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A Lesser Aphrodite ➼ [Reading] ➾ A Lesser Aphrodite By Elly Green ➱ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Erato’s Musings classical mythology for the bedroom The gods of Olympus were powerful majestic and seductive rulers of the world Over thousands of years they interacted with the mortal realm; inspir Erato’s Musings classical mythology for the bedroom The gods of Olympus were powerful majestic and seductive rulers of the world Over thousands of years they interacted with the mortal realm; inspiring leadership fear and A Lesser Kindle - passion Their passion for the mortals they ruled over was legendary The stories in this series retell those tales with all the desire and lust originally present Discover what you’ve been missing Hephaestus’s first marriage did not go as planned He had one simple rule for Aphrodite No sleeping with another immortal Had it really been so hard to keep her extramarital adventures to the mortals Then to find himself betrothed to another goddess one of Aphrodite’s handmaidens Hephaestus begins to think this whole marriage thing a bad idea A very bad idea This work contains explicit and graphic sex Intended for adults.

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  1. Uvi Poznansky Uvi Poznansky says:

    This book invites you to unearth old mythological tales bringing them to light in a new way in the voice of Hephaestus a smithing god who is known to make all the weapons of the gods in Olympus I found it so amusing to hear him describe in such a delicate dedicated way the bed he prepared for his beloved Aphrodite “The soft white gauze of the canopy had recently been removed In its place I was in the midst of hanging a copper and gold net thin as a spider web and stronger than the strongest god” Clearly he cares deeply about his workmanship not only for the sake of its unparalleled beauty but also as a protective measure against the other gods who may compete with him for her favorsClearly theirs is not a marriage that may last Unlike this brooding lonely god of fire “Aphrodite had never cared for the roughness of the volcano or its solitude from Olympus She preferred the soft luxury of Zeus’ palace and its many guests to flaunt her body in front of Here there was only me and rock”As erotica goes this story is delivered with a literary flair which is delightfully beguiling “Hauling her closer still I settled her garden above my face The scent of her recent coming and the taste of her nectar as it dripped onto my lips had me thrusting impotently at Agalia’s mouth” From time to time I found myself forced to snap out of the lovely prose when the author Elly Green who is so well versed with the reference material used utterly modern terms such as ‘multi tasking’ Perhaps she would find a consistent way for her character to speak in line with the overall discourse style Otherwise what an arousing sensual read Four stars

  2. Liz Meldon Liz Meldon says:

    Elly Green is a fantastic writer let's just get that out there She took a chance on my debut novella and I figured I'd do the same since we both write in a similar vein in the smutty mythology category And I'm soooo happy I did Hephaestus isn't necessarily a god I would pick up a romanceerotic book about When I mention him in writing he's usually brought up in passing as a joke or as the most bland of the gods Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find the book written from his point of view and just how much I liked it I know some of the myths surrounding him but as I was reading the narrative everything just fit It's like Green's version ought to be canon mythology when it comes to Hephaestus that's how much I believed in her characterization I really felt for the guy throughout the whole book and I was excited to see him get his happy ending literally and figuratively This is a superbly written book and I only found one mistake that caught my eye using my instead of by in a bit of dialogue which I wouldn't detract any stars for I truly enjoyed the read and the only reason it's not a full five stars was because I found the erotic elements to be a little too flowery for me A bit too much rod and nub talk for my taste but that's just a personal thing It hasn't put me off from reading of the author's work by any means For anyone who loves Greek mythology and needs a bit of angst fluff in their reading life I highly recommend A Lesser Aphrodite

  3. Lasa Limpin Lasa Limpin says:

    Extremely pleasantly surprised by this erotic novelette about the god Hephaestus What a treat to read an erotica that focuses on this under appreciated god A Lesser Aphrodite is the retelling of one of Hephaestus’ key myths from his point of view and the sweet love story that follows is pitch perfect and wonderful to read Hephaestus himself is the heart of this novelette and is a handsome troubled brooding god set apart from the rest of the gods by his work and his disability His volcanic lair is memorable wonderfully written in a sort of above ground Hades that the reader can sense and see and experience as they readAglaia is appealing in this story but I’d say is contrasted with Aphrodite in a way that actually tends to make Aphrodite’s ‘bad girl’ ualities appealing compared to Aglaia’s wifely over sweetness In spite of this the ‘after wedding’ romance between the two works in great part because of Hephaestus’ appealMy only real complaint with the story would be the portrayal of Aphrodite not giving her point of view a bit rope but it is Hephaestus’ story after all Despite this small drawback the story is really fun and endearing and every bit the erotica a fan of Hephaestus could want Definitely recommended

  4. Jessica Satin Jessica Satin says:

    Although this is erotica I would be included to call it erotic romance I most enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of the lava lair the gods and goddesses and Hephaestus’ exuisite metalwork I found myself enjoying the fine writing than getting turned on Ms Green’s extensive knowledge of Greek mythology also added to my enjoyment of the storyMy only wish is that Aglaia had of her own personality She’s like a sweet rosebud—pretty timid and utterly kind at all times Hephaestus tortured body and soul were intriguing and I was never sure why he found Aglaia appealing other than her beauty it’s suggested that she is saucy as well as sweet but the sauce wasn’t apparent to me All in all a beautiful reimagining of a slice of Greek mythology Pick this up and escape into a world long ago and far away

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