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  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • Intimate Strangers: Men and Women Together
  • Lillian B. Rubin
  • 03 January 2019
  • 9780060911348

10 thoughts on “Intimate Strangers: Men and Women Together

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    I have to remind myself that 1983, the year Intimate Strangers was published, was a long time ago So why am I reading this book from 27 years ago Since it is about social psychology, we know that a lot has changed in those years But I find that it still has something to say to me, a man who was a househusband in 1978 with a professional wife and two young sons when Ms Rubin was urging Americans to work toward fathers having a co equal role with mothers in nurturing infants and young children.We were and are shifting from a country where Women and men each had a place a clearly defined, highly specific set of roles and responsibilities that each would fulfill She d take care of home and hearth he d provide it She d raise the children he d support them She d subordinate her life to his, and wouldn t even notice it her needs for achievement and mastery would be met vicariously through his accomplishments and those of the children It seemed fair at the time Now in 1983, we re not quite so sure Lillian Rubin writes about a changing society, new roles and new rules, the child within, the approach avoidance dance, the sexual dilemma, dependency, combining love and work in the two job household, and raising the children together Intimate Strangers is not quite a text book although it has plenty of footnotes and an...

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    One of the best books I ever read about the differences in men and women The author explains things in a sociological psychological way and none of the mumbo jumbo of men are from mars women are from venus.Both my ...

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    Based my 1991 journal entry I ve been reading Rubin s Intimate Strangers which is bugging me because I think she is close to the truth, but it is mixed with a lot of questionable assumptions She begins her book by citing the shift in attitudes due in a large part, she claims, to women entering the work field She discusses why men and women see life so differently, citing two major factors men have trouble with intimacy due to fear and lack of knowledge on how to obtain it women have trouble maintaining separateness or boundaries since they tend to merge and emphasize personal relationships In my experience, women often enter the work world looking for those boundaries, as well as the financial and emotional rewards of working The problem is that we also continue to merge and nurture personal relationships in the work world as well, which results in being overwhelmed and exhausted People have said that I kill myself off with all the activities I take on Actually ...

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    Although Rubin places way to much stock on trying to explain biological process through the psychology of social constructs in gender, she comes away with the same conclusion that women have a maternal instinct while men like to compete in of the global outside world Her whole argument behind gender roles stems from the primary caretaker being women Men are independent b c they were rejected by their mothers when they were small as being targeted as the other while women tend to be relationship oriented b c the lines between them and their mothers are blurred I will give this book a 2.5.Rubin is writing in age at the cusp of social societal change from the ideal of family life of 1950 s today s world where both men and women work in order to keep pace with the ever increase in the standard of living She tells of the increase effects of serial monogamy that people undergo now She cites the fact that people are living longer and birth control as factors that have changed how we plan for our liv...

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    Intimate Strangers is a book about the intimate dynamics in relationships between men and women, why they fail and the reasons for it Lillian B Rubin is a psychologist and makes a good case for her point of view, and that makes this book a strong one and not too subjective Where needed she adds notes on homosexual and lesbian dynamics too There is also the backdrop of second...

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    I read this compelling book in my teens and it was both revealing and shockingly surprising at the same time It answered so many weird behavioural traits of women and men together and the title of the book really says it all A must read for any man and woman.

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    What a tremendous book, with very well constructed thoughts and information It offers insights into relationships between men and women that I found fascinating I first read it over 20 30 years ago My copy has been read so many times by myself and people I have loaned it to that it is now held together by a rubber band I finally did a search and now have a second copy.If you are married or are in a relationship, I would be amazed if you are not enlightened by many of the a...

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    This deals with a woman s need for closness and a man s need for seperation How similar so many couples are and the little voices in our heads are pretty universal.

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    Every so often I order 2 or 3 copies to give away when friends or family members are confused about their loving relationships.

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Intimate Strangers: Men and Women TogetherDownload Intimate Strangers Men And Women Together Author Lillian B Rubin Polishdarling.co.uk Intimate Strangers Is A Book For Every Man And Woman Who Has Ever Yearned For An Intimate Relationship And Wondered Why It Seemed So Elusive Drawing On Years Of Research, Writing, And Counseling About Marriage And The Family, Interviews With Than Two Hundred Couples, And Her Own Experiences, Lillian Rubin Explains Not Just How The Differences Between Women And Men Arise But How They Affect Such Critical Issues As Intimacy, Sexuality, Dependency, Work, And Parenting Candid, Compassionate, And Insightful, Rubin S Lucid Examination Should Aid Each Of Us In Our Struggle For Greater Personal And Emotional Satisfaction.

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