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  • Damon Snow and the Nocturnal Lessons
  • Olivia Helling
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  • 13 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Damon Snow and the Nocturnal Lessons

  1. Erica Chilson Erica Chilson says:

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads4 stars overall3 stars for the beginning5 stars for the ending I want to preface this review by stating I had a very very difficult time starting this novella and keeping engaged It wasn't the genre as I'm an avid Regency and MM reader There was something about the writing style or the execution of the introduction Why am I stating this? Because if I hadn't had to read this title for reviewing purposes I would have stopped and went to another book and that would have been a travesty So for those struggling please keep reading Around the 45% mark I couldn't put the book down But at the same time I didn't want it to end I enjoyed Damon being inside his head and I found the rest of the cast of characters very engaging Byrne was a fantastic characterOne word kept coming to mind as I read the novella Darling It was hot and sweet yet realistic giving you the darker emotional side of being a Molly I cannot wait for Damon's next lesson Above was my review below is the writer in me wanting to start a dialogue with either the author or other readers because I love to Book Club a book Meaning I love to discuss it IncubusI have two thoughts rattling in my head about the 'Incubus' part of the storyline For it to be paranormal in nature then I need paranormal content The Incubus part of the storyline was completely glossed over with little worldbuilding or explanation besides a sentence here or there Personally I was glad I didn't think it was necessary I would have liked the story just fine without it What I believe if I were writing this title is Damon isn't an incubus at all He was born into a world where that was a great excuse to explain away the mother's indiscretions and then he suffered the conseuences It's also the only way he could deal with the emotional fallout of having a father who never claimed him a mother who blamed him and a way to deal with being a Molly Just blame all that emotion on being an Incubus It's a childhood delusion that manifested into a very real belief for our hero I could be wrong Probably am But as I said this was my 'book club' portionWould I recommend this title Yes but soldier through the beginningWill I continue this series Yes can't wait to see what adventures Byrne thrusts Damon into for the sake of 'journaling' Would I read by this author most definitely

  2. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    This was very well written but it wasn't your typical romance I'm not even sure if it ualifies as a romance Damon is a male prostitute and an incubus One of his clients is dying and tells him that if he brings him the real story of one of his johns he will make him his heir and leave him all his moneySo the love story really isn't about the MC at all but about two people Damon knows a fellow prostitute and one of his clients who have fallen in loveI thought the incubus bit didn't really add anything to the story it was really almost an afterthought He was a hooker who just happened to be an incubus

  3. Emily Emily says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSo I didn't realize that this is not only a series but of a serial when I started reading it so I just wanted to give fair warning While the book does have a satisfying conclusion it also has a bit of a cliffhanger ending that leads into the next book so be warnedOverall though this was an interesting story for me Part romance part erotic part mystery and part suspense and totally intriguing I thought this was just going to be some erotic short story but instead I got a lot I was drawn into the story searching for answers and wanting to know the truth behind both Bryne and Damon I enjoyed it than I though I would which is saying somethingEven though this book does bring the conflict to a close many uestions still remain Who is Bryne and why is he doing this? What is going to happen to Damon at the end of his lessons? Are all my crazy conspiracy theories going to come true?? Ahem Sorry about that Anyways while I have my ideas about the answers to these uestions I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next books in this series as I can't wait to see where the author takes these characters and storyline I would definitely recommend giving this book a try you might just be pleasantly surprised

  4. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    4 StarsI'm not sure why this is rated so low except that maybe the less than HFN ending left me wanting That's a good thing

  5. Lisa Reynolds Lisa Reynolds says:

    Nocturnal Lessons 2014 by Olivia Helling is the first book in the Damon Snow series of books It was a wonderful read from start to finish The story is set in Mother Dover’s brothel where protagonist Damon works He is someone who acts very sure of himself all macho doesn’t believe in love doesn’t believe it exists and yet as the book progresses we see that his emotions about love begin to change slightly and he begins to be slightly open to the prospect and shows that there is romance in his heart when he plays cupid for his friend who works as a prostitute alongside him Kendall and a client Price He’s very interesting and there is a complexness there within him that is going to make for a very interesting series of books And he seems to have a really good heart that he’s buried deep in order not to be hurt Helling writes into her stories a variety of very rounded characters with their own individual personalities so while you’ll probably like all the main characters you will probably take to one so than the others For me I took very much to Kendall I think he reminded me a lot of myself and I knew where he was coming from a lot There’s a vulnerability to Kendall but there’s a lot of strength there too He has come from a very difficult situation and he’s determined but also daunted by the prospect of happiness with Price And he’s bit of an old romantic too Price was a wonderful character too He is a character that you get to know as each layer peels away of his story and his personality And then there’s Byrne who is Damon’s mentor He seems like uite a complex character His intentions seem to make sense but his method is very complex and you aren’t always sure where he’s going with it But hey that’s probably a good thing as it’s a series Rogers is also a great character He’s sort of played a supporting role in this book but I kind of hope in books to come that he’s going to end up with Damon There is a kind of a comfort and ease with the two of them when they are together which I think is great and I’d love to see them progressing to the next level Be warned I haven’t read the rest of the books yet so I’m probably barking up the wrong tree with that one Damon is an incubus and I’ll just touch on that fact briefly I had to Google what it meant I didn’t think it added much to the first book but as a series I think it will feature most likely in future books and I think we were probably introduced to that fact for the sake of the plot of future books than this one I think it was interesting however though to make him an incubus and not make it a central theme because after all it’s only a part of him and there’s so much to him than the fact he’s an incubusThis book is an interesting story of love learning about life and love friendship and Damon’s search to find himself It is interesting throughout and leaves you wanting to know what happens in the books that follow to Damon Kendall and co I intend to read the rest of the series in the future This book is a must read Helling has a very natural writing style Completely the kind of style I like in writing The writer who came to mind who I would compare Helling’s writing to was Agatha Christie Obviously the genres they write are very different but the way they put it down on paper is similar and I think that’s really cool

