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Night of the Dragon PDF Night Of The Dragon By Apollo Blake Nature Explore.eu There Are A Lot Of Things That Sixteen Year Old Lilac Xia Jones Can Handle Avoiding Extraordinary Adventures And Supernatural Dangers Isn T One Of Them Like The Time An Evil Sorceress Cursed Her Cat With An Ancient Amulet, Or She Had To Help An Alien King Fix His DVD Player.Lilac Plans To Spend The Night Blogging While Her Parents Attend A Party, But When A Wayward Dragon With Great Fashion Sense Is Forced To Crash Land In Her Backyard, Lilac Realizes She Ll Have To Help The Dragon Get On Its Way Before Her Parents Get Home Or Else She Ll End Up Grounded Again.With The Help Of Her Talking Cat Chester And A Pair Of Angelic Wings, Lilac Might Be Able To Fight Off The Coven Of Witches That S After The Dragon.If She Can Just Find The Perfect Spell In Her Black Magic Grimoire, That Is

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    For once I just want to spend an evening sitting on the couch with my laptop balanced on my knees and a sea of junk food spread around me like the debris from a very delicious plane crash.Cute, light, fun, and free Lilac is a likeable heroine She has purple hair I plan to dye my hair purple later this year, so obviously I think that s awesome I like the mentions of different scen...

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    This was cute slap happy, adorable fun Our MC is a teenage girl named Lilac who just wants a quiet night to herself Just a quiet night with her blue slushie and her computer that is all she wants She rem...

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    This is a funny, original, quick paced short story about a sixteen year old girl who finds herself in bizarre situations through no fault of her own In the past, Lilac s had to deal with an evil sorceress who curses her cat, and had to assume the role of tech support for an alien king She s a beacon for supernatural trouble, and as soon as her parents leave the house, trouble crash lands in her backyard in the form of a fashion forward dragon My favorite quote But the fact is, my parents will be home in half an hour, and there is nothing in this world powerful than a teenager attempting to avoid being grounded Which means that no matter what happens now, I am getting that damn dragon out of my yard one way or another.<...

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    It was short and I still ended up skimming it, so..

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    To offset a revenge review by someone else who hasn t read this piece.

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