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  1. Sam (AMNReader) Sam (AMNReader) says:

    I loved these two This story was a much better pace for me than the previous one i tried to read

  2. Keri Keri says:

    GB's historical romances are like written comfort food for the eyes heart and soul You always know what you are going to get and I am never disappointed I loved Thomas and Loris as a couple they just worked so well together another couple I would love to live next to For those Nicholas and Beckman lovers out there we get the men here trying to run from the parson's noose This story takes place prior to Nick and Beckman finding their HEA's You know how tricky GB's timeline is when it comes to her Lonely Lords you need a spreadsheet and sticky notes They are pretending to be just stable hands I am looking forward to Matthew and Theresa's story especially Theresa's wild child background story

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    Now that all the Lonely Lords have been taken off the marriage mart I’m than ready for the Jaded Gentlemen series Bring them on Madam AuthorOur first jaded gentleman is Thomas and he is such a good honest and decent man What I loved about him was his decisiveness He knew what he wanted and had no problem expressing it or going after itAs for the heroine I loved that she was smart and capable of doing anything that came her way Oh and I loved the outward fearlessness she displayedAs usual Grace Burrowes takes her time in unfolding her tale to me and that’s what keeps me coming back to every story she writes I can’t tell you how much I appreciate an author that takes her time in developing not just her characters but their romance as wellIf you’ve never read this author and you appreciate a story with solid plot and realistic characters you have to try her books and since this is the first in this series you may as well pick this one up I promise you that you’ll love itMelanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the author

  4. Kathie (katmom) Kathie (katmom) says:

    Thomas is the first book in a new series by Grace Burrowes The Jaded Gentlemen Anyone who has read The Lonely Lords series has met Thomas Jennings I was really thrilled when he got his own book Thomas is wearing his title under duress His twin cousins came to a bad end and he is now Baron Sutcliffe He's bought a lovely estate and as he visits for the first time he walks in on an execution of a horseLoris Tanner Thomas' land steward is standing firm against the stable master who wants to put her horse down She's had a hard battle working as the steward because she's a woman While she knows the land better than anyone else around there are men who just won't listen Thankfully Thomas is not one of those menOne of the elements of this book that I enjoyed very much were the horses They all have great names Evan Seamus and Rupert and are in the books a lotI also like the fact that these characters talk things out They get to know each other It tickled me when she would think he was interestingand then HE would think the same thing They both came to their attraction because of the same reasons They are both intelligent attractive and lonely They both are also a bit jaded They've seen life and have been hit by some hard knocks They really do need each other While I guessed as to who the bad guys were the angst didn't have me on the edge of my seat Thank goodness The UST was lovely and the culmination even better Another point that tickles me about Ms Burrowes' seriesshe always brings characters from earlier books back in It's like old home week Nicholas Beckman David It's always so much fun to visit with characters that I've grown to love And now I'm looking forward to Suire Belmont's story next Thank you Sandi Layne for loaning me this book

  5. Diane Peterson Diane Peterson says:

    If you have read many Grace Burrowes books you know what to expect the hero and heroine in a situation allowing for a great deal of interaction a slow building sexual relationship genuine respect and admiration on both parts strong family connections Thomas is no exception It was a lovely story with a little intrigue and characters were are already familiar with I enjoyed it from beginning to end however there is nothing new here If you like GB's writing you will enjoy this one

  6. Wollstonecrafthomegirl Wollstonecrafthomegirl says:

    Rather typical Burrowes fare which is a shorthand way of saying this was lovely and romantic and kept me thoroughly entertained for several hours Not her absolute best work but still lovely

  7. Pamela Shropshire Pamela Shropshire says:

    This was a fun historical romance with an unusual heroine Loris Tanner who has been working as the steward of a country estate Her father was originally the steward but he was an alcoholic and Loris got into the habit of covering for him When a local widow accuses him of rape he disappears leaving Loris to manage on her own as best she canWhen the estate’s new owner Thomas Baron Sutcliffe arrives to take possession of his new property Loris is doing her best to be the competent steward hoping to keep her position To her surprise Thomas treats her like a lady and of course they become attracted to each otherThere is a bit of Insta Lust but that is countered by enough competence porn to offset it Although Loris’s position is a plot device that allows her to spend alone time with the Baron Burrowes shows Loris actually knows what she’s doingOverall an enjoyable book with sufficient clues to the next book in the series that I will continue The next hero Matthew is a country magistrate and anything to do with historical law is my catnip

