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we knew the hands of the devil ➹ we knew the hands of the devil Free ➯ Author Grimm (AO3) – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Derek will never forget the sound Stiles makes when the alphas take himIt's small so soft a human never would have caught it but to Derek it's as loud as cannon fire; a uick panicked intake of air tha Derek will never the hands MOBI ò forget the sound Stiles makes when the alphas take himIt's small so soft a human never would have caught it but to Derek it's as loud as cannon fire; a uick panicked intake of air that's not a shout not a scream It's desperate and frightened and almost Derek's name and it hurts him to the core Derek roars as Kali lifts Stiles off the bed the boy struggling against her hold like an oversized doll come to life Derek fights against the twins we knew Kindle - red mist boiling in his vision fury and terror pumping through his veinsSay goodbye Derek Kali says softly triumphantly You'll never see him againFandom Teen Wolf DerekStiles Words complete.

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  1. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Okay my second read through was less physically painful and heartbreakingActually the lump I still have in my throat is physically painful but whateverMade me cry about 5 times especially at the end and during this sceneview spoilerDoes this mean we're wolf married now?YesForever?ForeverActually I pretty much snivelled every time the scar on Stiles'chest was mentioned hide spoiler

  2. Jenni Lea Jenni Lea says:

    This story This fucking storyIt annihilated me I feel like I'm coming home from battle not sure if we've won Not sure if I'll ever be the same I feel somewhat brokenCan you get PTSD from a story?Though I have to sayIt was worth it

  3. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    5 Freaking Fantastic StarsAs one reads these amazing fics in all their beautiful variable glory I find that the ones I love the most are those that are closest to canon I'm not going to lie This hurt But at the same time it was f'n amazing This is the rare fic from Derek's point of view and it is a thing a beauty Stiles is kidnapped by the alpha group and Derek is left floundering in grief and guilt as he tries to survive without him while remembering what they had beforeDerek could lay here forever entombed with Stiles in a ray of dusty sunlight He knows the hammer will drop sooner rather than later but he's no longer ready to die not with Stiles looking at him like he is now like Derek's something preciousApparently I also like Derek as the fatalist self sacrificing martyr He's afraid of many things losing his pack failing his pack falling in love being loved all of which make him the constipated wolf that he is The story flashes from the present to the past giving glimpses of how he and Stiles fell in love each scene poignant heavy full of importance as they come to realize what they mean to each other These private intimate soul baring proclamations of their feelings are my favorite parts they grab you kick you in the gut twist your heart because their love spans separation miles deathIt's not just that they love each other He knows that he doesn't want to lose Stiles he realizes that he doesn't want Stiles to lose himI urge you to not be afraid of the angst This is so worth it and you'll love this ship even after reading it if that's even possible

  4. Jennifer☠Pher☠ Jennifer☠Pher☠ says:

    Re read 052415I wonder if I cried the first time? I surely just did this time Amazing fic Absolutely amazing So glad that I took the time to re read it So I have realized the best part of being part of a Pack who lives and breathes this shit is that at any time we are able to say no No this isn’t real no this isn’t how it should be We can do this as a Pack because right around the corner there is another tale a better one a fun one a fluffy one or a sexy one We have the choiceI was scared to read this one I had Pack who loved it I had Pack who feared it I even had the Pack Member I share Stiles with change her fucking rating What is a girl to do? Because really I am already sharing A LOTI read it I read it and scream no no no at the beginning I fear what is to come I fear the story how it will play out and I LOVEEach of us who reads Sterek has a vision? A thought? I don’t know we have a something Some have watched the show some haven’t We know what we like what we believe to be real and what we just glaze over and pretend didn’t happenAfter reading this I have new thoughtsI will never ever ever look at Derek in his leather jacket the same way This story gave that jacket life and I will believe it and live it and treasure itThis story gave Stiles’ layers life I will never ever ever uestion his plaid button ups or his hoodies or his T Shirts which all seem to happen at the same timeWow these traits now liveThis book was deep This book gave me what I wanted and ripped it away and gave me back something better than my brain could even conceiveBeautiful is what this was As absolutely painful as it was joyful WowI got a lot of pictures for this one Get over it

  5. Meep Meep says:

    Extrememly poignant Sterek fic an emotional story that meanders through the past joy of Stiles and Derek getting together the strong real grief of their forced parting and the story of Stiles' returnIt's bitterseet reading though the end is a happy one Derek's feelings come across strongly This is not your usual flaily funny StilesI'm not generally a fan of stories with varying timelines and once or twice it did cause me pause where it's not clearly marked almost lost a star but at the same time it suits the mood It gives an added feeling of Derek's state of mind how some memories are real than his presentPowerful read it's mood wont suit everyone's taste but I loved it

  6. Otila Otila says:

    Reading this story fuckin' hurtStiles is kidnapped by the Alpha pack and is missing for 8 months and going through the loss of Stiles from Derek's POV is heart breaking His pain and sorrow losing himself to the wolf it was powerful and emotional I would've loved an epilogue though to help heal my battered heart a bit

  7. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    Such gorgeous word use at the end Simply lovely

  8. ~Mindy Lynn~ ~Mindy Lynn~ says:

    35This was a good angsty story I liked that it started off with a bang right at the beginning and didn't waste any time getting to the goods especially it being under a 100 pages I'm not one for shorties and anything under 200 pages is considered short for me but this one turned out to be uite good Thanks for the rec Rosa XOXO

  9. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    Would have liked this a lot better if it weren't one of those out of order stories but it was still really good It was just hard to follow the time line sometimes

  10. Janie Janie says:

    I absolutely loved this one I usually am not a big fan of stories going back and forth from the present to the past but it worked in this one It was better that way

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