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Memories from a Different Future (Jump When Ready, #2) BOOKS Memories From A Different Future Jump When Ready, 2 Author David Pandolfe Ivogue.co.uk In The Afterlife, You Re Not Supposed To See Ghosts.But It Seems That S Exactly What S Been Happening To Nikki When She Starts Encountering Spectral Visits From Curtis, Her Friend Who Started A New Life On Earth Twenty Years Ago Curtis S Presence In The In Between Has To Mean Something Serious Nikki Soon Learns That, Three Days From Now, An Incident On Earth Will End Curtis S New Life.Now, Nikki And Her Friends Must Find A Way To Alter The Outcome Of A Future Event Only They Know Will Take Place They Ll Also Have Just Minutes To Make That Happen Otherwise, Curtis Is Going To Die Again, Taking With Him Any Hope Nikki And Her Friends Had For Starting Over.

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    Another bittersweet but upbeat story New things are still being revealed about the setting, which is neat, and it was nice to see what happened to some side characters in the first book The gang stuff was a little heavy handed but it s nice to see something positive in YA.

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    The first few chapters of this novel, I was disappointed because it didn t seem to be about the same crew I was very pleased to realise this was not the case a little bit further through the book Another really nice read, quirky and different, as I ve come to expect from David Pando...

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    As bad as it can get and take it from a kid who got smashed by a double decker dying is basically just a bad day.Book two of the series with an awesome title looks in on the characters about 20 years later They once again have to help some...

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    I loved this book so much I didn t think I could like itthan the first book in the series Jump When Ready , but from the first chapter I was absorbed in this book It took me back to characters from the first book but in a whole new way It s fantastic You should definitely read this series.

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    I very much enjoyed this sequel to Jump When Ready I didn t find the premise quite as interesting as book 1 but by the time I got to the end and enjoyed several twists, I was very much interested to see where it goes from h...

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    This was an amazing YA book, the second in a series about a group of teens who are between lives In this novel, the teens work together to change an event happening in the real life of one of their friends who had gone back to be reborn on earth Based on a great premise, the story in this se...

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    InterestingThought provoking take on the hereafter The different scenarios playing out was quite nice Must say I enjoyed the first in this series a bitthan the second Will continue to see what this author has to offer.

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    What happens after death In the second book of jump when ready Henri continues on in his ,in between, life It s as interesting as the first book It keeps the reader coming back for .

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