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His Diamond of Convenience Call of Duty #4 ➟ His Diamond of Convenience Call of Duty #4 free download ➤ Author Maisey Yates – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Dmitri Markin meets his match Twelve years ago Victoria Calder made a mistake that cost her father his business Now she finally has a chance to atone And if that means going toe to toe with the arrest Dmitri Markin meets his of Convenience MOBI î match Twelve years ago Victoria Calder made a mistake that cost her father his business Now she finally has a chance His Diamond Kindle - to atone And if that means going toe to toe with the arresting Dmitri Markin she's prepared to step into the ringand put his on her Diamond of Convenience MOBI õ finger Dmitri—former martial arts fighter present day pleasure seeker—is a man who likes to win The beautiful Ms Calder might have initially shocked him with her Diamond of Convenience Call of Kindle - proposition but there's than one advantage to the deal she's proposing If this dedicated bachelor is going to surrender to marriage it certainly won't be in name only.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • His Diamond of Convenience Call of Duty #4
  • Maisey Yates
  • 23 May 2015
  • 9780373138074

About the Author: Maisey Yates

New York Times and of Convenience MOBI î USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband whose chiseled jaw and His Diamond Kindle - arresting features continue to make her swoon She feels the epic trek she takes several times a day from her office to her coffee maker is Diamond of Convenience MOBI õ a true example of her pioneer spirit In at the age of twenty three Maisey sold her first book Since then.

10 thoughts on “His Diamond of Convenience Call of Duty #4

  1. Vashti Vashti says:

    The story started out slow but picked up in the middle when the Hh had interaction with each otherLoved the fact that the hero was an ex MMA fighter and tattooed this is a first for an hp I believe The heroine was to brittle for my likingbut she grew on meSexual tension high with some bondage thrown in to the mixMY really knows how to write the tortured heroGood read for the MY fan

  2. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    I like kick ass heroines but Victoria Calder was such a cold and sarcastic character that made her totally not endearing to me The first time she meets the hero “Do you own a shirt Mr Markin?” She looked him up and down doing her best to keep her expression disinterested “Because I have yet to see evidence of it”“I do but I don’t always see occasion to wear one Doest it bother you?”“Not at all I was merely concerned You are a billionaire so obviously I assumed you were than able to cover the expenses in your life But if not I’m happy to take up a collection Charity is after all my area of expertise” I was like So the hero Dimitri Markin Russian tattooed ex MMA fighter or martial arts fightercouldn’t uite figure out what he was exactlynow is a billionaire who needs to be accepted by society so he can do his charity work I was uite so so about this heroI prefer my Mills Boon’s heroes to be sophisticated guysyes I am shallow and I admitbut saying that I prefer him to icy Victoria At least he had some heartOkay Victoria needs to get her family’s company back to her fatherthe only problem is Dimitri owns it She makes him an offershe will get him an introduction into society even marry him temporarily yes she comes from a society familyand in return he gives her back her father’s companyNow if it was meI would tell her to take a hike Why would he want to do anything for someone so unlikable and snotty is beyond meBut old Dimitri is smitten by this high class woman and he finds her uite a turn onso why not???The usual traumatic childhood fighting off attraction misunderstandingsand even a bit of bondagewhich I found to be somewhat forced and made no sense to me in adding anything to what would make these two characters actually get togetherI have read some really awesome books by this author but also some that kind of missed the mark for meand this one is one of those

  3. Esther Esther says:

    RereadThis was just what I was in the mood for Full of emotion angst and two strong characters that fall in love Alpha hero strong heroine with a soft hear

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Heroine was too cold and hard but I liked her better towards the end Also the fact that at 16 she had a relationship with her father's married co worker felt icky Also as usually in a MY book there was no epilogue Still it was an intense read and the last few chapters were enjoyable It was ok I guess As a big fan of Maisey Yates I was disappointed

  5. Rgreader Rgreader says:

    His Diamond of Convenience has a hero with an uniue history he was a MMA fighter I had high hopes the story would be compelling with that background Unfortunately it was bland The romance was bland I tried to finish but was so underwhelmed I gave up

  6. Charlie Charlie says:

    I half remember this h from her appearance in one of the previous books This one is probably the best of the Call of Duty books I found them not the finest work of the authorThe H in this one is tortured I had all the feels for him even though his decision making hasn't always being the best I liked his drive and determination and his attitude towards womenOur h is less likable in some ways as she is clearly a Pollyanna type trapped in a socialites body Shes beautiful but tortured because of her dumb dad and a mistake she made as a teen and has been trying to make up for it ever since If she weren't rich in her own right you could almost believe she was a goldiggerI liked her spine of steel at the end though when she wasn't willing to settle for less than she deserved well done h and your lil show of backboneH's grovel was ok too

  7. TashNz TashNz says:

    A shelf keeperA fanastic beginning to the story sees high society Vicoria click clack into ex MMA fighter Dimiri's gym and propose marriage laying it out like the clear business transacion it is Dimitiri has somehing Victoria wants and she can in return help him with what he needsExciting story with exciting charachters Dimitri is a hero like no other and adds an extra something to make the story uniue The complete opposite to Victoria who appears ice cold and uite snobbby as the story evolves it's clearly just her self imposed protecive layerWith back stories that show why each person is broken and running His Diamond of Convenience is throughly enjoyable as two lost souls find their way to each other It is a page turner and the break up is heartbreakingly emotionalA shelf keeper

  8. Sissy& Sissy& says:

    Victoria Calder was sixteen years old when she made a mistake that lost her fathers business Now years later she is trying to get it back Dmitri Markin was a Russian boxer and not well off but he has a bad history that seems to keep getting worse Dmitri wants to start a boxing charity to help others like him that was saved through boxing but now one wants to back his charity due to his reputation Victoria comes forward with a deal that she will pretend to be engaged to him for three months if he will give her back her fathers businesses that he bought a few years back This starts their deal and how they both overcame so much of their past to be together

  9. Susan in Perthshire Susan in Perthshire says:

    MY is one of my favourite MB authors and this is yet another well written and deliciously executed story Loved Dimitri but found Victoria an unappealing cold snooty bitch for the first third of the book However The story was so well played that I forgave her

  10. Ipshita Ranjana Ipshita Ranjana says:

    Maisey Yates has yet again written an amazing romance on the marriage of convenience trope Victoria was aloof at first but gradually her ice begin to thaw as the chapters progressed Some would call her frigid but I think she was confident and right in not letting a man make a fool of her again Dmitri is a sexy hero and being a martial arts fighter made him even sexier His charm was lethal and the best thing was that he was self made in every way I loved his confidence his vulnerabilities and everything about himThe romance was passionate and oh so sexyIt had good emotional moments too and a great intensity overall The author’s fans will definitely enjoy this oneRead More

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