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To the Sea ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ To the Sea By Cale Atkinson ✪ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Sometimes Tim feels invisible at school until one day when Tim meets Sam But Sam isn't just any new friend he's a blue whale and he can't find his way home Returning Sam to the sea is hard work but Ti Sometimes Tim feels invisible at school until one day when Tim meets Sam But Sam isn't just any new friend he's a blue whale and he can't find his way home Returning Sam To the Sea is hard work but Tim is determined To the Kindle - to help After all it's not every day you meet a new friendThis picture book about the power of friendship by new talent Cale Atkinson is brought to life by charming dynamic illustrations.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • To the Sea
  • Cale Atkinson
  • English
  • 09 June 2015
  • 9781484708132

About the Author: Cale Atkinson

Cale Atkinson is an illustratorwriteranimator currently residing in Kelowna Canada Believing in tea than sleep Cale is constantly working on numerous projects His work can be found in children’s books animated shorts television and games Publishers Cale has worked with include Disney Hyperion To the Kindle - Tundra Simon and Schuster Doubleday KidsCan Press Owl Books Grosset Dunlap GreySton.

10 thoughts on “To the Sea

  1. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    Another beautiful story about friendship

  2. Jillian Heise Jillian Heise says:

    I have a new favorite picture book friendship I adored Tim Sam and their story of finding a friend when they previously felt invisible The color palette is striking and the illustrations are fabulously endearing Loved this one

  3. Haley Shaffer Haley Shaffer says:

    Being invisible Explicit theme

  4. Jacob Michael Jacob Michael says:

    Piya Gofy got me this book Sam is a big blue whale and he says I see you The boy is me And I meet Gofy He's a googoogaga Gofs playing on the sand

  5. The Styling Librarian The Styling Librarian says:

    To the Sea by Cale Atkinson – Beautiful little friendship story Very cute Appreciated the friendship and the characters who appreciated not feeling invisible to everyone Good book for discussing loneliness This book had the best best best book trailer I’ve seen for the longest time

  6. Abigail Abigail says:

    When Tim encounters a stranded blue whale named Sam on his way home from school one day the young boy befriends the lost cetacean promising to help him return to the sea His initial ideas driving flying etc prove less than effective but then he hits upon the solution he will use his bicycle to tow Sam down to the shore When Tim's efforts leave him stranded in the sea just as Sam was stranded on land will his new friend return the favor?A sweet little tale of the friendship between boy and whale Cale Atkinson's To the Sea put me in mind of Mac Barnett and Adam Rex's Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem a humorous picture book about a young boy who gets a blue whale for a pet Although done in a very different illustrative style Atkinson's story had visual as well as narrative similarities to the BarnettRex production which featured a boy on a bicycle towing a blue whale on its front cover just as To the Sea did on its rear cover Perhaps Atkinson was influenced by that earlier tale? Whatever the case may be this is a gentle engaging tale of friendship made and reciprocated one sure to appeal to young children who dream of whales or just of making a friend that feels as much of a fish out of water as they do

  7. Bekka Bekka says:

    Lovely illustration A cute story about finding a friend

  8. Brooklyn Cribdon (The Wild Library) Brooklyn Cribdon (The Wild Library) says:

    Such a beautiful story of friendship belonging love and compassion Not only is Atkinson's storytelling truly moving but he also conveys so much emotion through his illustrations

  9. Margie Margie says:

    The best time to search for treasure is in the spring With the extremely cold winters and lower water levels area freezes The ice dredges up gems from the rocky and sandy bottom of Lake Michigan Petoskey stones are plentiful The closest I have come to discovering living riches are glimpses of white tailed deer splashing in the waves seagulls looking for free food and drifting and diving ducks To the Sea Disney Hyperion June 2 2015 written and illustrated by Cale Atkinson explores being in the moment To find someone who is not used to being seen by others changes everything for both beingsMy full recommendation

  10. Jamey Crook Jamey Crook says:

    My wife just read this to our kindergartner and I was absolutely blown away The visuals are spectacular; the contrast that is so forced and contrived in so many recent films is put to great effect here The inside world and things associated with it are vibrant orange and the sea water rain and the like are in lovely greens and bluesThe narrative is lovely and meaningful The boy steps up with kindness and sincerity and saves the whale It's the kind of simple wonderful story that sounds unimportant in synopsis If you've got a little one or are a teacher or librarian or anyone else who reads to kids do them a favor and put this on your storytime listWell done Mr Atkinson I see you

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