy greatest issue with this novel and the reason I only gave it three stars was the lack of setting and description Trident's First Gleaming takes place in Syria Turkey and DC I spent almost three weeks in Turkey which is an exotic and incredibly visual place but I haven't been to Ankara and Templin did not paint a picture for me I've never been to Syria another dramatic looking place I imagine and I was very curious to hear what it was like but again Templin didn't describe it much at all I'm almost sure he's been to these places and I hope in his next novel he develops setting deeply And description there's very little of this also I know it's no longer the fad to describe characters in exhaustive detail and I don't expect that but I'd like a little description as the story goes along Chris and Hannah and Sonny are constantly running and fighting and scheming and I was curious to hear how they were holding up in a visual way What Hannah might look like after jumping a wall or running for blocks or even just resting in the hotel room I wanted to know how Chris saw her Despite these issues the story was strangely compelling I kept listening mostly because I wanted to know not how the story ended but what was going to happen to Chris Paladin I became invested in his character He is the best and most interesting part of Trident's First Gleaming which is a good thing because this story is all about him I am not one for reading series but Chris and Hannah are two people I will take at least one journey withPS Two other things I liked Chris' backstory and his spiritual connection with firearms His relationship to guns is something I never would have imagined akin to a Samurai and his sword

  8. David Dalton David Dalton says:

    Sometimes it is tough to write a bad review I was expecting to enjoy this thriller but was very disappointed Not to be too hard on other reviewers but this is NOT a 5 star book by any stretch of the imagination and not even a 4 star Maybe a 3 maybe I settled for twoFor one thing it was too simple Things came too easy for the 3 main characters in the book I have read many special ops thrillers and stories by Brad Thor Jon Land and David Morrell and this story was not close to any of those The whole SEAL turned preacher angle was really nothing Our hero uits the SEALs and becomes a preacher and then is right back into the special ops mix Only a couple of pages were spent on his time as a preacher I could done without the love angle aspect as well A better book to choose along these lines would be by James Byron Huggins on my favorites book shelfAnd some elements of the story were stretched too thin One of the bad guys took the main character hostage when he was a kidThen somehow is involved with this guy as an adult? The main villain just happens to choose a SEAL instructor close to our hero as one of his victims? Thank goodness I picked up this title on sale I would be highly upset to have spent big on this Story was too simple the preacherSEAL aspect was not really a factor the hero kills people at the drop of a hat but won't drink a beer whines all the time about saving himself for marriage all very noble but then he spends most the story working side by side with this hot special agent As I mentioned above Huggins's character in The Reckoning was a very religious character as well but was NOT a wimpy character Ditto for the main character in by Ted Dekker All in all very bland and too vanilla for me

  9. Robert Lawrence Robert Lawrence says:

    Loved it Non stop action with very likable characters I was initially hesitant after reading that the main character was a former SEAL turned preacher but having read all of Mr Templin's previous works I knew this one would be a trip

  10. William Bentrim William Bentrim says:

    Trident's First Gleaming by Stephen TemplinOnce again Stephen Templin pulls his plot from current events Chris Paladin is the protagonist who is trying to balance his SEAL handle of Reverend with his self image and personal identity when faced with grossly immoral terrorists Drones and cyber warfare are in the news daily Templin combines the two for an action adventure that includes a great deal of soul searching by Chris Paladin Paladin's character is highly complex and very introspective He is contrasted against Dr Mordet a psychopathic terrorist with a mystical streak The action and adventure are fast and often brutal The characterizations are adeuate with Paladin and Mordet receiving the most detail Paladin's attempt to justify his role as a SEAL and protector of our freedom with his role as an actual Reverend and his need to protect his and others souls add a intriguing level of complexity to what might otherwise be just another terrorist oriented action adventure I enjoyed the book

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Tridents First Gleaming (Special Operations Group #1) [Download] ➶ Tridents First Gleaming (Special Operations Group #1) Author Stephen Templin – Former SEAL Chris Paladin leaves SEAL Team Six to become a pastor but CIA spook Hannah Andrade pulls him back into Special Operations Group the ultra secret unit that SEAL Team Six operators and other Former SEAL Chris Paladin leaves SEAL Team Six to become a pastor but CIA spook Hannah Andrade pulls him back into Tridents First PDF \ Special Operations Group the ultra secret unit that SEAL Team Six operators and others served under to eliminate bin Laden Chris and Hannah are joined by Delta Force’s Sonny Cohen to stop a new terrorist threat from launching a deadly cyber terror against the United StatesPraise for Steve’s books“As action packed as a Tom Clancy thrillerharrowingadrenaline laced”–Michiko Kakutani The New York Times“Pulses with the grit of a Jerry Bruckheimer production”–Stephen Lowman The Washington PostPraise for Trident’s First GleamingAnother great novel reflecting our Spec Ops forces’ global capabilities Written by a proven and insightful master storyteller” –Howard E Wasdin SEAL Team Six Sniper and NYT Bestselling Author of SEAL Team Six Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL Sniper“Stephen Templin’s Trident’s First Gleaming is a muscular thrill ride that’s rich with detail and full of heart and energy A stand out in the ranks of modern action adventure thrillers Trident’s First Gleaming is a blast” –Mark Greaney NYT Bestselling Coauthor of Command Authority by Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney“There are few authors who have as deep an understanding of the shadowy world of global special operations as Stephen Templin And there are fewer still who can synthesize that knowledge into a thrilling narrative so deftly In Trident’s First Gleaming Stephen weaves a tale that reflects today’s complicated reality where motives and allegiances are rarely black and white and there are no easy answers Even impressively he manages to do this while still bringing plenty of visceral gunfights and car chases” –Chris Martin Bestselling Author of Beyond Neptune Spear and Shaping the World from the Shadows.

  • Paperback
  • Tridents First Gleaming (Special Operations Group #1)
  • Stephen Templin
  • English
  • 08 October 2015

About the Author: Stephen Templin

wwwstephentemplincom Steve is a NYT USA Today and international bestselling author with the movie rights to one of his books purchased Tridents First PDF \ by Vin Diesel His books have been translated into languages and he publishes with three of the Big publishers Simon and Schuster Macmillan and Hachette UK Steve's writing is action packedharrowingadrenaline laced New York TimesHe wasn't a SEAL but he completed Hell Week ualified as a pistol and rifle expert blew up stuff and practiced small unit tactics during Basic Underwater DemolitionSEAL BUDS training Later Steve became a missionary Then for years he lectured as a tenured professor at Meio University in Japan where he trained in the martial art aikido His PhD is in education and he lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area Secretly he's a dark chocolate thief Feel free to talk with him on Twitter or FacebookALSO BY STEPHEN TEMPLINSpecial Operations Group ThrillersTrident’s First Gleaming From Russia without Love Autumn Assassins Assassin’s Sons Special Operations Group Short StoryDead in Damascus NonfictionNavy SEAL Training Class My BUDS JournalSEAL Team Six Memoirs of an Elite Navy SEAL SniperI Am a SEAL Team Six Warrior Young Adult version of SEAL Team SixSEAL Team Six Outcast NovelsSEAL Team Six Outcasts Easy Day for the Dead .