  8. Kat Kat says:

    I started reading this book well before Thanksgiving and just finished it today I did not give it the attention it so richly deserved Life got in the way and derailed my love of reading for a while I felt like I lost a beloved friend one that I feel blessed has finally returnedBut anyhooAs always Ms Burrowes has penned a delightful tale of love between two people who have been hurt in the past and are healed by love I found Loris to be a remarkable character a woman who could take on men in their world in a time where women were second class citizens Thomas was a man whose masculinity was not threatened by a strong smart woman As in the Lonely Lords series I especially enjoyed the friendships and love among the male characters They weren't just friends but like brothersA book by Ms Burrowes is a wonderful thing

  9. Denise Denise says:

    Thomas Jennings Baron Sutcliffe came into possession of a title he never wanted a while ago and has recently purchased a new estate to go along with it Said estate he finds has been managed by Miss Loris Tanner as de facto steward for the past two years ever since her father who technically held the position disappeared While Loris instructs him in how to manage the estate and he endeavours to teach her how to conduct herself in polite society an attraction grows between them While dealing with that they're also kept busy by the fact that someone's causing trouble on the estate for some nefarious purposeI don't really read much in the way of historical romance but every once in a while I feel tempted to pick one up Sometimes I get lucky and end up with a book that makes he think I should be reading of this stuff other times I end up with one that makes me roll my eyes and reminds me why I tend to stay away from it This one unfortunately proved to be of the latter variety I'm sure we're supposed to think Thomas terribly charming but mostly I found him to be a condescending jerk The way he started calling Loris sweetheart and taking liberties before there was ever a hint of romantic feelings on her part on the horizon really rubbed me the wrong way Patronizing git I liked Loris until she started turning into a simpering ninny every time Thomas crossed her path The whole backstory with Loris's mother and her previously unknown family connections seemed unnecessarily complicated while the villains of the story were so very obvious that there wasn't the slightest hint of mystery to be found Also his breeding organs? Ugh shudder Rarely have I seen those particular bodyparts described in a less appealing way I'm glad this was a freebie I'd consider it a terrible waste of money otherwise

  10. Christine Christine says:

    Burrowes is an auto buy for me so I was pleased when Thomas was releasedSince her father's disappearance Loris has been acting as Linden's steward Now that Thomas Baron Sutcliffe the new owner has arrived she's worried that he'll make her leaveand she couldn't bear to leave the beautiful estate that she considers to be her home Thomas new to being an aristocrat just wants Linden to be productive and if Loris can do that then she's welcome to stay despite the fact that she's a woman As Loris teachers Thomas about estate management Thomas teaches her the importance of self respect and trustand their friendship develops into loveIt's easy to empathize with Loris She's had to succeed in conservative rural society where women are second class citizens and where her father deserted her under a cloud of scandal She uses her forceful personality to get results but she's actually pretty fragilesomething that she's buriedat least until Thomas makes her confront her fears Thomas is such a good guy he's kind caring funny and resourceful There's some pretty good mystery and suspense to keep the plot rolling along though it's not too difficult to figure out the villainAs always Burrowes makes reading her stories such a treat The descriptions the dialogue the imageryall first rate And it's fun to catch up with characters from Burrowes's other works as wellA wonderful way to spend a cool rainy Sunday

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Thomas Jaded Gentlemen #1 ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Thomas Jaded Gentlemen #1 Author Grace Burrowes – Thomas Jennings arrives to his newly acuired estate to find that his steward has fled under a cloud of scandal and the property has been held together by Miss Loris Tanner the steward's daughter Thoma Thomas Jennings arrives to his newly acuired estate to find that his steward has fled under a cloud of scandal and the property has been held together by Miss Loris Tanner the steward's daughter Thomas knows what it's like to not fit in and he's pragmatic enough to respect results Thomas Jaded PDF \ so he gives Loris a chance to maintain her position in a profession uniformly undertaken by men Thomas learns about the complexities of estate management from his unlikely tutor despite somebody's attempts to drive him off his own land Mishaps turn into near tragedies while between Thomas and Loris respect and liking grow into attraction Who is sabotaging Thomas's estate and what choices will Loris face when the malefactor has been revealed.

  • Paperback
  • 233 pages
  • Thomas Jaded Gentlemen #1
  • Grace Burrowes
  • English
  • 08 July 2016
  • 9781941419168

About the Author: Grace Burrowes

Grace Burrowes started writing as an antidote to empty nest and soon found it an antidote to life in general She is the sixth out of seven children raised in the rural surrounds of central Pennsylvania Early in life she spent a lot of time reading romance novels and practicing Thomas Jaded PDF \ the piano Her first career was as a technical writer and editor in the Washington DC area a busy job that nonethele.