  6. Jenn (not Lily) Jenn (not Lily) says:

    It was okbut not amazing I think I'm done with this series Just not enough here to be worth the angsty ennui to get to the HEAHFN Oh wellat least it was short

  7. Jayne Jayne says:

    This was a good read but definitely not what I expected This is a series but I am not interested in Damon Snow enough to continue the story

  8. WhatAStrangeDuck WhatAStrangeDuck says:

    This was actually a lot better than I expected it to be and truth be told I only got it because it was free at the time After reading the Godsbane Prince books by this author my expectations weren't that high but I'm pleasantly surprisedI'm way into book two by now so I can't really be sure that all I'm going to say is true for book one Sorry about that Then again it's a serial really and as far as I can tell reading just a single book won't do you any good So far it seems that the author actually went for a bigger character arc which I applaud So this is a story about an incubus who works as a prostitute I hear a lot of people going yay but I expected a lot of skipping sex scenes on my part Strangely enough I didn't because so far it made sense to integrate them because they actually help the characterization of the MC It's possible Wonders never cease In book one Damon actually doesn't like sex very much but he needs in order to survive which makes all the repellent That's interestingWords of warning so far not a Romance tm because duh deeply disturbed rentboyAnyhow I got the bundle Damon Snow Boxset Books 1 4 which is way affordable than getting the single installments

  9. M& M& says:

    I am not sure what to say about this book Let me think here for a secondSo Hmmm OK UghParanormal aspect I have no idea why it is even mentioned to tell you the truth unless it's relevant somewhere down the line in book 5 I just don't see it playing a significant role in incubus turned dirt poor rentboy setup in the near future There are no superpowers There is not a sniff of something dark or magical in the air Any talented and eager rentboy with years of experience on top of it should know how to satisfy and manipulate clients LanguageI do like and read historicalsclassics But still I managed to get tangled in pinks flats culls and what have youTime SettingThere are no references to the historical period except for the opening sentence There is no paranormal world building MC's world is tight So tight in fact I feel claustrophobic This whole affair could be happening on Alpha Centauri 1649 years from now it's so bland where the environment is concernedPositiveThe story turned around close to the middle and allowed for interesting developing which I did not anticipate at all A star for that However I don't believe I will be continuing this series Unless I am in dire need of a super uick read2 stars for the first 40 50% 4 for the rest of it

  10. Ruthie Taylor Ruthie Taylor says:

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is a short read which I would surmise is set in early Dickensian London Poverty and perversity abound in large cities and Damon is a Molly or rent boy In order to benefit from a dying client's inheritance he is set some lessons This book provides the first That I found uite enjoyable What I haven't yet understood is what the incubus element that is alluded to within the 'blurb' fits into the plot The next lesson will be in the next release

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Damon Snow and the Nocturnal Lessons❰Download❯ ➵ Damon Snow and the Nocturnal Lessons Author Olivia Helling – Buyprobolan50.co.uk In the shadow world of Regency molly houses love can’t be possible – can itDamon Snow thinks he has the world figured out As an incubus demon and male prostitute the world is a cruel dark and lone In the and the PDF Ì shadow world of Regency molly houses love can’t be possible – can Damon Snow Kindle - itDamon Snow thinks he has the world figured out As an incubus demon and male Snow and the ePUB ↠ prostitute the world is a cruel dark and lonely place where men only want one thingWhen his long time patron Byrne discovers he's dying Byrne offers to leave his entire fortune to DamonThere's only one catch Damon has to investigate and write about the reason another patron Price visits him Easy – the same reason as all menBut what starts as an easy assignment turns into an impossible secret the last thing Damon would ever suspect If men only want one thing how can one possibly fall in love.