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City of Angles ❮Read❯ ➪ City of Angles Author Stefan Gagne – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Buildings next to buildings askew or aligned Buildings sometimes intersecting buildings for that matter Walk down a hallway end up in a ballroom double glass doors to a subway station third exit on th Buildings next to buildings askew or aligned Buildings sometimes intersecting buildings for that matter Walk down a hallway end up in a ballroom double glass City of PDF \ doors to a subway station third exit on the left goes to a hardware store that sells only hammers No screwdrivers no chisels not even any nails—just hammers You’d be surprised how many problems you can solve with a hammer if you really put your mind to itThere’s no rhyme or reason to any of it—we’ve got streets which lead to dead ends roads which criss cross and loop back around highways which go nowhere Literally nowhere as in anybody going down that road is not coming back This is not a good place to wander off unless you like wandering off foreverNobody knows where the city came from Nobody knows how we got here Nobody knows why any of this is happening But it’s happening The city exists We are here now It’s growing every day and bringing new people with itWe live a life amidst the twisted yet familiarIf we’re going to survive this if we’re going to stay alive and thrive we need to learn to live in the City of Angleshere’s an angle to considerEverybody likes to plan for their future Graduate in this many years pay off your student loan in that many years get married and have kids in the meanwhile things like that It’s easy to think you know what’s coming around the corner when you’ve been focused on it like a laser for much of your early lifeBut in the City of Angles the corners are both obtuse and acute You can walk down its sidewalks and end up somewhere wildly different from where you started after only a few short steps If you’re especially unlucky you can step in an open manhole and have your entire world fall away replaced by something terrifying and alien Things like student loans careers and family become lesser concerns when facing down a whirling ball of madness that can strip flesh from bone at best and the very sanity from your mind at worstEven for those who resolve to ride out the waves of chaos embracing the wild nature of the City there exists a darker menace than the City itself A menace beyond the City an external thing which lies beyond the shores of daydream and nightmare It gnaws at the edges jealous and hungry waiting for the perfect moment to strike because no matter how unpleasant you think your life may be in the City of Angles it’s paradise compared to the living hells that lurk beyond a shadow’s width Even demons want to crawl out from the pit and find something better in the endWhen that primeval force comes into contact with everything you know and hold dear it’s even difficult to say where the road will take you The best you can do is hold on to what you have and fight for what you believe in without losing who you are along the way Because there’s a distinct difference between fighting for a belief and fighting to survive It’s very possible to win one fight and not the other As you gaze into the eyes of a demon and find something very familiar within them will your ideals fall away Or will you find a way to stand true.

  • ebook
  • City of Angles
  • Stefan Gagne
  • English
  • 17 January 2014

About the Author: Stefan Gagne

As a general creative muck a bout Stefan is a professional independent game developer a web designer and apparently also an author He lives on City of PDF \ the Internet and is an okay guy Stefan specializes in strange cross genre web novels blending science fiction with urban fantasy comedy with drama and peanut butter with jam His stories are available for free online and as paper and electronic boo.

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