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  1. Anne Anne says:

    I had to read this one to my 6 year old in the library the other dayWhich was kind of embarrassing since she reuires me to do the voices when I read But it's all for the Greater Good right?Right?Anyhoo Monster Mash was a riveting addition to the Babymouse library ReallyOur intrepid hero must decide if it's better to Be Yourself or to be one of the cool kids In the end she decides she's rather be coolKiddingShe finds out that it's not much fun pretending to like stuff that you don't and she kicks the Mean Girls to the curbWe clapped at the end Well we made uiet clappy hands After all we were at the library

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    Lovely Halloween children's book with a great message about always being true to yourself and following your own heart Don't try so hard to fit in because you are perfect the way you are Those who matter are the ones who will see and appreciate that

  3. Calista Calista says:

    25 Stars It's a little too old for a 6 year old at least my 6 year old Still this is for kids probably 8 10 depending on your kid Some of the pictures were too gory for my niece and nephew The story was good Babymouse has some mean kids who invite themselves to her Halloween party They encourage her to do bad things like TP a house and egg a house Babymouse is too scared to stand up to them at first Then she finds who she is and she does stand up to them So the story is good I am not a big fan of the art I might try another one of these when the kids are a little older

  4. Amelia Amelia says:

    This book was really good The only thing I did not like about it is that it was very boring in the beginning and pulled me into the story at the end of the book And I like books that is interesting all the way to the end of the book other than that this boom was really good So I gave it 4 STARS

  5. Travis Travis says:

    My worst Halloween costume ever? A member of the hip hop group I prefer “crew” Kris Kross What can I say? It was the early 90s and I was a fan In later years I realized that the costume you pick says a lot about your personality Pick a police officer? You’re trying to be cool Pick a recently popular figure in the media? You’re trying to be funny But that’s mostly just for guys Girls have a whole other set of unwritten Halloween rules and in “Babymouse Monster Mash” we see how those rules can have an impact on your social life Full of the same wit that has been an unfailing hallmark of the Babymouse series “Monster Mash” is a graphic novel full of the sort of real life friend troubles that younger readers will identify withIt’s October and Babymouse is thinking about Halloween When her mother gives the okay to a post trick or treating party Babymouse can’t wait She starts inviting guests but the invitee list soon gets out of hand She even invites Felicia and her posse aka the cool kids But these new friends soon start making demands that our heroine isn’t eager to go along with Although she wants to go as either a warewolf or a zombie Felicia insists Babymouse choose a prettier costume it’s a rule Next Babymouse is forced to ditch her true friends and trick or treat with Felicia and the gang When trick or treat turns into TP ing and egging houses Babymouse realizes that no friends are worth getting in that much trouble forOnce I started reading it was hard to put this one down Babymouse books have a way of keeping the reader engaged all the way through Be it with daydream seuences humorous situations or moments of genuine feeling the plot never plodsThe illustrations created in ink as inventive as ever This is the first Babymouse book to forego the pink color scheme in favor of an appropriate pumpkin orange I think this was a smart move Not only does it instantly ID this as a halloween title but the absence of pink might also result in boys picking it upEntertaining through and through “Monster Mash” is a book you should have on hand

  6. Michael Michael says:

    This was all about an important lesson for Babymouse about peer pressure and Halloween Felicia Furrypaws is again her antagonist the narrator notes the irony of a repeated lesson for Babymouse from book #1 and it is a hard lesson indeed It was not all fun and games but it was a realistic slice of childhood Any lesson that involves zombies must be a good one

  7. Meredith Meredith says:

    Another great Babymouse this time in orange Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed JK it totally works for Halloween I found the ending to be especially satisfying

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Enjoyed this but not as much as the 2 previous volumes I liked the way Babymouse got up the courage to stand up for herself in the end

  9. Ellen Ellen says:

    meh i've never really been a fan of baby mouse so it was meh

  10. Morgan Morgan says:

    This was a very cute little graphic novel I picked up the Halloween one because I am a huge fan of Halloween and I don't have very many holiday themed books at my disposalread library This was very interesting Instead of being a pink book which it looks is the standard of Babymouse novels this one is in orange Very festiveIt talks about peer pressure and the wanting to conform For example for Halloween Babymouse wants to either be a Warewolf a Mummy or a Zombie However one of the popular girls greatly disagrees with this insisting that Babymouse has to be something prettier because she's a girl I think that this idea is something that most girls have one conflict or another with I know personally I really wanted to be the cutesy costume when I was younger rather than the scary ones The thing about this book and from the reviews that I have read of other babymouse books is that Babymouse is always pressured into changing her standards to that of the popular crowd but always chooses to be good and right at the end and understands that being with the popular crowd doesn't make you a good person The reason for this is because the popular girls start eggingTPing houses and Babymouse decides that this is not the right thing to doThis is definitely a series that will lend itself to girls but it could be good to have in a classroom where a lot of girl drama is happeningThe only reason that I didn't give this a five would be because of its audience restrictions as well as the fact that I didn't find the pictures that endearing When looking at graphic novels I personally want pictures that aren't so cartoon y but to each their own I think that children will like it and that is all that really matters Overall good read

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Babymouse Monster Mash ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Babymouse Monster Mash Author Jennifer L. Holm – IT WAS A dark and scary Halloween This year Babymouse is determined to have the best Halloween costume and the best Halloween party ever Will Babymouse be the monster of her dreams Will Felicia Furryp IT WAS A dark and scary Halloween This year Babymouse is determined to have the best Halloween costume and the best Halloween party ever Will Babymouse be the monster of her dreams Will Felicia Furrypaws come to the Babymouse Monster eBook Ù party And is that really the creature from the black lagoon living in Babymouse’s locker Find out in the most exciting Babymouse graphic novel yet Monster Mash.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Babymouse Monster Mash
  • Jennifer L. Holm
  • 13 March 2015
  • 9780375843877

About the Author: Jennifer L. Holm

Jennifer L Holm is a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling children's author and the recipient of three Newbery Honors for her novels OUR ONLY MAY AMELIA PENNY FROM HEAVEN and TURTLE IN PARADISE Jennifer collaborates with her brother Matthew Babymouse Monster eBook Ù Holm on two graphic novel series the Eisner Award winning Babymouse series and the bestselling Suish series She is also the author of several other highly pra.